‘Crossfire’ Week 1 Ratings Lower Than Timeslot Predecessor ‘The Situation Room’

'Crossfire' Week 1 Ratings Lower Than Timeslot Predecessor 'The Situation Room'

The talking-head reboot's debut week declines compared to where Wolf Blitzer left off

CNN's revived “Crossfire” didn't have much of a reason to celebrate as it went into the weekend: the resuscitated squawking-heads show dropped throughout its first week back on the air, hitting its lowest point yet with its Friday broadcast.

What's more, the new iteration of “Crossfire” also declined compared to the previous week, when “The Situation Room” aired in its timeslot, dropping 14 percent in total viewers and slipping 7 percent in the key 25-54 news demo.

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Friday's “Crossfire” was down 47 percent in total viewers compared to its Monday premiere, drawing 312,000 viewers. Among the key demo it didn't fare much better, dropping 40 percent from its premiere.

Granted, that's for a Friday night, when viewership is bound to be lower. But compared to the week before it premiered, though the overall weekly decline doesn't bode well for the new series. which moved up its premiere to cover the Syrian crisis.

  • Pro Farmer

    It is CNN folks. It wouldn't matter if there were monkeys juggling on a tight rope…. Nobody trust CNN and nobody is going to watch.

    • John (magnum)


      Blitzer is better. That ain't saying a hell of a lot now is it?

      • guest

        John, you didn't explain how, Blitzer is better. CNN is made up of LOFO voters, so, ratings could be down just based on legitimacy. I didn't watch, I don't know.

        • John (magnum)

          He had a few more viewers as per Drudge.

    • republicanprincess

      i wouldnt waste my time with cnn or msnbc,…..actually cnn might be s scintilla better than the bs on the other channel

      • paulinpittsburgh

        What would be better would be for Congress to pass a consumer friendly cable choice bill mandating an ala carte tier on all CATV & SATV systems that would force MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg and a few others to give up their roles as advocates for the radical left of the DNC and compete honestly for customers to see which which one will remain to present the center left view of the news.

        • Garr Obo

          Dream on sucker. That ain't going to happen in your lifetime.

          • paulinpittsburgh

            It almost happened in 2006 when a bill was set to be voted on before Nancy Pelosi immediately killed it upon becoming SOH, and at media companies who financed her campaign demanded she do, and It could happen as soon as the 2014 mid-term elections when Republicans take over the Senate, remove Harry Reid from his post and pass the pending bill.

        • Waiting4

          Congress is government … we don't need no more stinkin government intervention in our lives ….

          • paulinpittsburgh

            Except that in this case Congress’ previous actions are what permit business practices that are illegal for every other business and industry to persist.

            Virtually all independent traditional cable providers, SATV companies and the old telecos now offering TV services have asked Congress that they be allow to provide the channels their customers want on an ala carte basis so they can better compete with media owned companies like Comcast and Time/Warner and not be forced to subsidize the operation of their competitors but current regulations prevent them from doing so.

            A cable choice bill that ends the practice of forced bundling by the content providers/media companies would be a move toward LESS government involvement by ending previously enacted anti-competitive rules, not more.

          • Waiting4

            i empathize with your comment … but in all honesty, when did Congress EVER correct a problem with legislation that didn't have it's own unintended consequences?

            A strong, independent Consumer Association – similar to the NRA setup…. would be more effective than foolish government interference.

          • hun555

            NRA is the STRONGEST lobbyist group …they are the Congress.

          • JamesBenson

            Agreed. We should not have to even ask government to help us arrange our TV shows– that tells us how far we have to go to get our freedom back.

            We need to tell Congress to get out of our business.

        • DukeSilverTrio

          A “consumer friendly” bill that tells news organizations what they can and cannot say, and whether they can advocate for a particular viewpoint.

          I'm speechless. I might expect this from a nanny-state-loving liberal, but not from (I presume) a small government conservative. This is not just bad policy; it's (thankfully) unconstitutional.

