Bill Maher Rips Facebook, Calls Glenn Beck, Matt Drudge and Fox ‘Cracker Trifecta’

Bill Maher Rips Facebook, Calls Glenn Beck, Matt Drudge and Fox 'Cracker Trifecta'

The social media giant's customized news feeds are “making you a little stupider,” the liberal pundit says

Bill Maher is no friend of Facebook.

“Hey, if one of the richest companies in America can get richer by making you a little stupider every time you look at your phone, small price to pay,” the famously liberal pundit said Friday during a segment of his HBO show “Real Time With Bill Maher.”

Holding up a black-and-white picture of a packed subway train from what he called “the olden days,” Maher noted how the passengers were all reading newspapers.

“Amazing, isn't it? Everyone's reading a newspaper — and no one's masturbating,” he said. “Here's a subway car today. Everyone's playing ‘Angry Birds’ and no one is getting news or if they are, it's their Facebook news feed, which is now how a third of adults get their news.

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“And this month Facebook unveiled an app called ‘Paper,’ which Mark Zuckerberg calls ‘the best personalized newspaper in the world.’ Yeah, I suppose the Washington Post is OK, like when it uncovered Watergate.”

He explained why he thought “Paper” was a bad idea, and in the process took a shot at Glenn Beck, Matt Drudge and Fox News all at the same time.

“‘Paper’ tracks the news you're interested in and gives you more of that and less of everything else, never burdening you with contradictory information or telling you anything new.

“That's what makes it ‘news.’ But only seeing the stuff that already confirms the opinions you already have isn't news — it's Fox News. The reason so many Americans, for example, think climate change is a hoax is that their only source for science news is Glenn Beck, Fox and Matt Drudge, the cracker trifecta.”

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Maher said the ability of Facebook and other media to tailor news reports to the individual user was hurting Americans’ level of overall awareness.

“The Internet, which was supposed to unite the world, has become too adept at serving us personalized content. Do you know what I saw on Yahoo's front page this morning? No, you don't, because mine isn't the same as yours. People get news feed now that just spit back customized stories based on what we've clicked on in the past. So I for example, might see a lot of stories about — pot, American history and, of course, Christian Mingle. Whereas Ted Nugent just gets ads for Prozac and bullets.

“So yes, welcome to the brave new world of micro-targeting, which, look, is often harmless. No one gets hurt if my computer tells me ‘you bought James Taylor's greatest hits, you might also enjoy this pillow and these sleeping pills.'”

  • sameolbs

    Bill Maher is full of it. An ugly person.

  • sonnymorgan

    Thanks for saying it, Bill!

  • Dt88

    Can we deport Maher like they were talking about doing with Bieber? How does he think his little liberal propaganda show is any different than a Fox News program? The only difference is he is left and they are right. He is every bit as extreme and absurd as what he preaches against. And that's another point. For a guy who hates organized religion, he sure spends a lot of time preaching from his pulpit.

    • indranee

      Where do you wanna deport him to? New Jersey? LOL.

      • sameolbs

        Somewhere “godless.”

        • Ricored

          Errr news flash that is actually soon to be the U.S. Unless of course you get your news from any of above mentioned sources.

        • indranee

          Well, that'd be NJ alright LOL. Btw, you do realize that you can only deport people who weren't born here or aren't American citizens, right? Last I checked, Maher was American born and bred ;)

          • sameolbs

            Inbred maybe.

    • Michael Robbins

      You truly are a dunce, aren't you? Your definition of organized religion would also have to include acquiring a college education, because after all, college professors do “preach” course material from behind a pulpit.

      Bill Maher is far from organized religion, in large part because he doesn't have any superstitions that he compels his fans to believe, like the earth being 6000 years old for example, or that Jesus is going to swoop down in his golden chariot and carry all of his true believers back to heaven during the Rapture.. He also doesn't beg people for money, as do organized religions..

      For your education, there is a major difference between right-wing propaganda like Fox News and genuine news outlets like MSNBC. The former caters to uneducated sheep who allow irrational fear to be their guiding light through life. The latter, MSNBC, bases their news stories on real events that can be verified with empirical evidence.

