Dailies | Jimmy Fallon Sang ‘Let It Go’ From ‘Frozen’ as Vladimir Putin (Video)

Somehow, the “Tonight Show” host ties together a world crisis and the Oscar-winning Disney musical

Jimmy Fallon has done the impossible: Made Vladimir Putin seem cute and friendly.

The “Tonight Show” host grabbed a bottle of vodka, hairpiece and a bad suit in order to impersonate the Russian president in a silly parody video that aired Wednesday night. The bit imagined a phone call between President Obama and Putin, ostensibly to discuss the crisis in the Ukraine and Crimea, but quickly turned into a pop culture reference exchange and, finally, a version of “Let It Go” that somehow makes perfect sense.

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This isn't Fallon's first time seizing on the Oscar-winning song; earlier this month, he teamed with “Frozen” star Adele Dazeem Idina Menzel to play the song on school instruments.

The song is still hot, too, with the “Frozen” soundtrack back on top of the charts and the film selling 3.2 million DVDs and Blu-rays in its first day on the market.

  • Newzheimer

    The best part was the side-eye that ‘Putin’ kept giving ‘Obama’ during the skit. Definitely worth watching.

  • Honey Badger Don't Care

    I dont how Jimmy has a show. His show is insulting to anyone with an IQ over 50. I was watching an episode, and he spent an entire segment smashing eggs on his head.

  • Patiently

    Lol- no. Chuckle-no. Smile- no. Balloon over head says “that's cute. Meh”-yes.

  • Jack t