Freddie Wong Breaks Crowd-Funding Record With ‘Video Game High School’

Freddie Wong Breaks Crowd-Funding Record With 'Video Game High School'

He blasts past goal on Indiegogo with $900,907 in contributions to pay for the third season of popular web series

Freddie Wong not only met his goal for bankrolling season three of his “Video Game High School,” he shattered the all-time record for crowd-funding of a web series.

The Indiegogo campaign came to a close Saturday night with a remarkable $900,907 in contributions, beating the goal of $750,00 and topping the previous web series crowd-funding mark set by “Bee & Puppy Cat” at $872,133 on Kickstarter.

“Video Game High School” claims more than 65 million views on websites alone and has grown from an Internet-based show to one with distribution via Blu-Ray, DVD, iTunes, Netflix, Microsoft Xbox LIVE and Sony PlayStation 3.

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“Indiegogo is excited to have been part of this record-breaking event and applauds Freddie and the entire Rocket Jump team for their amazingly well-run campaign,” said Marc Hofstatter, director of film for Indiegogo. “We can't wait to see the new season and what this team of highly talented individuals has up their sleeve for their next project.”

Accessing the platform's global reach, one-third of Wong's funders came from international contributions from more than 40 countries.

“We wanted to make the final season of ‘VGHS’ our biggest season yet, and wanted to have flexibility and reach in terms of potential backers” said Wong when the campaign launched in January. “Indiegogo's integration with PayPal as well as the ability to run the campaign off our own site made them an obvious choice for the optimal crowd funding platform of this project.”

  • CoolwhipSpecial

    Been watching Freddie W's vids for years. Be interesting to see where he goes from here in his career.

  • Marco

    All those distribution platforms and he needs crowd funding? Sounds like a lot of patsies to me.

    • ourmanflint

      I disagree. You're looking at crowdfunding solely from a financial standpoint. He's pre-selling his content, he's engaging his fans in a way that steps beyond the world of YouTube. It's not just about money. It's marketing, its creative validation, it's so many things beyond money. or are the 43,000 people who supported Zach Braff or the 91,000 who supported Veronica Mars all just patsies as well? Its a new model.

    • Alessandro Schiassi

      Yes, because the profits from those platforms are far from a TV network revenue, so a crowdfunding campaign for each season is mandatory. Also fans LOVE be part of it and to get exclusive perks. It's a win-win situation, why not go for it?
      And free buzz, of course.

  • Trey Wilson

    Never heard of him.