Bill Maher at TheGrill: The Complete Uncut, Uncensored Interview

Host of HBO's politically skewed talk show stopped by TheWrap's Media Leadership Conference Monday evening

Bill Maher has made a name for himself with his blunt talk — and on Monday night, he spoke frankly about a number of topics at TheWrap's Media Leadership Conference, The Grill.

The host of “Real Time With Bill Maher” spoke about his inability to win an Emmy, gun control, drugs and President Obama's difficulties enacting change.

“Look, lots of people hate it when you're anti-religion in a religious country,” said Maher, who lost the Emmy this year to “The Colbert Report,” after a decade of suffering wins by Jon Stewart‘s “The Daily Show.”

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Maher sparred with TheWrap's founder-CEO Sharon Waxman during the session, during which he explained his love for comedy and collaboration with his writers. Watch the entire exchange in the video above.

  • Ferm

    This was incredibly uncomfortable to watch. For a journalist she was incredibly unprepared!

  • Will

    Truly horrendous interview. Sharon was lucky Maher was so patient with her. The interview had no direction.Stuttering, awkward pauses, incoherent follow-up questions, faulty equipment – the list goes on. Top to bottom, this interview sucked.

    • heavy from the bevies

      I agree completely. Is this some amateur Internet show? She looks like they told her Maher just walked in..grab a mic and ask whatever comes to mind.

  • Pee Bee

    Gotta love that the ‘WRAP’ logo is upside down on the interviewer's microphone.

  • Star Mann

    Someone needs to explains microphones and how to use them to this woman!

  • Dianna Woodsum

    This was extremely difficult to watch and that was upsetting to me because I wanted to enjoy an interview with Bill Maher., she was a very unprofessional and awkward journalist. I apologize if that sounds rude because I'm sure she's a lovely person. Maybe she was just uncomfortable interviewing him or she was starstruck I don't know but the interview itself was horrible, hard to watch, and very disappointing. What a shame!