Chelsea Handler Slams New York Times’ Bill Carter for Sexism: I'm Not a ‘Parenthetical’

Chelsea Handler Slams New York Times' Bill Carter for Sexism: I'm Not a 'Parenthetical'

The E! doyenne wrote a column in the Huffington Post criticizing the publication for how she was referenced in Carter's Jimmy Fallon story

E! Late Night host Chelsea Handler has blasted New York Times over a Bill Carter article about Jimmy Fallon‘s “The Tonight Show,” which placed her inside parentheses.

Handler criticized Carter's story for marginalizing her work as a late night anchor. ”How, in this paragraph, could I only be mentioned as an aside?” Handler exclaimed. “Was it because I'm a woman?”

Carter had referenced her in the story saying “(The only female host in late-night is Chelsea Handler, 38, on E!).”

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“I obviously didn't expect or want to be a focal point of the piece,” Handler explained in a Huffington Post Op-Ed. ”And I really just appreciated the photo of me at the top of the article placed alongside my late night contemporaries that featured my new haircut — the feedback has been overwhelming. What bothered me was that when I was listed in a paragraph with the late-night hosts, I was the only name put in parentheses.”

Carter told TheWrap there was never any intention to have some kind of comprehensive list of competitors in the text of the piece.

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“In putting together the layout they came up with that row of faces and we used a photo of Chelsea along with the others and I hope she noticed it was nicely in the center,” Carter said. “Though I had nothing to do with the placement but that then necessitated including all those folks who were pictured in some way in the text.”

“I suggested the sentence about Chelsea and it was an editing decision to put it in parenthesis,” he added. “I also heard from people for Craig Ferguson and Arsenio who had much better gripes because they got left out altogether and obviously they deserve as much recognition as any of the others. But it was sort of a function of after-the-fact adjustments in the text because of the layout. No slights were intended toward any of these talented people.”

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“I don't expect everyone to like me or my show, or even watch my show — most nights I'm my harshest critic both professionally and personally,” Handler argued. “And while much of the press has kindly acknowledged my contribution to the late-night landscape I feel over the years, several media outlets have marginalized my presence in the late-night game. I imagined my sustained on-air presence would eventually triumph over any possible gender biases…I'm speaking up with the awareness that some will roll their eyes or dismiss my point. Yet it would be a disservice to all of the hard working women in entertainment, including Joan Rivers, who was the first woman to have her own late night show. Not to mention how this minimizes the efforts of the 100+ staff members who work hard on my show every day.”

A report released this week from the Women's Media Center showed that women were vastly underrepresented in media, singling out The New York Times for undersourcing women in their stories.

  • AndyWarhorse

    They work hard?

  • BlackCanseco

    #1 – he mentioned you cuz the crux of the piece was about latenight major network folks, the so-called big 3/Big 4…

    #2 when you bang the head of your fledgling network while maintaining just ok raitings, dont be shocked when folk don't hail your hard work.

    • tyson

      You're kinda proving her point, you ol’ hatin’ ass.

      • zing

        i'm the first to assail sexism, but the first comment seems pretty much on target

        and she works for a marginal network so therefore is marginalized…it's generous to even reference E as a network

  • David

    This is a travesty, somebody get Jerry Lewis on the line!

  • Donald Graham

    Seriously? She's a dumb Drunk nobody. She needs to be happy she was even mentioned in the article

    • Lula Grable

      Well she was a somebody enough for you to reply.

      • Echhhh

        Well if that's your metric, the guy you responded to is a big somebody. Do people such as you think they're clever when they write this tired retort. There's always one of you on a board. Do you comprehend he was commenting on the larger issue and not Handler specifically.

    • ellen72

      She is hardly a nobody.

  • nimportequoi

    Obviously,with the exception Tyson, the rest of you sexist ignoramuses.

    • nimportequoi

      correction: obviously, with the exception of Tyson, the rest of you are sexist ignoramuses.

  • Julie

    I watch Chelsea Lately occasionally. Can't she just leave it at being happy she was included in the article? I agree there are others that were left out all together. This actually makes me like her less. Too bad.

  • mediawatcher

    It's not that she is a woman, it's that her show is awful and on E!. Unless I've missed something, E! is a Celebritrash network, not a destination for all but a handful of late night viewers.

    • ellen72

      You clearly have not watched her show.

      • Sarah

        I did…it is awful. She is crass and not funny at all.

      • mediawatcher

        Well I have, and that is how I was able to make an informed statement of opinion. You obviously are one of the handful.

  • sonic

    Why doesn't Ms. Handler ask Bill Allen directly what his intention with the parentheses was?

  • Sarah

    ”How, in this paragraph, could I only be mentioned as an aside?” Handler exclaimed. “Was it because I’m a woman?” No Handler; it had nothing with you being a woman (if that's what you are), it's because your show is crA-p. Your network is crA-p; the Kardashians are on it. You do not measure up to the status of late night hosts because your show is nothing.

    • Tara

      If the parenthetical had read, “There's also Chelsea Handler, but her show suffers from a lack of critical acclaim and a less popular network, so she poses no real threat,” or something to that effect, that would be one thing. But the parenthetical solely states, “the only *female* host in late night is Chelsea Handler.” The subject of the parentheses and therefore the REASON for the parentheses *is* her gender. I don't like Chelsea or her show, either, but you don't have to like her show to acknowledge that the way Bill Allen referenced her was problematic.

      • Sarah

        I understand your POV, but I still don't get what the issue is. She IS the only female host in late night. I would look at the distinction within the parentheses as being a way of showing her uniqueness in a male dominated field, not sexism.

        • Tay

          I totally agree with Sarah, and was going to write something similar but she said it well.

      • sick of fakes

        Why do you reference him as Bill Allen…his name is Bill Carter

        Also, Handler is just seeking pr with this phony outrage … Moreover, her reference of Joan Rivers is so phony because she herself used to trash and demean Rivers until E told her to zip it. Her using Rivers as a crutch for her weak position is just phony and self-serving. Also, Joan Rivers is an example of a woman who had the real goods as a performer so that comparison doesn't do Handler any favors.

    • Rd626

      Well said Sarah. I find Handler repulsive and gross. I hate the fact there are young woman out there being influenced by her.

  • PittsRu2

    She should not have been mentioned at all in comparison with this group as her lame cable attempt at humor does not line up with the talent or structure of late night shows on networks. Her piss-poor attitude about everything and poor skills at everything really lack in all aspects. The fact she is on E and has such a small following should be enough to satisfy her efforts of sleeping her way into a show and being marginal at being entertaining. In addition to this she brought Ross to a place where E gave him a show and for that she should be shunned forever. He sucks worse than Chelsea!

  • shay

    One of the problems about Chelsea Handlers show is she's only there half the time….

    • Tay

      No, that's one of the problems with Letterman.

      The problem with CH is she's there at all.

  • Dishwater

    who is she? no really I thought she was just a hack comic that put out two ghost written books. Did not know some one had the nutty idea to put her on TV.

    • sick of fakes

      Did she buy up all the copies the way some do in order to make the bestseller list?

  • Tim

    Chelsea Handler bravely defeats parentheses with nine paragraphs of passive aggressive boring. All while sitting on her a$$ behind her laptop. Take that Rosa Parks.

  • Swell Time

    I like Handler. But until she breaks away from the network that peddles the Kardashians, I'll barely tune into to her. And please Chelsea, drop the Ross show from your list of projects. He's insufferable — even to the gay community.