      For example, Fox News will spend the better part of a year talking about the theory of President Obama being born in Kenya, or non-existent voter fraud, which they claim to be rampant across the Unites States, even though there has never been one recorded conviction of a person committing voter fraud. Both of these are right-wing conspiracy theories concocted by loons such as yourself. They have no basis in reality.

      MSNBC on the other hand will run stories about genuine election fraud, where Republican governors purge tens of thousands of American born citizens who also happen to be registered voters, off voting rolls just months before a national election, in order to sway the election in their candidates favor by denying those American born citizens their constitutional right to vote. That is actually happening in America.

      For what it's worth, because they are stupid, reactionaries often confuse voter fraud with election fraud. They are not big on nuance, detail or facts.

      • braunfels

        Thank you Michael. You hit all the right notes. But you know the old saying …. there are none so blind as those who will not see” “Those” are the ignorant Fox watching tea baggers.

        • Wolfenberry

          You sound like someone who suffers from ye old “internet courage”– saying stuff about people anonymously that you wouldn't say to someone's face, in person.

          • Rusty K.

            Give me your address and I'll be happy to come over and sock it to you with my opinions,mr. big balls.

          • kheard

            LOL… Wolfenberry, morons like Rusty K. prove your point. Unfortunately, they'll never realize it.

          • Wolfenberry

            Yes, not exactly the brightest bulb.

          • Wolfenberry

            “I'll come over and sock it to you with…. my opinions”. My goodness, I don't know what I'd do against your “opinions”.
            Once again, internet courage. But, apparently not enough courage to use more than your “opinions”….

          • Dervid

            Post your address and let's see your courage …

          • Dervid

            Who cares if it's anonymously posted or in your face, it's either true or not. If it's true, it stands. If it's not true, then it's not true.

      • Dt88

        Forgive me. You're right. Bill Maher is known the world over for his objectivity. He is leading his own sheep. Both he and Fox News are terrible for America. They are just leading the morons in different directions.

        • Jack Clifton Walters

          Maher has very strong unshakeable beliefs for which he is blind to contradictory evidence, such as global warming. He also loves to stereotype people unfairly. On the bright side, he is funny, sort of (although not as funny as in the past). He is an upgrade from the moron Michael Moore but not objective and not nearly as smart as he claims so loudly that he is.

        • slowpoke7759

          If Bill did not have HBO, there would no Bill Maher show period. Your rant is long on BS and very short on fact. You give no dates, times or places as usual, full of platitudes and innuendo.
          You speak as if MSNBC has cornered the news market or as an employee wishing for Fox News to simply go away, which according to ratings BEAT; MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, REUTERS combined at any time slot.
          It is clear you are in the propaganda arm of the DNC. Nothing you have spoke is truthful, but then again liberals have managed to push through an agenda that does more to hurt America, than help. Just look at the IRS and the EPA, both are used to bully any and all speech that is not like by liberals.The main stream media really is not interested in covering the truth, they have become more or less state run media, to run blocking maneuvers, so there audience does not know any better. Just look at CNN, they have had to fire several of the prime time anchors for continuing to blather hateful untruths about conservatives, that put there ratings in a such sharp decline that got advertisers pull there advertising dollars, because the American viewer is not watching them so- called news stations anymore. These stations are so illogical the American viewer has changed channels to hear the truth, they are not interest in BS anymore.
          Whether the left likes it or not Fox News does report both sides of any story. For that, Fox News does have large following and will continue to have for any time slot of the day, more people watching them, than any of the others combined and has so for the last 10 Years. As far as election issues the other stations did not report on them because the fraud was committed by democrats and a simple google or bing search, pulls up millions of cases of voter fraud committed by the left. A little research would have completely negated your rant.

      • Wolfenberry

        Nowadays, almost everyone acquires a “college education”. It's not exactly a great accomplishment anymore.

        And, in your book, apparently there is such a thing as “Right Wing Propaganda”, but, mysteriously, there is no such thing as “Left Wing Propaganda”. In your mind, the ONLY propaganda that exists in the world is “Right wing”. Sounds to me like either you're incredibly biased, incredibly naive, or, just lying to yourself.
        And, once again, the old Internet Courage raises its ugly head– calling people “stupid”, anonymously, hiding behind a computer. Oh, the things people say when they're safe, anonymous, and secure.

