Why Amber Heard Says She Needs $50,000 a Month in Spousal Support From Johnny Depp

Actress sets out her financial situation in court papers

johnny depp amber heard
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Amber Heard, who filed for divorce from husband Johnny Depp last week, has laid out her financial situation in court papers that illustrate why she wants Depp, whom she married in February 2015, to give her $50,000 in spousal support.

In the papers, Heard claims to have $43,700 in total monthly expenses. Of that, the biggest chunks are for two line items: $10,000 for rent and $10,000 for entertainment, gifts and vacation.

Heard also claims another $10,000 in miscellaneous expenses, including grooming, pet supplies, and expenses for public relations, agent and attorney.

Heard claims an average monthly income of $10,000, after business expenses, though she notes that, as an actress, her income fluctuates.

Year-to-date, the papers claim, Heard has collected $26,000 in revenues — but she says she has paid out more than $55,000 in expenses over the same period. Of those expenses, biggies include $11,500 in salaries for other employees and $14,250 for public relations.

Days after filing for divorce from Depp, Heard obtained a temporary restraining order, claiming that Depp had been violent with her.

She also said that she’s seeking $50,000 in monthly spousal support. Depp has reportedly filed papers seeking to block that request.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.