Mark Wahlberg: ‘How F—ing Dare You’ Compare Acting to Military’ (Video)

Mark Wahlberg: 'How F—ing Dare You' Compare Acting to Military' (Video)

The ‘Lone Survivor’ star also suggests he gave up half his salary to get Ben Foster in the film

Note to awards-season moderators: Don't ask Mark Wahlberg if filming “Lone Survivor” was anything like actually being a Navy SEAL, or experiencing live combat, or even if making movies is a hardship of any kind.

In light of the film's real-life subject matter, he's not having it. Not even if you're Tom Cruise.

UPDATE:On Nov. 14, a day after this Q&A, Mark Wahlberg stated that he was aware that someone had made this comparison, but did not know it was Tom Cruise*. Details here: Mark Wahlberg Says He Wasn't Cursing out Tom Cruise

Wahlberg let it bleed onstage nearly as much as onscreen Tuesday night, following the world premiere of “Lone Survior,” the brutal, harrowing — and yes, uncomfortably bloody — true-life tale of three SEALS who went on a dangerous kill mission deep in Afghanistan.

That SEAL, Marcus Luttrell, joined Wahlberg and director Peter Berg for a post-movie Q&A, and it was clear that Wahlberg hadn't completely processed what he'd just seen at the Chinese, where the film screened for a stunned and reverent AFI Fest audience.

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Asked about the difficulty of the shoot, the actor went on an emotional tear, evincing a raw and heartfelt respect for the real sacrifice he'd portrayed, and not much respect for anyone who might suggest that filmmaking comes close to its degree of difficulty.

“I don't know it just hit me in a way that uh … I don't know, it just really upset me that those guys were never gonna see their families again. For actors to sit there and talk about ‘Oh I went to SEAL training,’ and I slept on the — I don't give a fuck what you did. You don't do what these guys did. For somebody to sit there and say my job was as difficult as somebody in the military's. How fucking dare you. While you sit in a makeup chair for two hours.”

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Wahlberg may have been coyly referencing a recent media dust-up over Cruise, whose lawyer suggested in a deposition in the actor's $50 million libel case against Bauer Media that being away from his daughter for a long movie shoot was akin to “serving in Afghanistan.” Those remarks were quickly clarified – it turns out that Cruise immediately responded “Oh come on. You know, we're making a movie” – though the “Tropic Thunder” star did elaborate at great length about just how difficult that can be.

Wahlberg never specifically referenced Cruise, but he did make it very clear that no matter how long the hours or difficult the conditions, filmmaking and soldiering don't belong in the same conversation.

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“I don't give a shit if you get your ass busted. You get to go home at the end of the day. You get to go to your hotel room. You get to order fucking chicken. Or your steak. Whatever the fuck it is.”

Wahlberg did say the cast experienced at least one SEAL-like phenomenon while shooting in the mountains of New Mexico (a fairly convincing stand-in for Afghanistan, at least to American eyes): a major bro-down.

“People talk about what do we do to bond the way that those guys bonded. We just knew what they did. It didn't matter. I didn't have to say a word to Emile (Hirsch) or a word to Taylor Kitsch, Ben Foster … who's my brother even though he's the kind of actor who wants to continuously debate the debate and everything else … and I love him for it.”

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Then Wahlberg suggested something even more on-the-sleeve, at least by Hollywood standards – that he forfeited some serious cash to ensure Foster (right) would come aboard the Emmet/Furla Films-produced project that's destined for the awards conversation, at very least.

“I gave him half my salary, whatever I gave him, to do it because I knew how great he was and for us to be on that mountain together and in the end of it, I could just look at him and it would break my heart knowing that – God, that's my brother and I may never see him again.”

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And with the audience eating it up, Wahlberg went back to rhapsodizing about the real-life sacrifices of the man he was playing, sitting just two chairs to his right — while blasting Hollywood privilege.

“I trained for four and a half years and I was ‘The Fighter’ and … fuck all that. It really means nothing. I love Marcus for what he's done and I'm a very lucky guy to do what I do and I'm proud to have been part of it, but it's just so much bigger than what I do.”