        • kheard

          Well said.

      • tyree1

        U r nuts

      • kheard

        You lost me at “genuine news outlets like MSNBC”. Live a little longer, than get back to me.

      • sick of it

        I think the dunce award goes to you Michael Robbins, who clearly has an inability to objectionable whatsoever, but thanks for the laugh “oh-so-enlightened one” LMAO

    • up in the air

      Does bill Maher consider himself to be a news program? Or does fox news consider themselves to be a propaganda show?

  • hdogg48

    I got Netflix, and I can watch NFL highlights on Showtime.
    The Sopranos is over. I can wait until films like John Adams
    come out on DVD.

    So…..the only reason that I might be interested in subscribing to
    HBO is if they had an episode where Sarah Palin could
    practice her kick box moves on Bill Maher's punk assed
    horse face.

    I would pay at Least $100 for that, and I got my American Express Gold
    Card all ready to go.

  • Bubba_ut

    Maher is a typical NY tenement house snicklesnot pukamaggot white neck trash yicky bigotbot. He takes great pleasure in attacking teaparty people, along with the rest of the NY stinking sh*tbaggers.

  • Joe Paloka

    People hate the truth prefer crap from Fox network of trash whores

  • Joe Paloka

    Fox is for the retards that can not think for themselves and listen to lies and nonsense

    • Wolfenberry

      Wow, insulting people anonymously from behind a computer– saying things online where you're safe, that you wouldn't dare say to people to their face. Wow, you must be a real brave hero!

    • tyree1

      Hi weakling

    • Jack Clifton Walters

      msnbc gets the gold medal pure unadulterated lies.

    • Mr. Miller

      Amen! Lies and nonsense……. “If you like your plan… can KEEP your plan………PERIOD.”

  • Ken Stofft

    Let's see the video.

  • nome de plume

    Thank God for Bill Maher who is making us smarter PS when are you going to start Bill you been around for 40 years Bill that should tell you Bill how much influence you have Bill with all that intelligence you have Bill nobody is listening to you Bill you use to be funny now you are an angry liberal Ha Ha Ha

  • SemperFi1946

    This little dwarf know it all, that is a self proclaimed “sage”- was a half assed comic and even less as an “objective” political commentator. Maher is only a legend is his own little mind and those of the fringe elements that think like he does.

  • Izatso?

    One of the most unfunny,arrogant voices of the left.

    • Ricored

      Professes to be a libertarian but then if he disagrees with faux he must be a leftie ,Right?

      • Wolfenberry

        what's faux? Maher is no libertarian, he's just a confused Leftist fool.

        • Sam I am

          Just say it, Isreal firster.

          • Wolfenberry

            As opposed to what firster? What should be first?

          • snaxmaster

            That's actually funnier than Maher's rant. He was raised Irish Catholic, continuously bashes Israel and is a self proclaimed Atheist.

    • Adam


      Seriously? I'm conservative and I think the guy is a riot. He's clearly smart, can string tons of complex ideas together into coherent, sometimes compelling arguments, and he knows stuff. Let's be real we conservatives haven't had a single funny person in our ranks since WILLIAM F. BUCKLEY. Guy was a genius and a total pisser.

      It's okay to say the conservative movement is full of FULL ON retards today. And the idea that we conservatives just let this go on and on and on and on. It's a god damn shame and is demolishing our credibility on the national and international stages.

      We need to stop making spectacles of ourselves and start making some policy.

      • tyree1

        stop lying u r a lib , ann coulter
        Is funny
        Goodnite u phony

      • Jack Clifton Walters

        Bill Maher must be smart. After all he claims he is very smart and everyone who disagrees with him are morons who deserve to be called bigoted names. Southerners are stupid. White people are stupid. Midwesterners are stupid. People on Facebook are stupid. People who don't watch msnbc all the time are stupid. He is about all that is left and thus smart almost by default.

  • fairtv

    What a pathetic little man.

