CBS’ ‘Yellowstone’ Ratings Boom Sets the Scene to Leverage Shows Across Streamers, Networks

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52% of viewers had never seen the Taylor Sheridan hit before its broadcast premiere on Sept. 17, Paramount Global data showed

CBS has a hit on its hands as it aired Paramount Network drama "Yellowstone" (CBS, TheWrap)

CBS has a brand new hit on its hands with the broadcast run this fall of Paramount Network drama “Yellowstone.” Nearly 22 million viewers tuned in to at least one episode of the Taylor Sheridan drama. Paired with Paramount Global’s cross-network promotions, the show’s ratings success could be a blueprint for legacy media companies looking to leverage hit shows across both linear and streaming platforms.

It wasn’t some genius strategy. The broadcast network’s decision to air the series — which first premiered on the cable channel Paramount Network in 2018 — was prompted by this summer’s Hollywood double strikes, which halted production of scripted shows and left broadcasters scrambling to fill their fall schedules.


6 responses to “CBS’ ‘Yellowstone’ Ratings Boom Sets the Scene to Leverage Shows Across Streamers, Networks”

  1. EntertainmentVeteran Avatar

    I find it kinda funny that the elephant in the room is how TV still gets viewership in the tens of millions but Streaming platforms call 2.3 million viewers a “big success…”
    Face it, the move to Streaming has been ham-fisted and rushed- trying to remove all accountability associated with how shows measure with audiences while also trying to shut down Television as a media outlet…
    The streamers, networks and ALL their Accountants and Boards of Directors deserve all the turmoil they’ve created on the Entertainment Industry.
    It’s all on them.

  2. Judith McDermott Avatar
    Judith McDermott

    What these networks have ignored is that millions & millions of viewers watch traditional TV thru an antenna, whether it be because like me, they have no other option –  or because they choose to save money in today’s tight economy. The networks have increasingly broadcast reality shows which are cheaper to produce, but America’s love affair with reality shows has waned over the past several years. When I watch TV, the last thing I want to see is reality – I’m watching TV to escape the daily grind of reality!  Hopefully they’ve now finally realized that it pays to have quality programming on the major networks…and that screen writers are their most valuable asset.

  3. Kathleen Steiner Avatar

    I hate reality shows

    1. Debra Bieri Avatar

      I don’t watch reality shows either !!
      I enjoy a good story line, and Yellowstone ticks ALL THE BOXES when it comes to that !!

  4. Joe Aycock Avatar
    Joe Aycock

    I want to see Yellowstone on TV.I can not afford to pay for this other stuff they want to do.Just like Kevin said people still like to watch TV.

  5. Laura Avatar

    I took can’t afford cable etc. It hurt me not being able to see what I enjoyed figuring out.

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