Dwayne Johnson, McG to Team on Big-Screen Version of ‘The Fall Guy’

Dwayne Johnson, McG to Team on Big-Screen Version of 'The Fall Guy'

Hyde Park and WWE are financing the project based on the 1980s TV show starring Lee Majors

A big-screen version of the hit 1980 TV show “The Fall Guy” is coming together with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to star and McG directing.

Both are are negotiating to come aboard the project, which will be financed by Ashok Amritrage's Hyde Park Entertainment and WWE Entertainment, a source close to the project told TheWrap on Thursday.

Amritrage would produce along with Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald, who own the rights to the show, and WWE's Michael Luisi. McG may also produce.

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The “Fall Guy” starred Lee Majors as a stunt man who did bounty hunter work on the side, utilizing his Hollywood skills. It ran on ABC from 1981 to 1986.

Warner Bros. and DreamWorks have both considered projects based on the show in past years, with Nicolas Cage considered for the lead role.

The Hollywood Reporter was the first to report the news out of the Toronto, where the project is being shopped.

  • 2Pac lives

    I was super excited about this but then I saw McG and WWE and I got sad

  • The47iscool .

    I see nothing but failure here.

    • Chris

      I wonder why??? Could it be that your Avatar is a Confederate flag and the Rock isn't white??? Clown!!!

      • The47iscool .

        Maybe you forgot about walking tall, it made the least out of all his movies at the box office. A lot of people don't like his acting, just so you know.

        One more thing, you can take your sarcasm and stick it up up your ass. My flag stands for opposing tyranny and I couldn't care less what you or anyone else thinks about it. Libtard clown.

  • TheFallGuy

    The need to bring Lee Majors in some way. Some older guy character who knows Dwayne or hires Dwayne.

  • Devin McMusters

    I love The Rock, but he's no Lee Majors.

  • The47iscool .

    BTW he's is not the first wrestler to be in a motion picture.

    • Jaime Lynn

      Being in a movie does not make you a movie star. There is a difference. The Rock has been in many successful movies.

      • The47iscool .


  • Ivan

    Remember that opening scene in Charlie's Angels, where the movie on the plane was TJ Hooker – The Movie. This reminds me of that.

  • PlanetJuggler

    wrestler -> Dwayne Johnson -> playing Colt Severs -> formerly played by Lee Majors -> who was on “6 Million Dollar Man” playing Steve Austin -> a wrestler

    The circle is now complete.