  • westseadoc

    I'm no fan of Maher in general, but he does hit upon an important point … that is, social media is subverting news organizations with journalistic ethics, even if they are often slightly slanted. The degree of slant, however, is more measured and is held against at least a mythical standard of trying to be reasonably objective. The internet serves not to enlighten but to polarize and subverts normal social interaction with people around you. You rarely engage even your companions, let alone strangers who might just give you some insight into others culture or thoughts.

    • Sam I am

      You are postulating the most ridiculous tripe.

    • fakdat

      Yea !!! Huntley Brinkley News Reports

  • Wolfenberry

    So since Maher insults people for being white (i.e. “crackers”), can we start to talk about his Jewish background..?

    • Sam I am

      Yes. He is an Isreal firster…..pass it on. Hegelian dialectic.

  • infadelicious

    Bill Maher?…………dirt bag……..straight up.

  • justanaverageguy

    I agree with him totally on Facebook and the media dumbing down America. How can you not unless you've already received their dumb down vaccine. The ability to custom tailor news equals ability to brain wash.

    I vehemently disagree with his bigoted racist tactics of attacking only those of Christian Anglo white heritage because the racist urban liberal supporting elites, and we know what they are, (they are the 1% that are getting richer while everyone else has less) who think the divide it creates in the masses is cool.

  • PabloKOh

    And completely ignore most users of Facebook have spent more than 13 years in government education.

  • kymber23

    From reading these comments there are plenty of folks who don't like Bill Maher but no one is saying his positions don't make sense. He has a bunch of common sense whether you agree with is POV or not. FB is ridiculous. Most people just letting the world the know how self absorbed they are.

    • Mr. Miller

      Name calling is not a position. However many of his ‘positions’ do not have a correct premise at their root. For example, if people choose to breed without being able to afford it.. and if they can't find jobs or choose not to support themselves.. Maher states that it is then naturally up to the government to do so. NOT TRUE. Government has taken on the role of the world's biggest bully in that it steals from you and me to give to them……but it is not, by any means, government's proper function.

  • bob h

    “But only seeing the stuff that already confirms the opinions you already have isn’t news — it’s Fox News.”
    Its funny that Maher's fans who get a lot of their “news” from his show will nod their heads at this like little bobblehead figures since that is exactly what he does.

  • The Voice of Reason

    I cant stand the guy but have to agree with the dumbing down of people by the internet. When 25% of Americans think the sun goes around the earth its scary.

    • Koki

      does it meter that only 1/4 of USA think that sun is going around earth ,when more than 50% vote for worst secondhand-car dealer ever. You vote for President of you are own country an IMMIGRANT from Indonesia Barry Soetero a.k.a. Barack HUSSEIN Obama ( in some Slavic language OBMANA mean's “fake” or “deception” ) The Nobel Peace maker ))))))) , who is puti'n america on the road of no return. Please attack Russia if you can ,you cheep buster , who pay out banksters from our tax money , and start at least 3 new war zone;s NSA spy-scandal. A mean ,really ,even Chinese shef of Communist Party play cat and mouse , whit this professional …” fighter for human right's”;) Really, it's pathetic and …. so true he can only spit under Vladimir window and put out of work, so many truth chasing reporters, as well as he suppressed any info he did not like , or did not manipulate whit . Moral of this story CHANGE!!!!! Yess old Obama mantra CHANGE but this time CHANGE him out from “White house “A.S.A.P., and maybe you would have an chance to survive next couple of years relatively normally. Have one more day under “patriot act” Which mean ‘s : Any body ,from any government agency, could put you away , for long as they like and not to answer to no body , ok ??? beautiful isn;t it ???? Pure DEMONcraty in action.

  • MeanDean

    the Difference is his show is comedy and Fox is a News program. I mean fox's show is a comedy and Maher's is a news program. Whatever!

  • Ajax Telemonian

    Mr. Maher, please apologize for your racism. The word “cracker”, as you used it, is a pejorative term for Caucasians. It's the 21st Century, and racism of any kind is no longer acceptable.

    • Bubba_ut

      Thanks. Crackers from NY are called Cookies, so Maher is a Cookie.

