Tracy Morgan Talks Sarah Palin Again: ‘She's a MILF’

After his off-color remark about the former Alaska governor spurred an apology from TNT last week, comedian uses the SAG Awards red carpet to once again not-so-subtly state his, er, affection

If comedian Tracy Morgan isn't careful, he might not be asked to do a live basic-cable interview ever again.

Just three days after referring to former Alaska governor Sarah Palin as "masturbation material" on TNT's "Inside the NBA" halftime show — which spurred the cable network to apologize publicly — Morgan was at it again on Sunday while being interviewed by E!'s Guilana Rancic on the SAG Awards red carpet.

"Sarah Palin, you're the hottest MILF in the world," Morgan exclaimed, in a tone not too unlike his eccentric "30 Rock" character, Tracy Jordan. (For the uninitiated, "MILF" stands for "mother I'd like to, er, get to know better.)

E! officials have issued no apology or public statement … yet.