          • paulinpittsburgh

            How exactly did you come up with that take away? Nobody said anything about telling any one what they can or can not say or advocate for.

    • paulinpittsburgh

      Exactly, been saying the same thing all along. CNN wants to believe its personalities are the problem and if they can just the right ones on they'll be able to reverse their fortunes when nothing could be further from the truth.

      CNN shredded their credibility as a new organization when it opted to become an adjunct of the DNC's propaganda machinery during the Clinton administration and they lost viewers are never going to return.

      I like Newt Gingrich, think he's as bright and insightful a political commentator as they come and CNN is still blocked from my home's viewing options and it will remain as such until consumer choice comes to CATV & SATV via an ala carte tier where upon I will drop it and MSNBC, CNBC and Bloomberg.

    • fcalsnoe

      They have become despicable and highly partisan to the point of lying and deceit.

  • ChrisInSacramento

    They like Wolf better because he was a mouthpiece for Obama. I saw the new Crossfire, and while I have always despised Van Jones, I found the show fair, and pretty darn good.

    • guest

      That's great. I didn't watch. But anything to break the bubble of CNN viewers is huge.

  • justbill01

    Same old tired crap without any new thinking/comments. USA in deep Kimchi due primarily to no family responcibility, no God, no honor, no code, no compassion, ignorance abounds, no work ethic, lazy and awaiting gov't handouts etc etc etc.
    This is not the Country I grew up in and served USN for over 4 years. Thank you Lib/progs and most of all BHO for our downfall which is almost complete. Get a show about our fall from grace and where we need to be for growth, economic recovery, non-PC bulls–t and CNN may have a winner

    • Mostly New

      Right on, justbill01. An imaginative and historically competent guy like Newt Gingrich, matched with comparably educated minds of different persuasion, could revolutionize the talking head format. Recognizing Putin as rightfully promoting Russia's interests is a good start. It puts the real back in Realpolitik.

  • abbybwood

    They should get some REAL progressives on the show and then there would be fireworks worth watching. But I guess telling the truth on teevee is verboten. For instance, I'd like to see a REAL debate about Single Payer Healthcare. Even Obama wouldn't let that happen when he disinvited his own Single Payer advocate physician from the ABC special in 2009.

    • GreyGeek77

      You hit on exactly why this show failed. CNN is a Dem/Lib/Progressive/Left/Marxist watering hole. Its regular viewers wouldn't give 5 seconds to a show with Gingrich on it. But, neither would most Conservatives because they view him as a RINO.

      • guest

        I'll gave you a thumbs up. However, a 2016 win for the republicans/conservative, will come from a wedge demographic somewhere between the leftist ideologues and the Kardashian voter. Those few % point voters, can turn that election, by the millions…

        • GreyGeek77

          You're right. The victory margins during the last few election cycles, except for Obama's first term, average around a percentage point. Even a minor flood of alien voters can turn the elections into a perpetual anointing of the DLPLM incumbents.

          • guest

            Now I'm the “lofo”. What's the DLPLM?

    • shshshshsh


      Need real progressives and real libertarians.

      • guest

        YES!!! For real juxtaposition!! That would teach!! Education in ideologies would save our country, I wish every conservative/libertarian, knew that.

  • billmelater1

    Unless it goes back to everything against Republican and love democrats will ALL host Liberals the 10 people that watch it wont love the program.

  • Taken for

    It's not the same old spoon fed pablum. Which indicates the regular crowd is opposed to thought outside their comfort zone. Controlled influence is all the kool-aide they prefer.

    • guest

      It's ideologues and ignorance only. Ignorance can learn. It's to US, to teach the lofo's who can learn. 2016 will, all be about, the informed voter.

  • notalib

    I like Newt & Cupp but I'll be darned if I'm going to listen to a commie-Van Jones, and a liar-Cutter. I hear their crap daily from Obama and the administration.

