VIDEO: Fox Stars Get Freaky in New Promo

Watch cast members from “House,” “Bones,” “Fringe” and “Lie to Me” hang out — at a strip club! Oh, Fox.

Fox is getting its freak on — but only via the Internet.

The network’s marketing department has cut a new image spot featuring the stars of procedural hits "House," "Fringe," "Bones" and "Lie to Me" cavorting and having fun together, as only characters in primetime can.

So what’s the setting for this fantasy mash-up of fictional characters? Perhaps an amusement park, or a hot-air balloon ride, or maybe a cool house where they all live together under one Fox-y roof?

Try a strip club.

In a subtly comic twist on network marketing traditions, the Internet-only promo — dubbed "Welcome to the Club" — cuts together existing footage of Fox actors in party mode, but makes it appear as if the stars are all together in an adult nightclub.

There’s no nudity or swearing, but there’s plenty of cleavage, a bit of boozing and just the right amount of leering. Plus, "House" fans will appreciate the return of the "broken cowboy."

Unlike some of the classic network image campaigns of the 1970s, Fox’s cast members didn’t spend the day together on a set shooting "Welcome to the Club." Instead, existing footage from various shows was spliced together to give the impression that various worlds had collided.

Fox’s spot is also worlds apart from ABC’s summer image campaign, dubbed "ABC House," in which actors from various Alphabet shows mingled closely in a suburban abode.

Here’s a first look at Fox’s take on that idea: