Charlie Sheen on Selma Blair's ‘Anger Management’ Exit: ‘It Was Not About Our Relationship’

Charlie Sheen on Selma Blair's 'Anger Management' Exit: 'It Was Not About Our Relationship'

Sheen says it's time for his character to start “circling the drain”

To hear Charlie Sheen tell it, Selma Blair‘s exit from “Anger Management” had nothing to do with personality clashes — her character was just too good an influence on his.

Sheen discussed what he called a “reboot” of his show — which he dubbed “Anger Management 2.0” — on “The Tonight Show” Wednesday. Sheen said the exit of Blair's character, Dr. Kate Wales — psychologist to Sheen's Charlie Goodson — freed up Goodson to become a little more self-destructive, in the vein of his “Two and a Half Men” character.

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“One of our primary characters, Selma Blair, playing Kate, was written out because — it was not about our relationship. The problem was that too many people were still excited about the ‘Two and a Half’ character and thinking the ‘Anger Management’ character was a little dull. So that is not the case anymore,” he said. “She leaves and I… start circling the drain. It's really fun to watch. And… fun to play.”

“Where do you draw from?” Leno joked.

“It's mystery, Jay. It just falls out of the sky.”

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Blair left the show in June, amid reports that she clashed with Sheen. Laura Bell Bundy has since joined the cast, and Brian Austin Green became a series regular.

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  • Coach

    No Charlie, we ALL know that you are so one dimensional that you can only PLAY one role well, that of Charlie Sheen, or a character that is just like him, circling the drain!! How sad that they have to rewrite a show just because you can't act!!

    • Tyler Proctor

      For somebody that can't act, he sure is making a pile of money.

  • Nico

    I stopped watching when Selma left. She was the only thing worth watching. Just wanted to see what Lingerie she was gonna wear next. the writing on that show is horrible..

  • Taelyn

    One character ???? Are you aware of his body of work on Film and Television.. He has MANY layers.. Its just that so many MISS Charlie Harper, They LOVE Him.. I personally enjoyed the show, but l always found myself looking for something of Charlie… So Im excited about this change.