    • Steve Barnett

      I agree with you about Jones and Cutter. Newt while solid in his positions, he fails to connect and convince the audience. Cupp, a conservative athetist just sounds like an oxymoron, like military intelligence.

      • notalib

        LOL. Got it & thanks…

      • D Parker

        “Military Intelligence” is an oxymoron? Only a moron would say that!…..a low info moron.

        • Steve Barnett

          D Parker: You either had an MI MOS or you have never been in the military.

        • guest

          “Military Intelligence” is apropos in this sense as used by George Carlin. I think in the 70's.

        • hun555

          can you explain how we missed the first “MUSLIM BOMB”?..if we were so great?

          • D Parker

            Are you talking about the 1993 World Trade Center bombing?
            Are you calling the 911 airplanes bombs? 911 was a monumental failure of our Nat'l intelligence…..starting with the CIA which had their boots on the ground overseas cut back drastically by President Clinton a few years after the Berlin wall was brought down. He used that as his reasoning…..wouldn't need them anymore. He also refused to take Bin Laden into custody when the government of Sudan had him in custody and offered him to Clinton. He claimed he had no legal reason to bring him to the USA. This subject is close to my heart as I am a former flight attendant of one of the two airlines that hit the WTC and I knew the cockpit crew. I would give a lot to know the truth.
            Subject: Re: New comment posted on ‘ Crossfire’ Week 1 Ratings Lower Than Timeslot Predecessor ‘ The Situation Room’

  • Scott Jensen

    Anyone here like Rand Paul? Well, he was on the show and in a Forum like I have never seen on the news…even Fox.

    Paul was to face with his opposite, Dem. Sen. Menendez. Instead of easy questions and dodge answers, Paul and Menendez, along with the Crossfire hosts had a spirited talk. It was good and kind of refreshing to see these guys without their normal layer of insulation.

    • notalib

      Yea, I like Rand Paul. Maybe I will re-think the show. Thanks.

      • guest

        Me too.

    • pearsone

      its called”outreach” scott

    • guest

      I think I love Rand. Another dimension as “spirited” could put him in the WH.

    • hun555

      you ALWAYS have to keep an open mind…no matter what side you are on.
      Churchill changed parties four times….I do not think he was an idiot..just a racist bastard..

  • tramky

    This SHOULD have been a Fox program–it would have triple the viewers. Nonetheless, I have not watched this at all, but will now that it has been publicized in a place I actually see. I normally don't watch CNN, so this has been mostly out-of-sight.

    I'm thinking give it time–the ‘stars’ are compelling and interesting. This SHOULD have an audience.

  • teeter

    Crossfire asks you to consider different opinions than your own. That's not CNNs demographic

    • guest

      Sounds like CNN is trying to expand viewership. Well, good luck. No one beyond the low info voter or ideologue, trust them.

  • John

    It's completely pointless. No one wins the argument, no one's mind is changed, it's ridiculous to think anyone wants to watch.

    • TMAC

      lightweight political theater for the stupid.

    • guest

      NOT TRUE, John. Getting different, new facts, out to an honest uninformed voter base, is always a plus.

      • John

        There is no one out there who is on the fence. Honest uniformed voter base? You mean anyone in a coma?

  • jnsesq

    What's a CNN?

  • TMAC

    Sorry. I wouldn't unblock the channel CNN is on to watch ANYTHING they run.
    Least of all this cheap rip off with a panel mostly made up of self serving loons.

  • mmmilesll

    Look at the make up of the show and who the panelist are. Why would anybody with a brain want to watch it. If people didn't “have” to watch it at airports, there would be no audience.

    • Mostly New

      An imaginative and historically competent guy like Newt Gingrich, matched with comparably educated minds of different persuasion, could revolutionize the talking head format. Recognizing Putin as rightfully promoting Russia's interests is a good start. It puts the real back in Realpolitik.

