Dailies | New ‘Godzilla’ Trailer: Bryan Cranston is Scared Sh–less, and So Are We (Video)

Warner Bros./Legendary teases possibly the biggest monster movie ever

For monster movie fans, there is life before and life after watching the new trailer for “Godzilla.”

On Tuesday, Warner Bros. released the first full-length trailer for the summer tentpole from Legendary Pictures, and this tease makes every monster movie that came before look like a square dance.

Running a little over two minutes, the preview kicks off with panicked voiceover from Bryan Cranston‘s character, followed by glimpses of director Gareth Edwards‘ very grounded, very scary take on what would really happen if the iconic Kaiju attacked.

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We glimpse an intersection choked with abandoned cars and (naturally) a plane crash; a distant power plant is seemingly demolished by an invisible force, as frightened citizens look on – culminating with a shot of the Statue of Liberty missing an arm and part of her face.

The trailer also indicates that the filmmakers may have tweaked the Destroyer of Worlds’ origin: He wasn't just the bi-product of atomic bomb testing. He was the bombs’ intended target.

“Godzilla” smashes into theaters May 16.

  • lazythump

    I have been a Godzilla fan since the first time I saw the 1954 original. I LOVE that big guy and he's provided me with plenty of entertainment (and laughs) over the years. I even enjoyed the last version with Matthew Broderick in it!! I am anxiously awaiting the new version.

    • Doctor Who

      If you liked the 1998 Version, then you are not a Godzilla fan. You are a fool who watches anything that is on, no matter how crappy it is.

  • John Doe

    Oh happy day can't wait for May 16th looks like Godzilla is being done right finally.

  • Nicola Tesla

    Oh no, there goes Toykyo.

  • Thomas DeFeo

    Enough with destroying NYC…can't we final get rid of Texas in one of these Godzilla movies.

    • Mark Wengler

      This is the 2rd time that Godzilla has attacked New York 1st Destroy All Monsters and this time. I am not countingthat thing from 98 That was no godzilla movie it;s just GINO

      • Thomas DeFeo

        He also destroyed NYC in the matthew Broderick Godzilla version as well.

    • vs007

      Godzilla only seems to get as far as Vegas in this one… Watch the trailer again. He has smashed the Statue of Liberty set up at Vegas’ NYC-themed area. (Note the roller coaster track to the left of Liberty's amputated arm… no such track exists behind the real statue.)

      • easton

        great catch.

      • peter

        Isn't the New York New York liberty only about 10 ft tall? Those are small helicopters

  • Tammy Owens

    is this May 16,2014 or 2015??

    • Christian

      Face palm

  • William Bolitho

    I didn't see New York City in the film. The Statue of Liberty in the trailer is the one at the New York/New York casino in Vegas. You can see the tracks for the roller coaster right behind it.

  • Dean Sorensen

    Why were you scared of this trailer? Nothing scary in it.

  • Jet Jaguar

    Please let that be Gigan's hook at 2:06. That was one of my favorites with Jet Jaguar.