AP Fires Third Staffer in Terry McAuliffe Fallout

AP Fires Third Staffer in Terry McAuliffe Fallout

Norm Gomlak was an editor on AP's South Desk

The Associated Press has fired a third staffer in the fallout of an erroneous report about gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe.

Norm Gomlak, an editor on the AP's South Desk in Atlanta, was the first staffer outside the Richmond, Va., bureau to lose his job. Employees in the Atlanta office were given the news in a staff meeting Monday.

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An AP spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment Tuesday.

The AP has also fired Bob Lewis, a Virginia politics reporter, and Dena Potter, a news editor. Domestic AP stories are typically sent to one of four regional desks — including the South Desk — for a final edit and publication on the AP wire.

Lewis filed a story alleging that McAuliffe lied to a federal official investigating a death benefits claim. It was published on Oct. 9 and the AP retracted the story less than two hours later.

Lewis, who was well-regarded by colleagues, had covered Virginia government for about two decades. Sen. Mark Warner, a former Virgina governor, was among those who took to Twitter to wish him well.

  • Arthur Axelman

    For too many years we've witnessed so called journalists misread and badly interpret facts such as inisitially identifying in headlines “Clark Rockefeller” as a family member for several years and more recently describing the slimeball con man who put an amateur ten minute anti-muslim video on the internet as a “Hollywwood Producer” when he was neither from Hollywood, or had ever worked in the industry and there never existed an actual film other than a ten minute video.
    A con man named Joe Medvar prertended to fund a thetarical feature and series by scamming investors and moron journalists in top papers reffered to him as a “Hollywood Producer” even during and after his sentencing.
    The ship that was Woodward and Bernstein has clearly sailed.