  • The Bull

    Well, he's right about Facebook, Google, etc controlling our online lives and dumbing down the under-20s, but how can he reach those very under-20s who watch him without referring negatively to Beck, Fox News etc? I think sometimes we forget the audiences that messages are tailored to reaching – it's not the older, Fox News watcher who's addicted to his/her device.

    • Jack Clifton Walters

      I read the paper everyday but deeply appreciate the internet. YOU control what you search for and read on the internet. I would probably still believe in the man made global warming myth if it were not for thorough research via the internet. In fact, property used, the internet gives you the freedom to expand one's horizons beyond the programming of the mainstream press, which seems to bother Bill Maher deeply.

  • gwhh

    Does this make any sense to you?
    I like how he put the masturbation thing into it for no reason. I love how liberal like to keep it clean and nice when they talk about stuff they don't like! NOT!!!!

  • Robert Beers

    One of the most opinionated of the media morons is calling people he doesn't even know or read stupid? Bill Maher exhibits a two-digit IQ he probably tests lower.

  • Chipsie

    Is there any reason give credence to what this smarmy, empty suit has to say?

  • Deidra

    Remember the original point of Facebook? Several Ivy League young men voting on the value of female classmate's attractive quotient. The social network revolution amplified group consensus, popularity contests, and shallow instincts along with arrogance overload and encourage poor attitudes and preferences over information exchange.

    The meaning of words have been twisted and simplified (crazy=cray cray, socialism, treason, awesome, friends), values claimed with no practice of said value, and vacant emotional rants have somehow been promoted to equal values. I don't even know how many so-called Facebook friends I have because my real friends and I don't rely on an app for social relevance and feedback.

  • tyree1

    Lives in all- white neighborhood
    @ tv crew is all white I guess
    He is the king of the crackers!

  • sick of it

    He is nothing more than an arrogant, self-agrandizing, condescending, pompous and getting old quickly, windbag. Ugly both inside and out and his racist rhetoric is getting extremely tired and worn out. Last I checked Dr. Ben Carson is the same color as the POTUS, afterall. And anyone who thinks it's so damn funny to call Fox News “Faux” or the Teaparty “Teabaggers” clearly show just how tolerant, kind and truly open-minded (LOL) you really are. You have no credibility whatsoever, just like Maher. Useful tools. Keep congratulating yourselves.

    • christopher mahoney

      So now conservatives are “crackers”. The Left's constant race-baiting is why 50% of white voters “strongly disapprove” of Obama. Race-baiting is bad politics.

  • christopher mahoney

    The elites hate the fact that there is now a conservative alternative to the MSM. In their view, Beck, Drudge and Fox should not be permitted to exist. Instead, we should be force-fed Brian William's latest thoughts and opinions. The Left can't stand free speech, which is why every socialist utopia prohibits it. Perhaps Maher would prefer to live in Cuba or North Korea, where he would never be bothered by Fox News or Matt Drudge.

  • mrknowitall

    Bill Maher has a point. When every feed is customized to your past likes, you are not getting exposed to the new. If the same was said without using the “trifecta” thing or including the word “fox” or if it was not said by Bill Maher, the reaction of readers would be different. Sadly, proving his point regarding how we tend to box ourselves in our stereotypes based on past knowledge.

  • Professor_Tenay

    I just cant believe liberals still take Bill Maher seriously. Nothing but BS comes out of his mouth yet he says “the truth”. I get it that his minion fans are closed minded and sheepish, pretty much have a zombie mentality but at some point they need to wake up from their coma/stupor. Its not my fault their parents didn't raise them right and instead kept them sheltered and shut out from secondary thought and restricted from using their own brains to think for theirselves. Fast forward to today, the same liberal minion as adults still fail to know how to think for his or herself at all and they are pretty much brainwashed into thinking that ass backwards logic is common sense. I feel sorry for them because their parents totally failed them as children and now they are pretty much useless and worthless to society. The proof in all of that is how they voted in the election for president.

    • snaxmaster

      This comes from someone who normally posts about nothing but WWE results… lol.

  • fakdat

    Huntley Brinkley News was the Stuff

  • Dervid

    Actually TV, not Facebook (nor the internet), has helped destroy America — Maher runs with the pack of misinformation, lies, and bullshit propaganda.

  • Harry Ball

    Maher resembles a weasel.