CNN to Experiment With Don Lemon Show on Monday Nights

CNN to Experiment With Don Lemon Show on Monday Nights

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CNN will give “The Don Lemon Show” a trial Mondays in the 10 p.m. timeslot

Don Lemon will get a new weekly half-hour show at 10 p.m. ET on CNN, starting March 10. “The Don Lemon Show” will take over the former time slot of “AC360 Later” and air tentatively for about five weeks.

Lemon's show will be the lead-in for “Making The Case” — CNN's new legal show with Sunny Hostin and Mark Geragos, which will air at 10:30 p.m. ET. “AC360” which normally gets the 10 spot will now re-air at 11pm ET.

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Lemon, whose iconoclastic commentary has been praised by Fox News's The Five, previously hosted the late night news show “The 11th Hour” at 11 p.m. late last fall.

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CNN's President Jeff Zucker said the network will be experimenting with a bunch of different programs throughout the coming weeks.

Lemon joins other 10 p.m. shows including Thursday's docuseries, “Chicagoland.”


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  • Donna Potter

    I liked Piers Morgan. He was honest, straight forward. Loved his passion on GUN CONTROL, no one else had the “courage” to take on the NRA and people who are so narrow minded about loosing their guns. If they need an military weapon to go hunting with, then they aren't hunting animals to feed their families. Unless they are too lazy to cut the deer up themselves. I am very disappointed with CNN for bowing down to nra and others who vowed to get him fired. You should of applaud him for taking them on, instead you kicked him in the a–. As much as I love Early Morning with Chris Cuomo, I will no longer watch CNN. I like news shows that have stamina and back bone. Just think of the twenty six lives lost due to mental illness and twenty poor innocent children, their parents who are still grieving. Him gave them a platform to speak and grieve. I an angry at CNN. Don Lemon is a wonderful reporter and anchor. I enjoy him immensely . Who the hell is Ted Nugget??????????????? Never heard of him, nor do I want to.

  • Donna Potter

    Sunny Hostin, Mark Geragos I really enjoy them as well as Don Lemon. It is a great match of opinions which will generate differences from different points of view. I truly enjoyed Sunny on ABC news at 3:00am . Mark Geragos is a down to earth man with values and common sense.

  • Anita DeBrosse

    I am not impressed with any of the changes Jeff Zucker has made at CNN. Maybe he needs to be replaced. Anderson Coopers new platform at 10:00 round table discussion with Andrew Sullivan and others was not given enough time to take root. I enjoyed the intellectual discussions and topics. I will miss Piers Morgan and I doubt they can find anyone to match his interviewing skills and charm. The Crossfire program looked promising until I heard Newt Gingrich was a team member. Why would you put three young, upcoming intellectuals with that old windbag? Good luck CNN you are going to need some luck with Zucker at the helm.

  • Patricia A. McLaughlin

    I am happy for Don Lemon. I like him a lot. He is so easy to listen to, as well as being intelligent. Good Luck Don Lemon.