What the Hell is the Hell Challenge? A Short Explainer

Hint: It has nothing to do with fire and brimstone

hell challenge

Another day, another challenge — this time it involves parents and possible whoopings.

The Hell Challenge is the latest craze to take over the internet and despite what it sounds like, it has nothing to do with fire and brimstone … unless you think your parents’ fury is like fire and brimstone.

Like most other challenges, this one is also pretty simple but involves taking a slight risk.

The person is supposed to ask their parents if “hell” is a curse word and once they reply — doesn’t really matter if the parent says yes or no, but it’s funnier/scarier if they say yes — you continue to use the word in conversation.

While some people decided to do the challenge over text message, some did it in person and recorded the consequences.

The result is exactly as you’d probably expect: most parents become angry at their kid for continuing to say “hell” especially after they just told them it was inappropriate. Some parents smacked their children, some just laughed it off, and others threatened to kill them (not literally, of course … or maybe, we don’t know).

We just have a few words of advice if you plan on partaking in the Hell Challenge: proceed with caution.

See some of the best examples below.