Dailies | ‘American Hustle’ Revealed: Jennifer Lawrence Zeroes in On Her Character's Desperation (Exclusive Video)

The Oscar-winner looks at the supporting role that earned her a second nomination

Another year, another all-out, scene-stealing performance in a critically acclaimed, David O. Russell-directed film for Jennifer Lawrence.

An Oscar winner at just 22-years-old for her rollicking performance as the semi-unstable Tiffany Maxwell in “Silver Linings Playbook,” Lawrence is back in the hunt for another statuette this year, thanks to another outsized, grief-stricken turn as Christian Bale‘s wife Roslyn in “American Hustle.”

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Despite being the only main cast member who wasn't actually alive during the Abscam Scandal on which film is (loosely) based, she slipped right into the late-70s garb — and slipped out of it when necessary — and entirely embodied the desperate, lonely, angry Roslyn, whose well-earned spite helped cause great trouble for Bale and associates played by Amy Adams and Bradley Cooper.

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In this exclusive featurette, Lawrence discusses the role, and zeroes in on the character's desperate need for companionship, as well as the greater existential complication of our lives not turning out the way we had imagined. Something tells us Lawrence doesn't have to worry about that one in real life, though.

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    It's her third nomination. You're forgetting WINTER'S BONE.

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