‘You’ Star Tati Gabrielle Says Marienne Wants ‘Justice, Not Revenge’ for Joe in Potential Season 5

“Death is too easy of an escape for Joe,” Gabrielle tells TheWrap

"You" star Tati Gabrielle says she would love to return as Marienne in a potential Season 5 (Courtesy of Netflix)

Note: The following discusses major spoilers for “You” Season 4, Part 2.

After narrowly escaping the grasp of Joe’s psychotic break, Tati Gabrielle would “definitely love” to return as Marienne in a potential “You” Season 5 and take care of some unresolved business.

“Marienne’s story feels still feels unfinished, and [it] still feels like she has something else that she needs to see through,” Gabrielle told TheWrap. “I don’t think that Marianne is a vengeful person, so I think that she would want justice not necessarily revenge.”

By the end of Season 4, Joe (Penn Badgley) is convinced Marienne is dead after she fakes an overdose by taking pills to slow her heartbeat. The pills were provided by Nadia (Amy Leigh Hickman), Joe’s perceptive and ambitious student, who discovered Marienne’s imprisonment after connecting the dots of Joe’s suspicious identity.

After finding Marienne seemingly lifeless body on the floor of the cage, Joe dumps her body onto a London park bench, giving Marienne the perfect escape.

Now that Marienne has “the best alibi,” Gabrielle says Marienne’s first mission in Season 5 would be getting Nadia out of jail after Joe framed her for the death of Eddie, another one of his students who shared a close relationship with Nadia.

As for Joe’s fate, Gabrielle says Marienne wouldn’t resume her mission to kill Joe, saying that plan, which was originally built out of neccessity “is already out the window.” Instead, Marienne would turn her attention to getting Joe incarcerated.

“Death is too easy of an escape, I think, for Joe,” Gabrielle said, adding that an expedited peril wouldn’t be “fair.” “He already tried to kill himself — that’s what he wants for him — I think that locking him away in a cage and making him sit with his thoughts and guilt for the rest of his life is a much much more fitting punishment.”

Under the guise of invisibility, Gabrielle suggests Marienne could gather evidence for a case against Joe that suddenly pops into the woodwork à la Netflix’s revenge series “The Glory,” also teasing that she would love to see Joe and Love’s abandoned son, Henry, involved in the demise of his father.

While Love warned Marienne of Joe’s wicked ways in Season 4, Gabrielle says Marienne wouldn’t quite take the same approach in cautioning Kate about Joe’s past because, similar to the other wealthy suburban mothers in Madre Linda who iced her out, Marienne wouldn’t trust Kate to do the right thing with the information.

“I don’t think that Marienne would try to come to Kate for any solidarity or allyship,” Gabrielle said, adding that Marienne would quickly put together that Kate’s money and connections worked to erase Joe’s exploits in the dazzling magazine story.

“Despite Kate being on a on a trajectory for herself of wanting to do better, I just think that that Marianne would be like, ‘Oh, you’re already with the guy, you obviously know something …there’s no way that you don’t know anything at this point,’” Gabrielle said.

“You” Seasons 1-4 are streaming on Netflix.