CNN's ‘Blackfish’ Documentary Wins Key News Rating Demo, Grabs Young Viewers

CNN's 'Blackfish' Documentary Wins Key News Rating Demo, Grabs Young Viewers

Documentary about captive whales wins its timeslot in key news demo

The documentary “Blackfish” performed swimmingly for CNN, winning the key news demo in its time slot and proving a big draw among younger viewers.

The CNN Films documentary, which chronicles the plight of captive orca whales, averaged 472,000 viewers in the key 25-54 news demo during its 9 to 11 p.m. airing, besting both Fox News Channel and MSNBC in the demo. (FNC and MSNBC averaged 331,000 and 235,000 viewers in the demo, respectively.)

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In total viewers, Fox News Channel held its traditional lead, averaging 1.89 million,  compared to CNN's 1.36 and MSNBC's 867,000.

Among the 18-49 demographic, “Blackfish” also performed impressively, with an average 688,000 — besting Fox News and MSNBC's performance in the demo for that time period combined.

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Anderson Cooper's special report, “Inside Blackfish,” at 11 p.m. averaged 231,000 demo viewers and 560,000 total viewers — behind Fox News Channel but ahead of MSNBC.

“Blackfish” was the highest rated CNN Film so far this year.

  • Linda S. Presto

    I hope Sea World gets lots of backlash from Blackfish it was horrifying to see this… Now Bindi Irwin and Jack Hanna are on the bandwagon supporting Sea World makes me ill and Bindi's dad would be rolling in the grave knowing his daughter supports Sea World hum-mm is $$$'s the motivating issue here or is she brainwashed??? Jack Hanna he sold his soul and I am extremely disappointed in him… He helped put many wild-life educational programs together and does this! Being a wild-life rehabilitator and naturalist for several years it hurts to see this inhumane acts to these intelligent and senstive marine mammals and treat them like circus acts and hold them in a area like they were in a bath tub and other wild-life rehabbers like myself all over world feel the same… I also had the rare privelege of meeting and speaking with Jacques Cousteau and his son Philiippe he would be outraged! A huge loss… But their legacy will continue!