Wahlberg carried on like this for several minutes, brow furrowed and hand to his forehead, swept up in the emotion of what he was saying and feeling. He ended the soliloquy with a tribute to Berg, the director's insistence on authenticity — and the real SEALs’ input to ensure it.

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“I love Pete for what he did and how committed he was. He would never let any one of us forget about what was important in the course of making the movie and whether it was Marcus or the other SEAL guys. If they saw something that didn't ring true, I don't care if it was going to be the biggest stunt sequence in the movie, they would cut, call bullshit, and grab all of us by the fucking back of the neck and say ‘No, do it this way, and do it right and make it real’ and if you don't it's a problem. I was really proud to be a part of that. And I'm sorry for losing my shit. I'm gonna … (inaudible, applause). Don't ask any more questions tonight.”

“It's been a long night,” Berg said.

“No, it's just getting started,” Wahlberg replied. “I'm gonna find my second wind and we're gonna celebrate this fuckin’ movie. … just don't ask me any more questions.”

*an earlier version of this story mentioned Cruise in the headline. 

Watch video of the Q&A below: 

  • TN

    Wasn't Wahlberg the same guy who said that if he was on one of the planes that hit the World Trade Center, 9/11 wouldn't have happened? Sounds like someone's trying to get some bonus points from media. And TMZ has corrected their story about Cruise comparing filming to fighting in war. Guess Josh Dickey and Wahlberg paid more attention to the headline than the correction. Wahlberg can be excused for this, but Dickey's supposedly a writer and should print factual information before running to hit the ‘send’ button when emailing this story.

  • dalovelee

    Wasn't Mark Walberg the same guy who beat an Asian man so bad that he blinded him? He is playing all tough guy to catch media attention for his film and so he's repugnant to take what has been proven to be a false statement attributed to Cruise..and try to drum up interest in his movie. As Walhberg is ignorant and his fan base have the same IQ that fact won't mean a hill of beans.

    • Manfred Hideous

      He doesn't play tough guy, he IS a tough guy.

      Yeah he did that when he was pretty young and he paid for it. He acknowledged how he was a thug and has worked to leave that past behind. I find that commendable.

      • dalovelee

        Well it's really tough of him to spew his tough guy rant at Tom Cruise..but not directly to his face. What he did was a be-yotch move. Let's see him get up in Tom's Cruise face and say that exact quote. He won't because he knows he's a p^ssy. And yeah he said this in front of a crowd of movie goers and media to cause attention for his movie, but in Hollywood circle where Cruise has done nothing but been a dedicated actor, he won't do it. He's wimp out and go somewhere in a corner rolling his eyes BUT he won't say a word to his face. Is it commendable that he worked to leave his past behind? about the guy he blinded. Thinks he feels the same. How does that help him?

        • Melissa Garhart

          OH yeah, I'm sure Mark is so scared of that whiny voiced nut job. There is a massive difference between being a creepy weirdo and being intimidating. Guess which one Cruise is?

          • Chase Barker

            Mark Wahlberg would DESTROY Tom Cruise. Hahahaha

        • Manfred Hideous

          So you start your post calling Marky Mark a whimp wnd end it by admitting he's an ex con who was violent. Which one is it mate?

          I won't excuse what he did (and he doesn't either) but to conclude he's a whimp is to ignore evidence to the contrary.

          • dalovelee

            Beating up a defenseless old man and blinding him…is an act of a p*ssy. He didn't jump on some boxer guy who could whoop his a**. So he was a punk who attacked an old guy and blinded him.
            Oh btw..Please explain why big Mr. whimp is now back paddling and out there saying he “loves Tom Cruise and his comment wasn't directed at him”..Because that Mr. Tough Guy was probably told by some power studio head to STFU and Tom Cruise has made more $$$ for Hollywood without having maimed anybody. Of course you are going to pretend he didn't say he loves Tom Cruise..because you know it makes him look like the coward he is.

