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What the Hell Is the ‘For the Dick Challenge?’ A Short Explainer

Erykah Badu would give her window seat up for it

The following viral social media phenomenon explainer is intended for mature audiences only. Reader discretion is advised.

The “For the Dick Challenge” actually isn’t really as vulgar as one would expect upon first glance, but rather it encourages participants to be creative and tests their rap flows.

Basically, people are expected to freestyle some rap verses that eloquently explain the lengths that they would go to for the dick and/or pussy.

Although the challenge was inspired by rapper GameOva REEDY’s freestyle titled “For the Dick” and was released in April (which you can listen to and view here), it only recently gained momentum.

Even celebrities hopped on the “For the Dick and/or Pussy Challenge,” with Erykah Badu and comedian Michael Blackson starting things off.

The vegan Badu referenced her hit song “Window Seat,” and rapped that she would: “Give my window seat up for the dick, f— it I’ll eat meat for the dick.”


Even Issa Rae and Regina Hall partnered together to serve their own freestyle. Other celebrities like Sanaa Lathan even went so far as to challenge Gabrielle Union and Tracee Ellis Ross.

Surprise: Union responded to Lathan’s dare.


See some of the best challenges below.