    • Chaz Lesniewicz

      So True……

  • james johnston

    Nobody watches these fools anyway. I thought Sharptons show was a comedy. Was shocked when I realized he was serious. Oh, its still a Comedy.

  • elcal

    CNN, Van Jones and Stephanie Cutter. That's all you need to know right there.

    • Nan231

      I will never watch any show that features either of these two.

      • Eboy

        I partially. Cutter is a credible representative for progressives. I can put up with her.

        But Van Jones? I would never, ever, watch a show with Van Jones on it.

        • guest

          Progressive or Van Jones? There is no difference. Eventually, it's all the same. That's what the, Honey Boo Boo voter doesn't get. Not that your one of them.

        • JamesBenson

          Cutter is not credible. She is a chronic liar, in the mold of Obama and that Debbie Washerwoman, the DNC chair.

          Van Jones is a communist. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

          Gingrich should never be pretending he likes either of them. They are both determined to transform America, and there is no reason to act like friends.

          The old Crossfire had Robert Novak so intense he was actually spewing spittle on guests, and they had to tell him, “Stop yelling at me.” It was a bit much, then, but needed now.

          • OStors1935

            мy coυѕιɴ ιѕ мαĸιɴɢ $51/нoυr oɴlιɴe. υɴeмployed ғor α coυple oғ yeαrѕ αɴd prevιoυѕ yeαr ѕнe ɢoт α $1З619cнecĸ wιтн oɴlιɴe joв ғor α coυple oғ dαyѕ. ѕee мore αт…­ ­

            Stephanie Cutter is a smarmy leftie with no redeeming values. I dont see how you can urge anyone to watch this show. I watched the original,and you,Sir are no John Kennedy.

    • john

      Indeed, they hire a SELF PROCLAIMED f-ing communist, no wonder they call it the C ommunist N ews N ettwork, and how about that KUTter woman, an UBER libturd lier in chief kissing lover.

  • Chris

    Give it some time. Ultimately Gingrich is worth watching more than the Wolfster

  • itsjusme

    Maybe another foreigner would bring the ratings up? I mean isn't that what America wants, a foreigner telling us American news?

  • Burrito Jackson

    Remember when Cutter made a commercial claiming Romney killed some guys wife?

  • slowboat2

    Leave em alone. Everybody needs to make a buck. It is always hard to find former politicians who make sense anyway.

  • VHG1

    Hey CNN, Cutter is irritating and turns viewers OFF not on! You might as well get one of those plastic dolls, load it up with Cutter's quotes and let Newt pull a string! We all know what the hack Cutter's gonna say before her lips start moving!

  • TMAC

    Viewers liked Blitzer better…????

  • Geoff Caldwell

    What did they expect? Giving Cutter and Jones, two of the vilest political hacks alive today air time will go down as one of the dumbest programming decisions ever.

    • Nan231

      Vilest political hacks, wish I had thought of that. 1,0000 likes!

  • DrJayBee

    Translation: the CNN viewers preferred the unfettered leftist propaganda of the old ways…

  • YouWontLikeIt

    When you parade out partisan hacks to promote talking points you get partisan hacks parading talking points … if CNN did real journalism that might get them back in good graces with the viewers …

  • Clean End

    Perhaps it is because the show is poo.

  • David Lamb

    so 2 people watched instead of 3?

  • jnsesq

    You know, if the clowns who run these things actually read the comments to the articles about them they would be able to make a profit.

  • lvjohn

    carless news network has no credibility and nobody watches it or msnbc or nbc.

  • Bobby Cullari

    What were people expecting?
    They cast Newt Gingrich – HELLO! Nobody wants to listen to this nasty, little hypocrite. I probably agree with 99% of everything Newt says, but he's still Newt.

  • bitters

    CNN has a death wish..And contrary to what some of you will say, Newt should have been snapped up by FOX. Why FOX kept Rove is beyond reason..Newt is actually intelligent…FOX has taken up sweeping up other stations leftovers and giving them a voice on FOX..I watch FOX less and less and the rest of the channels..not at all..

