Jimmy Fallon Warned Chris Christie About Bruce Springsteen Bit (Video)

Jimmy Fallon Warned Chris Christie About Bruce Springsteen Bit (Video)

“The silver lining: Bruce Springsteen says your name”

Jimmy Fallon says he gave Chris Christie a warning before a routine in which Fallon and Christie's hero, Bruce Springsteen, made fun of the New Jersey governor's traffic jam scandal.

Christie's adminstration faces numerous investigations into whether it orchestrated traffic jams in Fort Lee, N.J. to get revenge on the city's Democratic mayor for not endorsing Christie. Last week, Fallon enlisted Springsteen, one of Christie's idols, to sing a parody of “Born to Run” that mocked the governor.

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Fallon said at the Television Critics Association winter press tour Sunday that he gave Christie advance warning in part because Christie has been on Fallon's show before, and in part because he knew the jokes would sting.

“First of all, the bit was funny,” Fallon said. “Secondly, I let Chris Christie know that we were gonna do it. And I said the silver lining: Bruce Springsteen says your name.”

Watch the song:

  • hupto

    Too bad Christie didn't give any warning to those Ft. Lee residents trapped in unnecessary four-hour traffic jams.

    • SamyyCiao

      Hope you got caught in that Jam because I have yet to see anyone show anything that Christie knew or approved this – funny how quiet that ass Gov
      stay out of my state conservatives and move to Texas Cumo is. PS if you to
      Texas you will get a job and low taxes not with those 2 dummies in NY the Gov and Mayor – NY and NYC will be cesspools in 2 years and crime will be out of control and people will be begging for a return of the old Republican
      Guard – but time has passed those guys by and there is no one to pass the torch to so just abadoned NY and move to Texas and North & South Carolina!

      • hupto

        I wouldn't move to Texas because I don't want to die from the nearby explosion of an unregulated fertilizer plant, or gunned down by some lunatic who thought my front lawn was his. If you tried living in the real world, you'd know that the red states are the ones taking the most dough from the feds, while the blue states are doing just fine.

    • FukFortLee

      Hey Humpty Dumpty nobody gives a flying fu*king sh*t about Fort Lee. Deal with it.

  • astroguy54

    Thirdly, because I'm a first-rate suck-up who hawks the credit card company with the most consumer complaints to my prime audience, 20-somethings, so they can accumulate massive credit debt they'll never dig their way out of. I'm Jimmy Fallon.

    • Graham

      Jealous much?

    • cbts

      No. Those 20 somethings you refer to are most likely college kids or they are out on their own. Give young people some credit, no pun intended. They are smart enough to see the finance charges and adjust accordingly; pay it off each month or watch it grow. Use credit only if it's truly necessary. They shouldn't get to the point that they'll never dig their way out. Young people are more clever than you think. And I'm 61have 6 kids and some had credit cards, some didn't. None of them got in over their heads because they can read, add & subtract and know how to budget.

  • Mellow_Man

    eh, it wasn't that funny

  • Radiomantx

    VERY obvious what's going on here. The Democrats have started open season on the GOP frontrunner. Has Happened in every presidential election in the past few years. The plan is to do WHATEVER it takes to scandalize the GOP frontrunner, but this time it's SO obvious what's going on. Be prepared for a counter attack by the GOP on Hillary Clinton. It sure would be great to get through an election without all this crap, like it used to be years ago when they only discussed important issues that effect peoples lives and really matter to this country's future.

    • hupto

      First of all, the attacks on Hillary have been ongoing for a year now (BENGHAZI!!!!!!). Second, the Dems don't give a hoot about Christie. He never had a chance. The Tea Partiers are gonna make sure that the 2016 nominee will not be “insufficiently conservative,” and the last guy they'd nominate is the guy who was pallin’ around with the “colored” President. The smart money now is on Rand Paul, and Christie will be a footnote in the history books very soon.

  • Patrick Fallon

    Mark Stuber if you, keep going later you, will be saying the the young fella broke the fat cops arm ,you know this young boy was sick in the head that is very clear you would say any thing to cover up for for these scums ,but why would you not birds with the feathers flock together

  • SamyyCiao

    Used to love Bruce – he sucks now – Christie paid tons of money for his family and himself to go to his concerts and also spoke well of him – Bruce is just a jerk –
    bad karma on you Bruce – here it come brother!