ABC Family Sets ‘Ravenswood’ Return, Moves ‘Twisted’ to February

ABC Family Sets 'Ravenswood' Return, Moves 'Twisted' to February


The spinoff will be back in January with lead-in “Pretty Little Liars”

ABC Family is shifting its previously announced schedule to give “Ravenswood” back its “Pretty Little Liars” lead-in starting Tuesday, Jan. 7.

Meanwhile, that change will push “Twisted's” midseason return to Tuesday, Feb. 11 after “Ravenswood” finishes its first run.

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“Ravenswood” premiered on Oct. 22 after the annual “Pretty Little Liars” Halloween special. It became ABC Family's highest-rated series premiere in the network's key demographic, women 18-34. It was also cable's biggest TV series debut in three years.

In Week 1, “Ravenswood” attracted 2.1 million total viewers. Among the channel's key demo, it earned 789,000 viewers and a 2.3 rating. ABC declined to furnish TheWrap Week 2 ratings pending L+3 numbers.

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According to “Ravenswood” producer Joseph Dougherty, “Ravenswood” was meant to extend ratings winner “PLL's” brand year-round. This move represents a change in that strategy. Its midseason finale airs on Tuesday, Nov. 19.

  • cher

    why would they bump twisted for this show seriously? I hate this show, this show need to be cancel.

    • P3achie


    • Rissa


    • Lacey

      Agree ravens wood is stupid

  • Emmeline

    Twisted is the stronger show, though I hope they're not pitting the two shows against each other. It seems that Twisted is the only show that has been able to stand on its own without superstars backing it (like J. Lo and Rosie O'Donnell + more visibility and press), or as a spinoff to the network's hit show Pretty Little Liars. Twisted was aided in its following PLL on Tuesday's, but the completely different feel and interesting character dynamics is what makes Twisted so interesting.



    Yes, RAVENSWOOD “became ABC Family’s highest-rated series premiere in the network’s key demographic, women 18-34. It was also cable’s biggest TV series debut in three years.” with a 2.1 million total viewers and 789,000 viewers in their key demo, BUT WHAT IS NOT MENTIONED is that the lead-in PRETTY LITTLE LIARS (PLL) HALLOWEEN SPECIAL was, according to tvbythnumbers, “ABC Family's Number 2 Telecast EVER in Women 18-34”, soaring to over 4 Million total viewers. RAVENSWOOD was only able to retain 50% of PLL's viewership.

    TWISTED, which as of its season premiere (second airing of pilot competing with the NBA Finals and the semi-finals of The Voice), was “the most-watched drama series launch in two years”, “ranked as the #1 original scripted cable TV telecast in Adults 18-34, Women 18-34 and Women 18-49” and ranked “as cable TV’s #1 telecast in the hour in key Millennials.

    Twisted's lead-in, PLL, did extremely well as the #1 Cable telecast for their key demographic, but did not have numbers anywhere near their pre-Ravenswood special (over 4 million viewers). PLL's Total viewership pre-Twisted's second premiere was 2.97 million. TWISTED was able to retain a majority of PLL's viewers with 1.61 million vs. the 1.19 million they received during their first airing months before. Twisted's number from pilot to pilot actually increased.


    After RAVENWOOD'S big premiere numbers, again aided by the near record-setting numbers for it's lead-in PLL, Ravenwood's second-week viewership dropped from 2.12 million viewers, to 0.9/1.10 viewers (Wikipedia). Comparatively, TWISTED saw a 35% increase from its lone first pilot viewing (1.10 millions) to its season premiere re-airing of the pilot (1.60 million) and an increase in viewership from its second pilot-airing to its second episode (1.8 million).

    TWISTED has had stronger showings in their head to head/week to week, including their premieres in terms of audience retention and lead-in viewership retention.

    I wish RAVENSWOOD well, but for now, the safer bet, I believe, is TWISTED if ABC Family HAD to choose. In a perfect world, both shows would have a chance to grow and become fixture with ABC Family.

    I believe that pushing Twisted back is more about trying to help RAVENSWOOD gain momentum and less about a competition between the two shows.

    • P3achie

      I agree. Ravens wood wasn't a hit for me. I loved Twisted and I miss the lying game…

      • Brianna

        I miss the lying game too

      • Tricey

        Really disappointed about the lying game it was a good one to

  • liiiiiive


  • Tay

    Wow, elephant in room. Whether they intended it to happen or not apparently it works. So why screw with it. I mean the whole point is to create a show that's successful. Seriously, they're going to sabotage the show because the characters of color is the most interesting part of it. That would be extremely stupid.

    • liiiiiiive

      Name a DRAMA that has two(2) people of color as leads, and the two(2) leads are in love with each other. And the viewers love them as a couple?
      I'll wait !!!!!

  • Miss J

    I don't get this show. I'm not the demographic ABC Family is looking for yet I watch or DVR most of their shows. Ravenswood did not transition well from PPL. Although I DVRed the season and watched it later, I just couldn't get into the whole premise of the show, nor did I buy into the characters. I doubt I'll return for the second season. Did a lot of fast forwarding to get through most of the episodes which isn't a good sign of a quality show. For me , that explains why they moved it back to premiering AFTER PPL, they are trying to keep viewers tuned in to the dud shows.

    I'm sorry Bunheads got canceled. Wasn't a big fan of the lead actress, she always seemed to be trying too hard, but the rest of the show was ok. Also I wish they had let that other show about the twins finish out. Why can't networks decide before the current season ends whether to cancel or not ? That way some of the loose ends can at least have some sort of conclusion.