    • gigiphi

      I agree wholeheartedly about Newt at Fox. Karl Rove is embarassing to
      watch. He may carry a big stick with some…but to me he is a pebble
      in my shoe. Roger Ailes made a big mistake when he kept one and released
      the other Newt has the wit and intelligence to debate on a much larger and
      more prestigous stage…Crossfire misfires..a bad fit for Newt and certainly
      for the viewers. Jeff Zucker continues his march over the cliff !!

  • Beiletti

    CNN the channel for the stupidos that can never be fixed.

  • mauser 98

    how 'bout crack investigation team release sealed records of Barry Soetoro. ratings anybody?

  • dunsded

    A bunch of kooks and Newt.

  • mdavis223

    No one watches CNN anymore. Just more MSM tripe as they are nothing but a mouthpiece for this corrupt administration. Besides that, I blocked the channel at home until Piers Morgan, Candy Crowley and Anderson Cooper are all fired. Liberal arse wipes.

  • Ohio Activist

    I like Newt but I will never watch any TV show or even a short piece with Stephanie Cutter. Ever since her evil ads about Mitt Romney, for example Romney being the direct cause of killing a worker's wife, Cutter is a defined evil human being. I wouldn't give her the time of day. An awful, awful person.

  • pfl26

    Bad time slot. Put them up against Tingles.

    • MawrPidyn

      Put them up against the wall.

  • bk

    The down slide of CNN started at a very distinct point for me. Years ago I was an avid CNN watcher and I trusted Wolf Blitzer like I “trusted” Walter Cronkite. As I got more politically savvy I stared to realize that he wasn't being impartial and definitely had an agenda. At that point I stopped watching.

  • drawde31751

    Gingrich is too restrained and needs to stop being so civilized. It's when he passionately challenges the basic premise of the democratic POV that he is the most effective.
    Cutter should never be seen in public again. Her credibility following her flagrant dishonesty during BHO's reelection is unsalvageable.
    I get tired of watching these people act so friendly towards each other while our country is suffering under this current national error in judgment.
    Where's the outrage??

  • jcherry7

    Tuned in once to see how Newt did. But with Jones and Cutter spouting talking points, he doesn't have a foil. Show seems like a loser.

    • bk

      Listening to Cutter is worse then a root canel

  • disqus_NBlPrrbQQV

    CNN must have a “diverse” group of panelists on this non-show to follow their PC programing style. Woman, check. Black, check. Old white guy, check. Atheists, check. OK, run with it…… ratings / interested viewers be damned. The CNN joke continues.

  • MisterCro

    As long as CNN will continue being part of the ”OBAMA MEDIA GROUP” whateve they do will be in vain

    • Kip

      Excellent picture

    • Ishkabibble

      Please don't forget NPR and PBS. All those compromised shills do is accept $450M of our taxpayer dollars each year then provide us nothing other than the same left-wing stuff as the others. Hey, I can deal with being agenda-driven just be certain to pay for it yourself.

  • OnTheWrite

    MSNBC has Sharpton and CNN has Newt! Two peas on opposite ends of the pod — but still in the same pod. Nothing to see here folks… move along… LOL.

    • Ishkabibble

      LOL is so cool. Please keep using it..

      • OnTheWrite

        Yes it is cool. I might have used a :-) but didn't want to take a chance you couldn't read sideways.

  • Seenethem

    First time I ever saw Wolfe Blitzer was under a table next to an intoxicated Bernard Shaw. I don't think he is any better.

  • Steve Wilson

    Stephanie Cutter is a smarmy leftie with no redeeming values. I dont see how you can urge anyone to watch this show. I watched the original,and you,Sir are no John Kennedy.
    And,Van Jones? When did communism become part of the political mainstream?