          • Manfred Hideous

            Tom? Stop worrying, he's not going to beat you. ;)

          • Scott

            Wahlberg stated that what he said wasn't even directed towards Tom Cruise, because he made this statement before Tom Cruise made his.

          • elohel

            Manfred Hideous

            “So you start your post calling Marky Mark a whimp wnd end it by admitting he's an ex con who was violent. Which one is it mate?

            I won't excuse what he did (and he doesn't either) but to conclude he's a whimp is to ignore evidence to the contrary.”

            I'll reply to this comment of yours too, with some of the same information. “evidence to the contrary” ?? He has never came close to picking a fight with “someone his own size,” so there is definitely no evidence there. As a matter of fact, needing a stick to beat an OLD MAN kind of makes you the ultimate example of a “wimp.”

      • joriver

        What is tough? Being a violent sociopath? That is what passes as being a man in America's 21st century. Real men act like Aldous Huxley, or Pope Francis…moral courage is what makes or breaks a man

      • elohel

        @manfredhideous:disqus Paid for it? He was locked up for 45 days for BLINDING someone. FORTY-FIVE days, that's not “paying for it.” People spend months in jail for stealing $5 worth of shit from a store WITHOUT ever having committed an offense EVER previously. He had a long, LONG history of assaulting people and got a little slap on the wrist for permanently blinding someone for the REST OF THEIR LIFE, he didn't pay shit. He worked to leave it behind him? He hasn't done a drop of work, he pissed away his life then got a lucky break handed to him for being able to do nothing and milked it to death, and sprayed some on his family, there was no hard work involved. Working out for a movie doesn't really constitute “hard work” when you're essentially being paid $1,000, or more, an hour to do it.

        And, lastly, he just plays a tough guy. Throwing rocks at kids and beating an old man nearly to death doesn't make you anything close to being a tough guy.

  • frankspeakloud

    The man is speaking from the heart, showing respect. Leave him the f*** alone!

    • paddylaz

      Wahlberg's also the same guy who said he would have saved the day if it had been HIM on one of those hijacked 9/11 planes instead of the existing passengers.

      He can go f*** himself. Him and Cruise.

  • valor713

    4 Seals on a Recon mission not 3 on a kill mission. … but love the comments made by Wahlberg. ..The comments were made but “out of context” in what context are the comments Cruise allegedly made ok?……. yup flatline… .

  • Manfred Hideous

    Mark Wahlberg is freaking awesome!

  • doesn'tbelievethehype

    this is the same Mark Wahlberg is the same jagoff that tried to screw the original writer of The Fighter out of his share of the movie -going behind his back to the brothers upon whom the story was based trying to cut him out of the deal… self serving prick.

  • patrick


    a minute ago

    Mark Wahlberg has absolutely no cause to apologize. Some/any Micky Mouse

    so-called actor, getting paid to play a part IMITATING a warrior, then claiming
    pain and suffering, is insulting the thousands still on the lines, the hundreds of
    thousands who have made the sacrifices, including those who have physically

    left parts of themselves on the earth without even the opportunity to encountering
    these cowardly enemies.

    Before you go on with smart-ass remarks about MR. WAHLBERG, take a
    walk, count the grave markers, how many millions, not thousands,
    millions, have
    served and paid the price.
    How many more. How many, of which, that the American people are not aware?
    There are some G.I.'s that just don't know how to retire…

  • Salisbury

    “I gave him half my salary (realizes people might check up on that)… “Whatever I gave him….” What an ass. I am completely mystified that this person is a movie star. Graceless, marginally acceptable looking, ignorant, boorish, and with an annoying whiny register to his voice, to boot.

    • kmkatt

      Why are you surprised. When did ‘Movie Stars’ become saints and the pillar of the community? Most are vain, egocentric children, playing with their toys.

  • Arlyn Lichthardt

    The closest thing to the military that movie people get is the extras who have to get up at 4:30 AM on a standard day-shoot. The techies are expected by 9, and the “talent”, later. That's how it was in the nine productions in which I participated with a variety of assignments. The stunt people are often in harm's way, but none of it is like facing real bullets!

