Warner Bros. in Talks for Rights to ‘Avengelyne,’ With Margot Robbie Eyeing Lead Role

The adaptation of Rob Liefeld’s comic heroine has Olivia Wilde attached to direct

Photos of two blonde women with light-toned skin and an illustration of a thid woman with light-toned skin holding two swords and wearing a large cross.
Margot Robbie, Olivia Wilde and Rob Liefeld's Avengelyne (Getty Images; Maximum Press)

Warner Bros. is in talks to acquire the film rights to “Avengelyne,” an adaptation of the Rob Liefeld comic series that would be directed by Olivia Wilde and produced by Simon Kinberg and Margot Robbie, the latter of whom is considering starring in the title role.

Created by Liefeld and first published by Maximum Press in 1995, “Avengelyne” tells the story of an angel exiled from heaven who becomes humanity’s last line of defense against hordes of demons and a looming Armageddon. Tony McNamara, who recently earned an Oscar nomination for his screenplay for “Poor Things,” is attached to write the script.

The talks came just weeks after WBD, hot off the studio record-breaking success of Robbie’s “Barbie,” signed a first-look deal with the actress and producer’s label LuckyChap Entertainment. Robbie would produce “Avengelyne” alongside her producing partners Tom Ackerley and Josie McNamara.

The deal would also keep Wilde in the fold at Warner after the studio released the filmmaker’s second feature film, “Don’t Worry Darling,” in 2022.

The talks were first reported by Deadline.


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