    • P3achie

      Yes the lying game was good. And the 9 lives of Chloe king…

  • Avi

    I was looking forward to recording twisted :( now I'm upset. Guess I will be hitting the books till February

  • dysco

    I really can't get into ravenswood that show just doesn't keep me interested at all I do love twisted, sucks that we have to wait for it but oh well I guess that's showbiz for everyone

  • Nicole

    Ravenswood is the best supernatural show to hit tv in a long time. People aren't watching it because of hanna and caleb which is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. I really hope people get their heads out of their asses andv watch it and stop acting like children. It is a far better show then twisted ever was. Plus twisted never aired on its own like Ravenswood did. I can't imagine twisted airing without pll.. it could barley pull .6 airing after pll and ravenswood aired alone and pulled .4s and .5s. All on its own.. the stronger show is ravenswood by far. Quit being babies and give itca chance… if you like supernatural stuff you won't be dissapointed.

    • Tae

      Sorry to say Nicole but I watch both and like both BUT Twisted is the better show if it wasn't for Pretty Little Liars which I DON'T like Ravenswood wouldn't have had that many viewers! I don't think Twisted should have got pushed back!… Can't listen to those who use the word stupidest Lmao!

      • Lacey

        Your right pretty little liars helped ravens wood have many viewers but twisted is super natural because ravens wod got help so…. Ya

  • SarahandClay Nicholson

    I'm pretty upset about moving the show to February. I have been looking forward to it coming back on for months now. Thought it was finally here, but got to wait another month. I don't think ravens wood can come close to twisted.

    • Clairer44

      Twisted is THE worst show ever, poorly acted, horrible plot line, and each episode is more boring than the last! Ravenswood isn't any better I didn't think that ABC family could milk the Pretty Little Liars craze any more than they already have, but they did and made a ridiculous spinoff.

      • Lacey

        It out of it mind twisted is the best show out of fosters ravens wood pretty liars well pretty liars is my second favorite but twisted I've been watching that show since day one for my I luv mystery but let me not judge

  • Ashley

    Ravenswood sucks bring back the nine lives of Chloe king. That show was the most interesting beside PLL. I didn't really care for the lying game but to me the nine lives of Chloe king was a much better show. To me they was stupid to cancel nine lives. I gonna start writing letters to bring this show back on air. It work for the game.

    • Brianna

      OMG I remember nine lives of Chloe king!!! I was so mad when they cancelled it!

      • Judy

        Me to i loved the nine lives of Chloe king it was great but I also like twisted and ravenswood so I think they should show all three of the shows

  • Rissa

    To move Twisted back and show Ravenswood instead, is just ridiculous!! Just ruined my whole night!

  • Theresa

    I can't believe twisted is so pushed back. It is the only show I watch on abc family. Guess it won't be a continued college tradition

  • Twi$ted

    No one cares about Ravenswood! Seriously, thanks for getting our hopes up about the return of an awesome show and replace it for more of a show that has awful reviews! BS!

    • Lacey

      U know what it's ok because gusse what they can fix the show twisted so it can be extra interesting and extra awsome but it's sad though

    • Hello

      Actually lots of people care about Ravenswood. And I'm someone and I care about ravenswood so!

  • Shelby Smith

    Twisted Was On ABCFamily Before Ravenswood! way Did They Move Twisted To February that sucks

  • Andi

    I believe that it is not fair for them to push twisted back just for another show.which came on after twisted…so to me it is not fair to push it back even more me and a lot of other people have been waiting a very long time…nd also can we have the show called Jane by design brought back to abc please
    Comment by andi

  • Tricey

    Twisted is so much better i couldnt even get into watching ravenswood

    • Lacey

      Right I never even watched ravens wood and I hate it well I watched part of it and i was like I'd rather watch a kids show like Barney lol than that it's so boring

  • Evie

    They ruined my night last night!!!!! I didn't know they got pushed back and was anxiously waiting for TWISTED! I'm 32 years old and this show is that good that it even had ME hooked!

  • Michael

    Well ABC Family is known for making bonehead decisions. Like the decision to cancel the show ” The Secret Circle “. That was a great show. Now their pushing twisted another great show back for a hard to understand and second rate show like ravenswood.

  • Jay

    Ravenswood is not as interesting as twisted . Twisted story line is way better than ravenswood's. Abc family did not make a good decision pushing back twisted

  • Laura

    I love Twisted. So happy it's coming back for a second season!!!

  • Crystal White

    Ive never seen ravenswood but i like twisted a lot and can't wait to see what's in store for us viewers in the future. But I am so upset about the lying game being cancelled and how we didn't get an ending and that the season 2 finale left us with so many questions about the show and characters. Because of what they did with the lying game i'm kind of worried about starting a new series on ABC. Hopefully they bring the show back and finish it the right way and maby then I'd start watching the other shows.

  • Rachelll

    I hate ravenswood, terrible plot line. I love pretty little liars and twisted and the fosters and switched at birth. but honestly, having the produces milk pll out of its misery and then just drop the ball with a outrageous spin off that's nearly half as good I think is unfair to us viewers


    ABC you guys have not been meeting expectations lately. I was already upset when you discontinued make it or break it then you discontinued The Lying Game which I still think you should reconsider now you are pushing back twisted for rosewood you guy really suck right now. I need to see more of twisted and im sure so does alot of other people

  • Spread Love Not Hate

    i love ravenswood its one of the best shows out there along with PLL hope theres a season 2.

  • Ashley

    Hopefully Ravenswood would soon get cancel. I rather watch the lying game than Ravenswood, but I really want TNLOCK back. I was so disappointed about the unproductive script. Bring it back!

  • wily j

    I liked twisted i hated revenswood

  • Hayley

    Ravenswood is way too corny. Hopefully they cancel it. Send Caleb back to PLL

  • michelle

    i hate it i wont ravenswood to come back on !!!!!!!!!!!!!! twisted needs to be shut down its lame