John Travolta's Heist Movie ‘The Forger’ Adds Jennifer Ehle, Anson Mount

John Travolta's Heist Movie 'The Forger' Adds Jennifer Ehle, Anson Mount

Abigail Spencer and Marcus Thomas have also joined the cast, which includes Tye Sheridan and Christopher Plummer

158045100Jennifer Ehle (“Zero Dark Thirty”), Anson Mount (AMC's “Hell on Wheels”), Abigail Spencer (“Oz the Great and Powerful”) and Belgian-born actor Marcus Thomas have joined John Travolta in “The Forger,” a heist film being produced and co-financed by Code Entertainment and The Solution Entertainment Group.

Philip Martin is directing the film, which also stars Tye Sheridan (“Mud”) and Oscar winner Christopher Plummer.

Code's Al Corley, Bart Rosenblatt and Eugene Musso are producing along with Prospect Park's Rob Carliner. Jonathan Dana and Randi Michel will executive produce alongside The Solution's Lisa Wilson and Myles Nestel. Anson Downes and Linda Favila will serve as co-executive producers.

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Written by Richard D'Ovidio, “The Forger” follows former child art prodigy and petty thief Ray Cutter (Travolta), who arranges to buy his way out of prison so he can spend time with his ailing son (Sheridan). Ray and his father (Plummer) must come together to carry out one last big job for the syndicate that financed his early release.

Ehle will co-star as Travolta's emotionally fragile ex-wife, while Mount will play a member of the syndicate who creates trouble for him. Spencer will play a DEA agent and Thomas will play Ray's long-time friend and wingman.

Production started Monday in Boston. The Solution is handling international sales, while WME Global and ICM Partners are handling domestic sales.

Ehle, who next stars alongside Kevin Costner in Mike Binder's drama “Black and White,” previously starred in “Zero Dark Thirty” and “Contagion.”

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Mount, who will soon be seen in “All the Boys Love Mandy Lane,” recently wrapped the Liam Neeson thriller “Non-Stop.”

Spencer currently stars in Sundance Channel's original series “Rectify,” while Thomas’ past credits include John Dahl's “You Kill Me.”

Ehle is repped by ICM Partners and Independent Talent Group. Mount is repped by by CAA and Brookside Artist Management, while ICM Partners and Untitled Entertainment rep Spencer.

  • faustiel

    anson mount should never shave his beard off he looks wierd without it

    • ariemay

      I wouldn't kick ‘im out…

      • osteinberg entertainment Law


  • Leonardo D.Cap

    This is the copy cat movie of lengendary art forger Martin Kantelberg…..the real movie being produced is ‘Brush With The Law'…..I foresee a big lawsuit with this one…..James Kelly is the screenwriter. Marty as he is known was legendary taking on and ripping off the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar…..and selling forged Picasso's and Van Goghs…..his specialty was Vermeer. Cant wait to see ‘BRUSH WITH THE LAW’

    • osteinberg entertainment Law

      Very interesting comments posted here regarding very well written script floating around Hollywood studios right now. ‘Brush With The Law’ will be a BIG movie success! It looks like Sting's wife Trudie Styler and her Xingo Films is in the running for this one…..rumour has it Robert DeNiro has signed up for project….filming is starting summer 2014 in Toronto. Will be interesting to see what develops….

      • osteinberg entertainment Law

        Will be very entertaining to watch. TREMENDOUS STORY

  • B. Rothschild

    Wow its been a very long time since I've heard about the great master painter ‘Marty’ aka Martin Kantelberg…..not only was he a incredible talent as an artist but he was a super guy. He was a very serious gangster with a Robin Hood personality. He was a crook you could love as he ripped off the ‘Bernie Maddoff's of the world. I know ‘Deneenberg Fine Art’ was representing him at some point and he had a very established and talented San Fransisco attorney Arthur Wachtel who got him off a 30 year rap! Where he disappeared too is really a mystery as he was a great talent. Cant wait to see his movie….'Brush With The Law'. I hope they find someone as talented as he to play him. I met him a few times in Monte Carlo where he was really living the playboy lifestyle. If anyone has any of his artwork are knows how to contact please leave a message.

  • J. Bruckheimer

    Wow….another Art Crime thriller…..very interesting comments posted… production company was actually approached by a very well established agency here in L.A….looking to do a deal with the script from J.Kelly ‘Brush With The Law'…..I was told Guy Ritchie was pursuing the script as well as Quetin Taratino….big bids were going for that script. J.Kelly is a very talented new writer. I look forward to seeing more of his true crime work. He's the next Elemore Leonard in my opionion. ‘Brush With The Law’ is a gem of a script…..

  • jeff koons

    I remember the trial of art forger Martin Kantelberg…..what a great story…..I always wondered why a movie wasn't made about him. Here was a kid who basically went around robbing and conning the super rich with his forgeries of the great masters not to mention Colombian Cocaine King Pablo Escobar! I could see Jason Statham are Leonardo DeCaprio playing him. I can see how travolta wouldnt want Leo playing a role like this…..Hollywood just doesn't have storys like this anymore! Can't wait to see it.

  • harvey W

    The Infamous Marty…..not only was he a master artist…..I heard a rumor through the Hollywood movie scene when his script was making the rounds that he was actually an ex- CIA operative

  • puffdogg

    James is a great new screen writer on the hollywood scene! I too was impressed with his script ‘Brush With The Law'. And I can tell you Marty truly is the invisible man. I only had the chance to speak with him via a cellular phone in Beverly Hills. I Heard the same rumor through my own sources that he was CIA. He's another Hollywood Steven Seagal. One thing I did sense through the conversation he was a very serious guy! If these guys copied his movie I wouldn't want to be them!

  • ron collins/ The Herald

    What a great criminal Marty Kantelberg was, we ran his story and even the cops liked this guy. The FBI agent that worked his case said in the 25 years he had been working case files he had never met a individual like Martin Kantelberg. Can't wait too see his life story. Now that would be a Movie.