    • celtic_winds

      exactly why I won't watch is because of Cutter who has no credibility.

      • nononsense57

        Cutter apparently thinks if she lies LOUDLY enough she will be believed. She is like a rabid little terrier that you want to drop kick across the yard….and a lot less attractive.

    • Nerdyredneck

      “When did communism become part of the political mainstream?”

      Well apparantly about 5 years ago when it got Obama elected!

  • ginofin

    Bad enough Van Jones is a self avowed communist, he is also a silly little prick!!

  • Perplexed

    I loved the original ‘Crossfire’ with Pat Buchanan. Obviously, Newt has been told to restrain himself so it appears to be contrived. You can't fool folks forever.

  • Deserttrek

    cnn on my tv no way …. none of the hosts are worth a moment of my life

  • Jacobus van wyk

    Cutter is just awful and Van Jones is a dimwitted racist.I tried watching it for 10 mins but couldn't watch it any longer.

    • MawrPidyn

      That's how I've felt about TV since about 1974.

  • BlakeSDavis

    CNN could be #1 if it went conservative, the only open niche. But the dunderheads in management can't get onver being liberal, even though it hurts share value.
    What kind of moron bases management decisions on ideology?

    • MawrPidyn

      Like MSLSD, the worse they do, the more shrill and hard-left they will become. It's as though they think if they shreik more loudly, more people will pay attention. They never learn.

  • Echo Star

    Newt vs Van Jones is a complete intellectual mismatch. Newt is a brilliant ideas guy whereas Van Jones is a pre-programmed communist ideologue. The CNN crowd is going to like seeing Van Jones beaten to pulp week and week.

  • Raymond Smith

    They're both a couple of first class aholes.

  • Sheldon

    Who watches CNN except die hard Obamabots? Nobody can stand Blitzer ever since he was Clinton's hand puppet. He and his wife were invited to all the White House dinners as a pay off. And he is better…?

  • barryinlasvegas

    I won't watch it because I don't like the Democrats on the show. Wolf is easier to watch.

    • MawrPidyn

      Wow. Watching Blitzer is like watching a bovine breech-birth — not at all pleasant.

      • notalib

        Thats a great one!

      • barryinlasvegas

        I didn't say I liked watching Wolf – I just said between the two programs his is easier to watch. I haven't even watched Crossfire – or really much of anything on CNN for more than 3 minutes because it's all crap.

  • Johnny Heedless

    I'm conservative. Yet, listening to Newt Gingrich is akin to listening to nail dragged against a chalk board. If CNN wanted ratings, why in the world did they pick the most annoying conservative commentator of all time?

  • Rob

    2 words- Van Jones. America hating 9/11 truther. Look it up.

  • Garr Obo

    Although Blitzer was a left-wing, liberal hack, he pretty much controlled himself on this program. I watched it several times but couldn't stomach the morons he had on the show so went back to Faux News at six o'clock to get the real story.

  • grayesun

    A Conservative + a RINO + 2 far left Progressives = bad scene man…subtract Jones, add a Libertarian and you might have something worthwhile.

    • Rob

      I would agree. Appreciate you calling it accurately.

  • Fred Mant

    i'm tired of being in the cross fire.

  • Waiting4

    Gingrich has worn out his welcome with many Right of Center voters …. his personal baggage and foolish 2012 campaign have turned many off …. frankly, no matter what he says, he just doesn't have the credibility to back it up.

    • Nerdyredneck

      As someone whose once was a big fan I don't know what happened to Gingrich but you are right.

      Personally I blame Rove. He is the one that wanted R's to co-opt all the liberal positions and take over and it just so totally backfired on him. (remember he said in 2004 that “the era of small government is over”)

      But the Party continues to listen to the buffoon. Personably I believe Rove is a double agent. Sent in by the Demo's to destroy the Republicans. The only thing more amazing than Roves continued idiocy and misjudgment of the electorate is that the party upper crust (including Gingrich) continues to listen to his idiocy!