  • Better_Call_Saul34

    “I'm a peacock flying to a rainbow, Captain. You gotta let me fly!”

  • Brett

    regardless of what hes done before I think hes had a change of heart by seeing what Lutrell had to go through

  • DonxWilliams

    1) Tom Cruise definitely has a comically overinflated ego — I felt embarrassed for him watching the Mission Impossible films. And what kind of military service record does he have that qualifies him to compare Afghanistan to making a movie?
    2) At the same time, Americans idly claim to respect the service of our soldiers but I think the 15% unemployment returning veterans were facing last year speaks for itself. The fact that returning soldiers have little savings and that enlisted families have to apply for food stamps suggests that we don't really care.
    3) Whereas unimportant fools like Cruise are multimillionaires just from playacting in a fictional world.
    4) We can fix this, of course. If we shun the theaters and DVDs then Hollywood would implode within six months.

    • oona

      You are the only one not aware that Cruise never said such a thing.

      • DonxWilliams

        1) From the deposition on Scribd:

        “Q Now,your counsel has publicly equated your absence
        from Suri for those extended periods of time as being
        analogous to someone fighting in Afghanistan. Are
        you aware of that?

        Mr FIELDS: Object to the form of the question.

        You may answer
        A: I didn't hear the Afghanistan but that's what it feels like,
        and certainly on this last movie, it was brutal It was brutal.”

        2) NOTE that Tom Cruise's PAID lawyer, speaking on Cruise's BEHALF, publicly made the analogy to Afghanistan.
        And Cruise initially agreed with the comparison, until challenged by the opposing lawyer.

        • DonxWilliams

          I also like how Bert Fields, Cruise's PAID lawyer, can now claim the Afghanistan analogy is a “Distortion” while NOT denying during the deposition that HE publicly made that analogy while speaking on Cruise's behalf.

  • Guest

    Mark Wahlberg: Racist, “devout catholic” who drinks, curses, acts in violent movies, and never asked forgiveness for blinding a man, thinks he could have prevented 9/11, entire family full of felons including the women, and now calling out people like Tom Cruise. If he wants to put his money where his mouth is, he could donate his entire salary to families of soldiers. He's all talk and nothing else. Just a giant windbag. He and Donnie are just a couple of street thugs who managed to trip over the right manager at the right time who knew their decent looks, hard bodies, and boston street tough nonsense would strike a chord with women. They are the luckiest no talent assholes in the business except maybe the rest of the Baldwin clan or Kate Hudson. People who are lucky to even be in the business and still working despite scant talent or brains should just keep their heads down and their mouths shut. You never hear Michael Cera make controversial statements or Vin Disel. Some people know they are just mere phone calls away from working at mcdonald's. Others like Wahlberg seem to believe the money they get paid equals their talent or intelligence.

    • DonxWilliams

      1) Some people have moral values and some people don't. Values count for more than one's position in a squalid business like Hollywood. although the amoral types can't understand that concept.
      2) The advice that some people should “keep their heads down and their mouths shut” would be better directed to those Hollywood executives and celebrities/idiots who feel qualified to dictate US policy just because they throw some money into political campaigns. At least Wahlberg realizes he is merely an actor.

      • RobertP852

        Last I checked when a person becomes a celebrity they don't give up their citizenship. They have as much right to express their political opinions and donate money to political causes as any other U.S. Citizen. LISTENING to someone and acting upon their advice only because they are a celebrity is for fools.

        I'm sure you are quite comfortable with billionaires dictating U.S. policy, as long as they aren't well known.

  • The Duke

    Tom Cruise never said that , he said the exact opposite !
    Fuck Mark “9/11 wouldn't have happend if I where there ” Wahlberg.

  • Not impressed

    Wow. Pretty stout talk from the guy who claims that the 911 tragedy wouldn't have occurred if he were on board one of the doomed planes. Hypocritical jackass. He may be a “tough guy”, but he's still a jackass.

  • spike

    take a chill pill, Mark. you started your movie career in your underwear on a billboard on the Sunset Strip. so don't be putting anyone down for anything.