Colin Farrell's ‘Winter's Tale’ Is His Third Box-Office Flop in Row

Colin Farrell's 'Winter's Tale' Is His Third Box-Office Flop in Row

The Irish actor's track record is stronger when he's been in a supporting role

With “Winter's Tale” misfiring over the weekend, leading man Colin Farrell has suffered another box-office bummer.

The romantic fantasy from Warner Bros. is going to take in less than $10 million over the four-day Presidents Day weekend. That makes three movies in a row in which Farrell has played the leading man that have tanked.

Of course, it's not all on Farrell. “Winter's Tale,” written and directed by Akiva Goldsman, was savaged by the critics (14 percent on Rotten Tomatoes) and the complex time-travel tale had to be tricky to market.

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But last March's FilmDistrict thriller “Dead Man Down” was dead on arrival, opening to $5.3 million and topping out at $10 million domestically at the box office.

And before that, “Seven Psychopaths” debuted with $4.1 million and wound up with $15 million domestically for CBS Films in 2012.

There was the disappointing “Total Recall” remake that year as well, and the 2011 horror dud “Fright Night” before that.

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The films in which he's had a supporting role have done better.

“Saving Mr. Banks,” in which he plays the father of Emma Thompson‘s “Mary Poppins” author P.L. Travers character, has done pretty well at the box office. It's taken in $82 million domestically and another $17 million overseas since opening in December for Disney.

The 37-year-old Irish actor's biggest box-office score came in 2011's “Horrible Bosses,” in which he had a secondary role as one of the title characters. That comedy featuring Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston brought in $117 million domestically and another $92 million from overseas.

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His breakout role, a semi-comic turn in 2008's “In Bruges” that earned him a Golden Globe, was an indie hit with $33 million worldwide.

Farrell's box office mettle will next be put to the test in “Miss Julie,” an historical romance directed by Liv Ullman, in which he'll star with Jessica Chastain. It's due this year, but doesn't have a release date yet. He's also in “Solace,” a thriller in which he'll star with Abbie Cornish and Anthony Hopkins, which is in post-production.

And he recently agreed to co-star with Rachel Weisz in the dystopian love story “The Lobster.”

  • AndyWarhorse

    He was brilliant in In Bruges, so don't blame him, it's his manager's fault.

    • Topher Doucet

      That movie (In Bruges) was decent, for sure,action roles and adventure movies with Colin are watchable. These type of roles make you, want to vomit.

    • Norbert Korzus

      His manager uses a brain control device? He can decide to not listen to him. Avoiding shitty scripts is not hard

      • AndyWarhorse

        That's a brilliant insight, Norbie.

        • Norbert Korzus

          Better than blaming his manager

  • Topher Doucet

    HE is a shitty actor with a bad attitude and he is definitely not the kind of person you want to see in a love story lmao. what a joke.

    • Lisa

      Uh, I'll watch him in a love story. Hell, I'll watch him in anything. He is a good actor, and you can see a lot of emotional strength in his eyes.

  • SallyinChicago

    I remember him in Minority Report and being the “next big thing” actor. He was a cutie pie, but I haven't seen him in anything since Brugees. He's just not compelling an actor next to someone who can REALLY hold his own on the screen.

  • Mark O'Neill

    I don't think he can be blamed for most of these failures. I did not even know he was in half of the films mentioned.

    • Norbert Korzus

      Yes and no. A beter name could not have helped those movies so it's not his drawing power (which doesn't exist anymore tbh) but he can be blamed for bad role choice.

      I know sometimes a movie changes much from script a but some of the projects he chooses stink for miles.

  • Randy Clark

    If you think that Farrell's breakthrough role was the role in In Bruges either you don't know what the term breakthrough role means or you don't know much about Farrell's career.

  • BoydoIseeyou

    Just goes to show they have succeeded at dumbing us down. Nothing with “heart” is going to succeed against Comedy…

  • hupto

    Haven't seen the film, but from what I gather, Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly have pretty major roles. Shouldn't some of the blame fall on them as well?

    • KEN

      Connelly has a very small role in it.

      • hupto

        Okay, thanks.

    • Thad

      Crowe was rubbish. Absolute rubbish!

  • Elemental

    “Miss Julie” an historical romance ! have you ever seen Strindberg's play ? So it is Ok to say “Othello” is an historical romance too I believe.

  • Andrew William Zoeller

    sad to hear..not surprised tho..I liked him in”The Recruit”..”Tigerland”..”Hart's war”..”In Bruges”..”A home in the center of the world”..”Phone Booth”

  • Stranahan

    I saw it. I liked it.

  • amnistyann

    This is on the writer/director, not on Colin Farrell. He turned in his usual impeccable performance and carried the movie on his back. Tough duty.

  • Hank

    His breakout role? I was working at Fox when he was cast in Phone Booth – which he got because of his “Breakout role” in Tigerland. Farrell's problem was that his agents at CAA hyped him so much – and bragged about getting him $6 million for Hart's War – that he could never live up to the hype. No one actually saw Tigerland, so it didn't actually launch him, and then Hart's War was a big disappointment. Although Phone Booth was a modest hit, it was a high-concept thriller, and that movie still didn't launch Farrell as a star – he was still coasting on studio/agency hype. After that, he was in a lot of “big” movies, but the ones that did well weren't ones that Farrell carried (e.g. Minority Report). Eventually, Hollywood caught on and realized Farrell wasn't the next Tom Cruise. Also, his substance abuse and bad behavior didn't help. That brings us to In Bruges several years later, which was something of a comeback for Farrell. However, no one in the US really saw it since it was a small quirky film. The movie did get him back into the Hollywood stream, though, giving him big roles in some dubious re-makes like Total Recall and Fright Night. Of course, they bombed. Farrell is really a character actor, not a leading man. He just doesn't translate to the big screen as a movie star. Hollywood needs to stop trying. I hope he still has some of that original $6 million that his agent Josh Lieberman got him. He's probably going to need it.

  • aaronical

    I thought his breakout role was Tigerland? Can't put these movies on Colin Farrell – we all know that there's so much more that goes into making and marketing a film than just the lead male actor. Julia Roberts had a string of duds before her comeback film My Best Friend's Wedding.

  • Film_Shark

    His performance in ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ was cheesy too. The flashbacks in that movie were terrible. It was basically an infomercial for Disney. Why is he choosing such schlocky roles?

  • jenn

    I liked total recall. It was better than the original. :0)

  • Joe_HTH

    Colin Farrell is a competent actor, but has no presence or flair onscreen. The man is box office poison. Every big film he has headlined has flopped hard. Farrell is not a draw.

    These are hardly the first huge flops in his career. Anyone remember Miami Vice, Tigerland, The War Zone, Ondine, Hart's War, American Outlaws, and the most notable flop known as Alexander.

    You might could blame someone other than Farrell if he only had one or two flops, but virtually every movie he has headlined has flopped.