Inside the WME Shake-Up at the Top: ‘It’s All About Power’

Chairman Lloyd Braun is out. Richard Weitz and Christian Muirhead are in. So, what does that all mean? And why is Ari Emanuel smiling?

In the “Game of Thrones”-style spectacle that is the Hollywood talent agency business, there was a riveting plot twist last week at the house of WME. It didn’t involve any fire-breathing dragons (well, unless you count Ari Emanuel, CEO of WME parent Endeavor) and nobody was disemboweled with a broadsword (that we know of). But power did change hands, and at least one head did roll.

Lloyd Braun, 63, who since 2019 has been serving as chairman of the agency, will be stepping down by year’s end. He’ll be replaced by newly appointed co-chairmen Richard Weitz, 53, a well-liked agent with a sparkling client list, and Christian Muirhead, 43, a communications executive with zero agenting experience but sparkling connections — particularly to Emanuel himself.

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Umberto Gonzalez

Film Reporter ◘◘Twitter: @elmayimbe