      • nononsense57

        You are so right on!

  • John Richard Walsh

    At 6:30pm ET Bret Baier on Fox News is more interesting as the panel discusses the news at about 6:40pm.

  • TaurusPT111

    Who wants to watch a scream fest at dinner time? No thank you to this crap.

  • disqus_gmChrtUT8G

    This is a must see ……. Van Jones the commie and Cutter the Liar. Now that's a match made in Liberal Heaven.

  • jamesben

    I won't watch any program with Van Jones or Cutter involved.

    An effing communist and 9/11 “truther” and Cutter – Obama's shill? Pass.

    I like Newt, don't always agree with him, and S.E. is great – very sharp young conservative.

  • jamesben

    Maybe CNN should just replay Wolf's “performance” on ‘Jeopardy ‘ from a few years back.

    Blitz exposed himself as THE dumbest leftist dunce on TV, which is saying something – it was a laugh riot.

  • Quit_Lying

    pleazzzz CNN has ZERO credibility,
    they should change their call letters to..
    PPN – Pure Propaganda Network

    you need to be blitzed to watch

  • AZSchumi

    Get Miley Cyrus on there…

    then you'd get some folks watching.

    (Just kidding)

  • wrapingpaper

    Everyone can see how the “wrap” shows only the conservative cohost and not the real host a democratic real host, political connected Stephanie Cutter. As you can see the wrap is another sleazy online site.

  • buckh

    Wow what a surprise. Gingrich, a repackaged Conservative matched with Van Jones, a flaming self admited Communist and their both play acting for the audience.CNN died a number of years ago they just havent come to grips with it yet.

  • LOL

    I really don't care who else is on there – Van Jones is a deal breaker

  • coolbob

    Well if you are going to do a show like this wouldn't it have been nice to have someone with a little credability!! Newt, I would have expected this out of FOX..

  • Hurley

    It's not the messenger's totally, it's CNN! Like MS-NBC, they now are considered to be a mouthpiece for the democrat party so why watch?

  • Adam Smith

    I won't watch any show that features a communist America hating moron like Van Jones.

  • buckofama2010

    What is a CNN? What is Crossfire? What is a Blitzer?

  • Gas_Passer

    The best things these days is not to have cable.

    • hun555

      yes…get a satellite.

  • hun555

    Yes…most of you would not watch CNN CNBC…you got your TV remote welded to FOX…..of course you feel the same about all other 24 hour news networks…including BBC,RT,FRANCE,DW..and THE JAPANESE and the CHINESE too…not to mention Al Jazeera…. we are in trouble.

    • nononsense57

      most? prove it

      • hun555

        I got to prove nothing…just read the postings….sorry..just read the percentage of viewership in the US…outside the STATES …CNN is still huge

  • albert

    Lets see.. a commie, a proven liar, an arrogant d-bag, and a luke-warm,”con”. I'm surprised it lasted a week.

  • BillinCA

    I refuse to watch it with a self-proclaimed communist on the show as a co-host. I have nothing against Gingrich, Cupp, and even Cutter.

  • Ruth

    How anyone could have thought a show with Cutter and Jones would be a winner is beyond me. Someone in CNN programming should be fired!

    • whodat1

      Why? It's right at their level of programming & experience.

  • hun555

    just a small unimportant news to you all…as of today Israel officially is on the side of the President…supporting the REBELS in Syria…but you already new that, because you watch only FOX…and listen AM radio….

  • mikemoair2


  • mikemoair2

    but rush Limbaugh's ratings held steady!!!!!

  • mikemoair2

    why would I watch idiots trying to tell me the sun rises in the west?

  • Brian Cunningham

    Why would anyone watch CNN? Maybe to see the network's in-house moron, Carol Costello, who never heard of the Fort Hood shootings.

    • mikemoair2

      isn't that amazing?

