CNN's ‘New Day’ Eclipses MSNBC's ‘Morning Joe’ In Demo and Total Viewers

CNN's 'New Day' Eclipses MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' In Demo and Total Viewers

The morning show topped one of its rivals this week with their ongoing coverage of the missing Malaysian flight

CNN's “New Day” had a very strong week in the ratings, sweeping “Morning Joe” in both the key demo and total viewers for most of the week. It is the first time — since the show launched last summer — that it has beaten MSNBC for six consecutive days.

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CNN's flagship morning program beat MSNBC's “Morning Joe” in both the key 25-to-54 news demographic and total viewer ratings from Monday through Thursday. On Thursday, the show beat MSNBC once again with 558,000 total viewers to MSNBC's 364,000. “New Day” continued its wall-to-wall coverage of the mysterious missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 plane this week.

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The show also beat Joe Scarborough's program 209,000 to 140,000 in the 25-to-54 demo.

Fox News continued to dominate the cable news morning shows with “Fox and Friends” scoring a 314,000 in the 25-54 demo and 1,161,000 in total viewers.

However, CNN is demonstrating major momentum and could be headed towards Fox News’ heels in the 25-to-54 demo during the morning hour.

  • John Bernard

    MSNBC last to everyone.

    • formerlyhuffpo

      Don't know 'bout everyone, some of the new “younger” MSNBC contributors bear attention for factual fair coverage they are bringing to this outlet. They have mine and I would not be in the same demographic!

  • John Kleine

    I've watched Joe for years, it's getting tiresome. Joes ego is irritating. He claims to have said everything 2 weeks before anybody. Mika is too puritan. Does she even fart?

  • WellDoneProductions

    Not sure what is going on at MORNING JOE, but for the past few months, they have started to act “cocky” and “smug” and not to pleasant. Yesterday/Monday that did some sort of horrible “wake up” digital video of how they all got up in the morning, with Joe flinging the alarm clock(s) across the room, but Mika up and on time, Barnicle the “slouch” etc. It was really awful and awkward. Who cares and why did they do it? And now they ask viewers to send them videos of how they get up on the morning. Even Willie seemed embarrassed by the whole thing. It's like they all want to portray a character and Joe continues to act like the wise sage about everything–politics, music, sports, the economy, world events. And why is Donny Deutsch on once a week with them? They all seem to shudder when his name is announced, he adds nothing to the conversation and he's TV poison based on the wreckage of TV shows he's hosted. This morning show needs an attitude check and some rethinking.

  • Shneevels

    Have watched Morning Joe on and off for years. It's a great show, great concept. Hard to sustain that format day after day, though. And there are TOO MANY ADS, so I only watch clips here and there. I disagree with their left wing politics, but it's a good way to get their perspective. CNN bores the life out of me, so I won't go there. And BTW….you want smug? Watch Wolf Blitzer for 5 minutes. He's the kid in the schoolyard that everyone wanted to beat up.

  • CB

    Joe is sickening. He knows everything and if you don't believe me, just ask him.

  • Horse****