Justin Bieber Pops Vevo's Billion-Views Cherry With ‘Baby’

Justin Bieber Pops Vevo's Billion-Views Cherry With 'Baby'

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Bieber clip becomes Vevo's most-watch video ever

Justin Bieber‘s personal life might have hit  a few bumps lately — but the music-loving public still enjoys listening to the Canadian heartthrob belt out a tune.

The video for the singer's breakout hit “Baby” has hit a milestone, becoming the first video on the Vevo platform to reach 1 billion views, Vevo said on Monday, making it Vevo's most-watched video.

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Bieber, who turns 20 on March 1, could use the good news. The singer has recently found himself mired in legal woes, including a DUI charge stemming from an arrest in Miami Beach; an assault charge in Toronto; and a possible felony charge for allegedly egging his neighbor's home in Calabasas, Calif.

  • K Bye

    YouTube is lame measurement of a person's talent…..

  • Go Away


  • Yawnnnn

    Did u know that you can buy software to autoplay YouTube video?

  • Sam

    Dear CIA, please do something about this terrorist.

  • Gran G

    Actually, Justin has as much talent as anyone else these days. He can at least play instruments and dance – isn't raunchy on stage and seems to have some depth to his personality. The people that ACTUALLY know him say he's a great kid with a lot of talent. Yes, he's young and has stumbled, but he doesn't deserve to be trampled anymore. Everyone seems to get their information from TMZ who does nothing but exploit those for their own personal monetary gain. Some of these stars should get together and sue the TMZs of the world for slander, defamation of character and career assassination. Maybe they should suffer for awhile and see how it feels.