‘Homeland’ Iran Plot Parallels Real Life, With a More Complex Strategy to ‘Break the Logjam’

'Homeland' Iran Plot Parallels Real Life, With a More Complex Strategy to 'Break the Logjam'

Real life is easier to follow

CIA mastermind Saul Berenson has a complicated scheme to “break the logjam” in the Middle East by having Nicholas Brody assassinate an Iranian leader, clearing the way for Berenson's handpicked replacement.

Or they could just sit back and give diplomacy a try. That's what the U.S. did in real life. So the same weekend “Homeland” gave us Brody going cold turkey from heroin and training for a mission to Iran, reality gave us the U.S. announcing a deal on Iran's nuclear program.

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The real Iran deal is slightly less complicated than the one on Sunday's “Homeland.” Iran has agreed to curb its program for six months while it and the U.S. work out a long-term solution.

Though the two countries have had no formal diplomatic relations since the 1979 Iranian Revolution — you saw “Argo,” right? That pretty much explains why — President Obama and Iran's moderate new president, Hassan Rouhani, tried breaking the logjam in September with an exhange of letters, followed by a phone call.

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Obama said Saturday night that while this is “just a first step, it achieves a great deal.”

Some Republicans aren't so sure. Sen. Marco Rubio has said the deal makes a “nuclear Iran more likely” by letting Iran keep a nuclear infrastructure.

Perhaps Rubio would prefer Berenson's plan: Train a junkie ex-terrorist to enter Iran, surrender, score a meeting with the head of Iran's Revolutionary Guard, and kill him, clearing a path for another terrorist who may or may not be loyal to the U.S. That new leader will then help break the middle east logjam.

Weird plan, Saul. Also: weird metaphor for an area that's mostly desert.

Also: Carrie's probably not gonna name the baby after you.

  • http://www.triond.com/users/cosmokatt7 cosmokatt7

    Ok…So this show is about a top CIA operative who's manic depressive (bi-polar). She is being run by her “handler/therapist” who happens to be the acting director of the agency… And… the top agents “boyfriend” is a terrorist ,double agent,junkie…
    So the message of this show is… that the world is run by “crazy people”,,, Right…?

  • jaykayDX

    This pathetic excuse for a series is nothing but Israeli ‘propaganda’ masquerading as entertainment – I find it quite amusing that Iran (a country that has not attacked another country in 400 years, and whose only crime is developing nuclear energy as a clean alternative to it's oils reserves which are dwindling) is regarded as a threat while Israel (a country in violation of the highest amount of UN resolutions, and who regularly steals it's neighbours land while launching airstrikes against Syria – in support of the SAME AL-CIA-da militants it claims to be against) is regarded as some sort of ‘democratic oasis’ just because it's populated by white europeans pretending to be black jews written about in a book of fairy-tales! Pathetic!

    • jaykayDX

      I think it's great that US TV now shows that American intel chiefs think nothing of poisoning foreign scientists they SUSPECT of being involved in activities they don't approve of … shows what the rest of the world already knows about US ‘justice’ and ‘freedom'!

  • http://www.triond.com/users/cosmokatt7 cosmokatt7

    Humm…So now that Brody has completed his mission…Do you think that Dana might have a 3 way with Smith &Wesson….?