Angry Reactions Greet Comcast Acquisition Of Time Warner Cable

Angry Reactions Greet Comcast Acquisition Of Time Warner Cable

One tweet: ‘”The Comcast/Time Warner deal doesn't go far enough. They should merge with American/USAir and become the most hated organization in history”

Reaction to Comcast's multimillion dollar deal with Time Warner Cable ranged from mildly irritated to apoplectic.

The Huffington Post snarked on the deal with a picture of Jim Carrey‘s villainous Cable Guy and headlined, “Conglomerate From Hell.”

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Hundreds of tweets lashed out in anger over the merger, mainly led by consumers aggravated by lousy cable television service or concerned over the consolidation of media power. And that doesn't even include the official displeasure of consumer groups in Washington DC gathering evidence to demand a federal block to the merger.

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“Comcast acquiring Time Warner Cable is like Nickelback and Creed deciding to go on tour together,” said David Hoang.

“I can't believe regulators would/will allow Comcast and TWC to merge,” tweeted Matt Wilson incredulously. They seriously have one job here. One.”

Reddit users were also peeved by the announcement, upvoting memes that denounced the deal.


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  • patrickstibbs

    They're not done yet, James. Don't forget, Clear Channel Media just moved to NY from San Antonio. They're looking for a home to bury their $21 BILLION debt.

    So we may soon have NBC (TV) + Universal (Movies) + Comcast/Time Warner (Internet and Cable) + Clear Channel (Radio) as one company.
    That just about covers everything, doesn't it?

    • Out in the Street Films

      Just add the Catholic Church

  • jigzaw

    I wouldn't worry about it. These monsters are fast becoming dinosaurs.

  • Ivan B. Cohen

    They can barely manage the cable company they have now. No Champaign is going to be opened up in any households outside of the corporate suites. The hell with all this buy them out mentality, freedom of choice is going to become a thing of the past.

  • radiomantx

    THIS is a nightmare! I don't care how much influence or money Comcast has, the government is supposed to protect the people from predators like Comcast. When it stops doing that and accepts bribes from big business, this is no longer a democracy!