ABC's ‘Resurrection’ vs. Sundance's ‘The Returned’ — Two Shows With One Great Idea (Video)

ABC's 'Resurrection' vs. Sundance's 'The Returned' — Two Shows With One Great Idea (Video)

People return from the dead, but not as zombies

The new trailer for ABC's “Resurrection” visits a small town in Missouri where the dead live again — but not in the way we've gotten used to.

There's not a zombie in sight. Just lots of people who look exactly like they did when they died, and others who are very confused. Why is a child who died 32 years ago walking and talking, just like he used to?

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If you like the concept, you'll also like the excellent French series “Les Revenants,” which aired on Sundance Channel this year under the name “The Returned.” It, too, follows a town where the dead live again — and it's dazzling. It's based on the 2004 film also called “Les Revenants,” known in English as “They Came Back.”

The French had the idea first. ABC's show is based on the 2013 novel “The Returned” by Jason Mott, which, despite the title, is unrelated to the French series. The ABC show was called “The Returned” before it changed its name.

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Ready to be more confused? A&E is working on an English-language adaptation of the French series.

ABC's “Resurrection” premieres Sunday, March 9 at 9/8c. Watch the trailer:

And the trailer for Sundance's “The Returned” (“Les Revenants”):


  • russell

    does this series border on the occult?

    • jan

      no it doesn't. the returned was fantastic. I really hope abc does a good job with it.

  • Cabrón

    The French series is amazingly good; there's no way ABC or A&E can touch it !

    • Quinn

      I couldn't agree more.

  • Wineman

    I almost don't want to watch ABC's because I LOVED the French version sooooooo much!!!! And Sundance IS having a second season which is GREAT but only 8 episodes :/. I'll TRY to watch ABC's…just afraid of being disappointed

  • AKM

    Yeah Les Revenants is fantastique, incroyable meme!

  • JC3969

    French series was AMAZING! Can't wait until the 2nd season in 2015!

  • mopiou

    Yes the French Series is very good. Merci Canal + (The french tv channel who aired and produced it :)

    Canal plus.

  • travelqueen2

    I was so addicted to the French version “The Returned.” What a fascinating series; I can't wait for it to come back for another season. I hope A&E does it justice.

  • Richard Schiller

    The resurrection occurs in the name of the Christ (this means the full couple, Groom nBride, King nQueen) thus until 144,000 are complete this will not happen. It didnt happen in 1926 for Judge Rutherford. Those 144,000 must be completely dead before astral impact (probable date is the same 100-year generation that Abram had to Isaac, versus Ishmael which would have been 14 years earlier at 86 years). Death by rapture is the way Jesus did it, and true-Christians do not regard his jury-trial as suicide. But it does mean the death of about 10,000 people in one place one day by the USA. The whole scenerio and pressure (from all sides) is not likely to happen unless we are suddenly under an asteroid impact date we face. Raising in the name of the christ-bride thus means someone walked up to Jacob Langstons tomb or body or lost shoe and commanded he reappear. Unlike Rutherford's 1926 prediction they dont just wake up because Bible claims they will not be allowed to see their life as restored by anyone but the real Christ. This movie does not indicate to Jacob who raised him (Mohammed? Jesus? Buddha?). But survivors of an armageddon do so by who they recognize as savior, and they proceed to bring forth the rest of the world by the same christ AND CHURCH BRIDE. It is not an option of VietNam freed for Catholics to bring them in, or Koreans freed for evangelists to bring them in, or Abram awaking in 1926 for Jews to bring him in… which as Hollywood kept MJ away from his family, so too Jews would keep Abram away from Beth Sarim California. God is above being stupid.


      Are you ill?

      • Richard Schiller

        You would have killed Elisha for screaming in the woods to attract a mother-bear who then killed the wicked children like you running around telling people they are ill. I am not the one with an icon aiming guns at others. May i return the question and ask you Are you cranky; did one of your FWBs unload up too high in you this morn.

  • Richard Schiller

    There was a man in the 80s in a coma for 15 years from a motorcycle accident in the 60s, and he awoke to see nothing was the same though it seemed to him to be the next day. This is not fictitious. Memories can be halted and continued. To play on people with evil plots retains the wicked world as it is. The 2nd show has already shown the resurrected man is digging up bodies (he probably murdered), and next episode kills a man with a hammer. It is duplicating the French version that anyone who returns alive will be wicked or evil. I watched the French version to see if this follows suit. It does. Sadly. because Hollywood writers are narrow minded, crime and hate are all they know. Whether Greek comedy or tragedy, they cannot distiguish because they make their comedy as vandelism and bank robberies and all the same bad things as drama and tragedy. To them there is no such thing as an evil mind to write scripts with.


      Seriously, is there anyone you can turn to for help? Friends? Family?