Dailies | Jimmy Fallon Calls Conan O'Brien ‘A Great Guy,’ Gives Seth Meyers the ‘Late Night’ Pickle

Jimmy Fallon Calls Conan O'Brien 'A Great Guy,' Gives Seth Meyers the 'Late Night' Pickle

NBC's new kings of late night meet

It's a ritual that's nearly as old as late night comedy itself.

Thus on Tuesday night it fell to Jimmy Fallon to pass the ceremonial pickle to his “Late Night” successor and former “Saturday Night Live” cast-mate Seth Meyers.

“I don't know if I have room for it,”Meyers said as he grabbed the oversize dill.

“Hold back the emotion,” Fallon advised.

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Fallon, who is vacating the program after five years to take over “The Tonight Show” from Jay Leno,  said that Conan O'Brien gave the pickle to him before departing for his short-lived and unhappy stint at “The Tonight Show.” O'Brien said that the writers of David Letterman's “Late Night” program gave him the pickle when he took over.

Fallon's mention of O'Brien prompted loud applause from the studio audience for O'Brien, who was pushed out of NBC in 2010.

“I wouldn't have this job without Conan O'Brien..he's a great guy,” Fallon said.

Fallon kicks off his new gig on Feb. 17, while Meyers begins his stint at “Late Night? on Feb. 24.

Watch the video:

  • Boring

    Nice try, getting your little Conan plug in there, but Conan wasn't pushed out of NBC. Learn to differentiate between reportage and juvenile op-ed.

  • mrbrockpeters

    Somewhere out there Carson Daily is thinking about gargling drano.

    • Dave

      People make a big deal about Dave and Conan not getting the Tonight Show even though they were next in line. But for Late Night, Carson Daly followed Conan for 7 years and he expressed interest in the job and they announce Fallon. Now Carson has had his show for 12 years, and Fallon is being replaced by Meyers.

      I wish Carson Daly caused some controversy this time. He could’ve said “I’ve been passed over twice because I’m not Lorne Michaels buddy from SNL.”