Jeff Bridges Knocks ‘R.I.P.D.': I Was ‘Underwhelmed’

Jeff Bridges Knocks 'R.I.P.D.': I Was 'Underwhelmed'

As for the box-office flop, the Dude abides that, too. “That happens sometimes”

Almost two months after Universal's pricey supernatural buddy cop flick “R.I.P.D.” bombed, star Jeff Bridges has joined the vast majority of critics who were not impressed.

During an interview for the October issue of GQ, Bridges he was “a little underwhelmed” by the movie, which has scored a 12 percent rotten rating on critic aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

“I had such a great time working on that movie,” Bridges said. “I remember what we were doing. I thought, ‘This could be fun to see.’ And when I saw it, I was a little underwhelmed. For my mind, the studio made some, uh, choices that I wouldn't have made.”

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“R.I.P.D.,” an adaptation of Peter M. Lenkov's 2001 Dark Horse graphic novel, cost $130 million to produce, but only grossed $12.7 million during its debut at the box office in July. According to Box Office Mojo, the costly film — featuring Bridges alongside Ryan Reynolds as a pair of dead cops who protect the living from malevolent souls — has grossed just over $68 million worldwide to date.

Bridges, the famously laid-back Academy Award winner who portrayed The Dude in cult comedy classic “The Big Lebowski,” doesn't appear to be too affected by the action flick's disappointing reception.

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“It's kind of fun when the movie's coming out. It's like having a horse in the race. And they're lining up, and they're off! And you're rooting for your horse,” Bridges said. “And in this case, the jockey fell off the horse and you came in last. Ha ha ha. You know. That happens sometimes.”

  • Shut up Donny

    Blame it on Viet Nam…

  • alrighty then.

    Why would he be affected by the disappointing reception? He got one of his biggest paycheck.

    • unsean

      While I know nothing about huge pay checks, I imagine that no one wants to be associated with failures, no matter how much they make.

      Then again, corporations seem to run on failure.

  • greaser1977

    Come on- it was crap- it happens – and often…its when its brillliant thats a rarity…jeff is a brilliant actor- he can have a slip every once in a while- and for most of us-it has little to do with the paycheck- you'd like to be proud of the work you're putting out.

  • Frederic

    Jeff Bridges had a good time I am sure he said to himself Why am I Here ?
    Anyways good to see him working even if the movie sucked Big Time ….it looked like a Men In Black ripoff

  • Dack Hoober

    Bridges he was “a little underwhelmed” by the movie