  • mikemoair2

    GAS PRICES: bush/greedy BIG OIL $1.86….Obama/change $4.00 for 4.5 years now….argue that van jones you worthless $%^%$

    • hun555

      you…should be just listening instead of posting…What is the price of a barrel oil has to be..in order to keep peace for “our friends in the Middle-East?…no clue…I did not think so.

  • swoosie

    Van Jones? Stephanie Cutter? Someone in programming should be fired. These two have no original thinking, nor are they in any way interesting. They are, condescending to those who oppose their talking point memos, and their intellectual power and inability to work through issues in an interesting and intellectually salient way are not of the right caliber for a talk show. Anybody would be better than these two. When I saw that CNN wanted to have a Fox version of The FIVE, and decided to hire this collection of misfits, I knew that I would NEVER watch them. I guess other folks feel the same way.

  • mikemoair2

    hey van jones, where are the 3 million green energy jobs?

  • GinniaC

    Comes on at a bad – move it to 7.:

  • mikemoair2

    cant any of these people find a real job? they are such experts, just ask them

  • mikemoair2

    good news for Anthony weiner I guess, im sure they have his resume

  • fcalsnoe

    Van Jones low life commie with a big smile. Stephanie Cutter ultra barracuda Dem operative using any tactic to scratch your face off. SE Cupp dizzy secretary looking better for movies. And old friend Newt who needs to go home with Karl Rove and shut up.

  • Evan Stein

    SE Cupp is there, so that's good

  • kb7032

    The leftist are well represented with a pathological liar and a communist. The right is represented by an ealily disuaded chick and Newt. I wonder why the ratings are in the toilet.

  • TexGEOas

    COULD IT BE… CNN hired Van Jones, a self-proclaimed communist, to be on Crossfire. How does that represent a cross-section of America? CNN has got its head up its arse.

    • Thinker

      More like a cross section of Congress

  • Kermit29

    I was kind of excited when I learned that Crossfire was back then I saw the cast then deleted the dvr timer. SE Cupp is good but then running with a 70-year-old white guy with her? Me, I won't go there. If I want old ppl I will go back to fox.

    • AugustineThomas

      SE Cupp is brainless and has nothing interesting to say. She's just good looking.

  • rural_americans

    Van Jones is an avowed communist and liar – no wonder CNN likes him.

  • rural_americans

    Everyday it takes CNN makeup pros an hour to clean Obama's fecal material off Blizter's nose.

  • Steve Fitzpatrick

    i will not watch as long as they have van jones or stephanie cutter. they could of picked better liberals but they chose former Obama but kissers and commies

    • DavidNWinterGarden

      President Jeff knows zero about politics. He thinks he is Ted Turner without the Vladimer Putin connections. AMATEUR HOUR just like Obama.

  • Jack in Ga

    Haven't watched it so can't comment on the show. I can say that Van Jones doesn't make me want to watch the show, honestly I'm kind of tired of Newt too.

  • thegreatcorntrollio

    No van jones, who's idea was that? Who wants to listen to a real commie lie?

  • vobmfas

    CNN is garbage.


    Gingrich is a fat fkg Blowhard and Shitzer Blitzer needs to go back to Santa's Deer Herd

  • donfitness

    What viewers?

  • Matai

    CNN is very good………………….at choosing losers

    Last time I watched CNN was 10 years ago.

  • dan690

    No one watched Wolf Blitzer either. So what?

  • mikemoair2

    oh baby, are you better off now than you were 5 years ago?

  • mikemoair2

    Obama, what a clueless Harvard man

  • mikemoair2

    the red beans and rice I ate is producing more sh@t than this show

  • mikemoair2

    the laffer curve

  • mikemoair2

    but will they ever debate how farting in water is the best? the best jerry!!!

  • mikemoair2

    have you ever felt that sex is over rated and a good dump is under rated?

  • mikemoair2

    these days has bukkake replaced rice-a-roni as the san francisco treat?