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Watch Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Defend Jack McBrayer at the Wiener’s Cirlce (Video)

Conan O'Brien sends famously nice Jack McBrayer to famously mean Wiener's Circle — with a canine companion

To end his week of taping in Chicago, Conan O'Brien sent ultmimate nice guy Jack McBrayer to the famously hostile Wiener Circle, a hot dog stand where the employees dish out insults with relish.

When McBrayer withered under their assault ("He looks like Ken, Barbie's motherfuckin' boyfriend"), the "30 Rock" star returned — with canine reinforcements. And Triumph the Insult Comic Dog delivered one of his greatest barrages of verbal abuse.

"Do you kiss your pimp with that mouth?" he asked one Wiener Circle employee. Later he added: "Do you know why you guys work for tips? Because no one would stick the whole thing in."

Spoiler alert: Someone gets slapped.

Watch the video:

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