Matt Lauer Lashes Out at Media for Lazy Reporting on the Ann Curry Mess

Matt Lauer Lashes Out at Media for Lazy Reporting on the Ann Curry Mess

Lauer admits the last year or two at “Today” has been “incredibly frustrating and challenging”

Matt Lauer is taking a few shots at a media that's taken plenty at him in the wake of Ann Curry's “Today” show departure.

In an interview with Esquire magazine, Lauer called reporters out for being lazy rumormongers, admitting that the last year or two at “Today” has been “incredibly frustrating and challenging” for him.

“The way the media treated what happened with Ann Curry was a disappointing learning experience,” Lauer said, referring to Curry being forced out of the “Today” co-host chair in June 2012. ”I was disappointed by the laziness of the media, the willingness to read a rumor, repeat that rumor and treat it as a fact.”

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Lauer said that he had no choice but to simply take it — inaccuracies and all.

“What were my options? Does anyone want to see a person who's making the money that the newspapers say I'm making complaining, ‘Woe is me, my life is terrible, and people are being unfair'? No one would've had any patience for that. I wouldn't have any patience for that. So you just shut up and go about doing your job and hope that people who know you well — your friends and your family — know what's true.”

As for that salary, Lauer claimed that the media has never managed to get it right. “Over the course of 20 years that I've been at NBC, I have never seen the amount of money I make reported correctly by the media.” He did not specify what the correct number was.

Yet Lauer doesn't regret anything, saying that the vast majority of his 20 years at “Today” have been “so unbelievably fantastic,” while only the last “one or two of those years [has been] incredibly frustrating and challenging.”

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And he did point out one media story about him that he thought was “wonderful” — a “little blurb” about Lauer himself and how much the writer loved him: “At the end, the writer said, ‘So that's why we love Matt Lauer. Of course, the day will probably come when we're going to have to kick his ass.'”

“I never forgot that. Voilà.”


  • CBQSteele!

    Lauer is far from perfect. He is just upset this has been a well-deserved PR nightmare for him.

  • Jim

    Baba booey!!!

  • Jim

    Is that cap teeth?

  • LaQuita

    I love Ann Curry
    I hate Matt Lauer,Savannah Guthie,Al Rocker and Natalie Morales

    I switched to GMA and it's professional journalism.
    I love Robin Roberts,Diane Sawyer,Charlie Gibson,George S.,Elizabeth Vargas,Laura Spencer.

    I love Ann Couric also.

    I hate Fox & Friends now that 1 lady from the View, Elizabeth Hasselhoff, just joined them.

  • Karen Comish

    YES WE DO NOT LIKE MATT LAUER!! After what happened to Ann, I choose not to ever watch the Today show again. Matt is a bully!!

  • KandthenOandthenZ

    Oh Matt…you're so silly. If all the “rumors” aren't true, isn't now (when you have the ear of a reporter that you hopefully don't think is lazy too) the perfect time to set the record straight? And if they just can't get it right with your salary, why don't you tell us what it is?

    You are annoying and everyone loves George and Sam better than you and Al.

  • Larry

    Lauer and Guthrie have no credibility. Curry carried Lauer, her reporting is genuine and from the heart.

  • Larry

    Guthrie is the worst, but along side Lauer they combine to make NBC the bottom feeder.

  • Marc

    Matt Lauer – a real man would have told NBC that the format was failing or if you were removing Anne Curry you will have to change me as well. This is what Matt Lauer has never gotten – quit blaming the media & look in the mirror. You have no one to blame but yourself Matt – you reap what you sow.

  • K-mart

    Matt Phuckhead Lauer was responsible for getting Ann Curry fired! We don't forget, Lauer. You are such a lame ass balding metro-sexual pimp, we can't stand the sight of you. Puuuuuuuke on you! — K-Mart

  • DC

    Had NBC given Ann Curry a PROPER send off instead of making her say goodbye and then disappear, I think the Today show would have been better off. I'm not saying that I would ever watch it again but the disrespect shown to Ann was, in my opinion, petty and unforgivable.

  • redeye

    I love Ann I wish she could join GMA