Dailies | Jim Carrey Gives a First Look at ‘Dumb & Dumber To’ (Photo)

Jim Carrey Gives a First Look at 'Dumb & Dumber To' (Photo)

Lloyd Christmas is still missing a part of his tooth — and his brain — in this first photo featuring Carrey as the idiotic “Dumb and Dumber” character

There have been a number of advancements in dentistry since “Dumb and Dumber” cracked up audiences in 1994, but a new picture posted by Jim Carrey shows that his character, Lloyd Christmas, hasn't taken advantage of them to fix that signature chipped tooth.

Carrey uploaded the photo, from the upcoming “Dumb and Dumber To,” on WhoSay and wrote, “GESS HUUZ BAK BICHEZ?”

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It appears that directors Peter and Bobby Farrelly have delivered on their promise to start shooting the sequel this month, and that Christmas may have actually learned how to use the internet since we last saw him wandering across the desert with best friend Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels).

The sequel, which Universal agreed to release after Warner Bros.’ New Line passed on the project, takes place 20 years after Harry and Lloyd drove all the way to Aspen to find love and a suitcase full of money, as well as a pair of orange and baby blue tuxedos. This time around, they'll be searching for one of their long-lost children in hopes of acquiring a new kidney.

Need a reminder of what that goofy grin looks like with the rest of Carrey's costume on? Here's a refresher:

Jim_Carrey_Dumb and Dumber Inside

  • Devin McMusters

    I hope there's no violence in this film, or Jimmy won't be able to do publicity!

  • harrison j. bounel

    jim carey is washed up. when he went political and bashed icon charleston heston and bashed ameicans that support their constitution,……it was all over for the canadian that wants our money but, bashes us when he chooses. we dont need friends like that. go play politics in canada, where you are a citizen. dont bash your guests nor fellow movie stars. you are a has been

    • Adam

      Jim Carrey has been an American citizen since 2004. He has as much right to voice his political opinions as you do. Also, I cannot wait for this movie, it should be hilarious.

    • John_Skinner

      You're an idiot. You flap you're hole on here having no clue what you speak of. He's paid more in taxes than you've seen in your lifetime. His is a US citizen, and has the right to express his opinions just like you do. You don't want to see a funny flick.. piss off and clean you're guns.

    • octavian

      It's about a movie and characters – I love JC and JD. Jeff's one of the best. If anyone can play George Washington and Harry Dunne seamlessly, its JD.

  • http://www.america.com/ FatSo

    shut up with the comments i want this movie bad.

  • Dan

    Of course you do fatso. You are just another sheep.

  • Mary Leach

    I still can't stop laughing at the misuse of “to” in the title. I love dumb & dumber and it's one of the funniest movies. I can't wait to see it. Love jim carey.

  • Joel

    This should be another ridiculous funny movie…

  • Jokeman

    As a veteran, I will Boycott anything this guy does from now on.

    • Eustis Elgoog

      Yes yes I am sure he will notice.

    • John_Skinner

      A veteran you are… And…stupid. Because someone had the willingness and the RIGHT to express his free opinion you fought for…. Talk about bassackwards.

  • Tim

    oh Jim Carrey the Best of our day in Comedy movies! next movie “Dumb & Dumber to” should really hit the charts! no politics intended here!

  • jimmy martin

    dumb and dumber is one of my favorite comedys of all time jeff daniels character is hilarious. and jim carrey just complements awesomely lets all enjoy this new vision of these to guys its got to be entertaining , stop with the negative garbage that's out there. cant wait to see part to! it should not disappoint! I love mr carrey he wont let us hard core fans down on this one! ps cant wait to see it!

  • Mike Lynch

    Dumb and Dumber was the only movie that Jim Carrey was in that I actually liked, hoping the second one will be as good and not have his usual over acting BS!

  • johnsmith9875

    Half a brain? I think thats pushing it.

  • Emily27

    I found it odd that I didn't need to sign in for a Vote Up, but I did need to sign in for a Vote Down. Anyway, I am definitely looking forward to this movie.