Miley Cyrus Cries Onstage in Las Vegas, Says She's ‘Doing What My Heart Tells Me’

Miley Cyrus Cries Onstage in Las Vegas, Says She's 'Doing What My Heart Tells Me'

Oh boy, here come the water-twerks

Miley Cyrus let the tears – and the mascara – flow over the weekend during a rendition of “Wrecking Ball” in Las Vegas, saying she knows she's making trouble for herself, but that she's just following her heart.

The 20-year-old terrible twerker turned on the waterworks Saturday iHeartRadio music festival, where fans chanted her name before her brief appearance, the Associated Press reported Sunday.


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According to the AP, Cyrus said she knows “things I'm doing that's getting me into trouble and it's just me doing what my heart and soul is telling me what to do (sic).”

Wearing a revealing white corset and high-waisted shorts (above left) and appearing with people dressed as flowers and a dwarf dancer for some reason, Cyrus performed four songs, including her emotional rendition of “Wrecking Ball,” which left her face streaked with mascara as she left the stage.

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Cyrus announced just days ago she was no longer engaged to “Expendables 2” actor Liam Hemsworth.

She added that everything she's done – including that incredibly bizarre VMAs performance, we presume – is “inspired by the music.” That's confusing, because we were sure she was being inspired by Bloom County character Bill the Cat (below).


  • TrekBeatTK

    I feel bad for Miley. But this is why the “follow your heart” message that we are taught when we are little in our songs and Disney movies is dangerous and ultimately bad advice. “The heart is deceitful above all things” said the prophet. Not saying this in judgment of Miley; it's sad that the message we give girls like her leads by her own admission to questionable behavior, and yet we refuse to think about that causality.

    • Lorcan Bonda

      I agree — I don't believes she understands this “message” at all. “Follow your heart,” says the drug dealer. “It won't steer you wrong.” “Follow you heart,” says the bartender, at least until closing time.

      You don't need a prophet to tell you that you mus think rather than feed any short term childish desires you want.

      We had this conversation with my teenagers the other day. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” They've been given the message that they can be anything they want. It should come as no surprise that my son said, “I want to be a kid.” (He said it as a joke. And I laughed.)

    • sophronia856

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  • eastdallasalice

    Go Miley go, Woo hoo

    • Nix_Nightbird

      You forgot to shout “YOLO”.

      /rolls eyes.

      • eastdallasalice

        Keep rolling those eyes maybe U will actually help you site

  • Hilda Ferre Linke

    Most of the movie stars are making gimmick to be the talk of the town in order not to loose her popularity because of her fans and miley is no exeptions to that remember that good or bad publicity is always publicity and this is one of the reason why most of the people working in media such as the actors actress entertainer or even people working on stage needed to creat their own identity so there fans will always remember them although they do not appear anymore in stage.

  • SkipB

    Um, if by “heart” she means Larry Rudolph, then I agree. Manufactured “scandal” is the only way to leverage Hannah Montana so that Rudolph can buy another vacation home.

  • Steven Jordan

    I feel bad for Miley as well, she's admitted to her own questionable behavior, she's admitted what she is doing is wrong, that there are little girls still looking up to her as it is, even though the hannah montana days are behind her.

    This could very well mean we're seeing meaningful miley again, the miley we know that creates music that conveys good messages to our young people, the miley who would create music that conveys a particular lesson or sentimental value to her songs, the miley that is a role model to children, the miley that would give us the strength to keep going when things are tough. the miley at 14-15 years old could be resurfacing through the now woman miley at 20 based on her own admission on that stage in Las Vegas.

    She knows her continued participation through the project mike will made it created is destroying her career and hurting her as it is as an artist. she needs to leave RCA records and go back to disneys label hollywood records or another label that lets her create meaningful songs and lets her express herself in a way people can be proud of her.

  • v1101011

    Wah-wah!! The only way for me to compete with every other female entertainer and shrug off my “wholesome” image is to completely degrade myself in front of you people like a trashy stripper!! Wah!!

    Please. Get a f*cking like.

  • SmileandTheWorldSmilesToo

    Both Madonna and Lady Gaga have also shocked viewers with their clothing and antics while onstage. The difference is that those two female performers are fantastic musicians with amazing talents and Miley Cyrus is not. Cyrus cannot dance, she can barely sing and she is better known for her ridiculous over-the-top drama and trashy outfits than anything else. Yes Miley, we all get it, you're no longer sweet Hannah Montana–you smoke pot, you crave sex and you've turned into a pathetic nympho exhibitionist hanging your ugly white coated tongue out of your mouth at every opportunity. You are the farthest thing from being a serious entertainer that you could be because you crave attention and you will do anything to get it. Congratulations Billy Ray and Tish…you must be SO proud.

    • Sher Bach

      Talent is in the ear of the listener. For the record, Madonna could not sing a lick when she started out. (I was there….and I remember it all too painfully well). She earned her stripes, much the same way Lady Gaga did, by appealing to the gay community. And, in case you didn't know this, Lady Gaga has drawn much of her influence (and even copied) Madonna. Don't get me wrong, I love both of them…I think they are enormously talented. Madonna has really come a long way from her days as a waitress in Max's (NYC) and Gaga is simply amazing. But to compare a Disney chick to either one of them is silly. Miley is a fabulous vocalist, live and on record. She CANNOT dance…true, and she's definitely going through some crap. I say leave her alone..let her make the mistakes, they not only build character, but like Madonna once said (when she was getting trashed in the news for her choices) “when people STOP talking about you, that's when you should worry”. And we all love a comeback (Britney, Robert Downey Jr., etc.)….

    • Nix_Nightbird


      The difference is that Madonna and Lady Gaga kept their damned tongues in their mouths most of the time.

      Oh yeah, and they actually write decent music themselves.

  • Jeff Dean

    Her music even makes her cry

  • Rosa52

    She's nasty. When an entertainer has talent there is not need to do the things she and other performers do. Nasty. I wonder what is really going on?

  • Rosa52

    “no need”