NBCNews.com Relaunches With Fresh Bells and Whistles for Readers

NBCNews.com Relaunches With Fresh Bells and Whistles for Readers

“This is much more than a makeover. We're changing the way we tell stories,” says NBC News Digital VP of News Gregory Gittrich

After much eager anticipation from news aficionados, NBC News has officially relaunched NBCNews.com. With it's reboot, readers have a unique ability to infinitely scroll through news stories without opening new tabs. New content reloads itself when you reach the bottom of each news article. A new video player has also been unveiled for the site.

The new site will also feature a brand new vertical dedicated to the Latino community, as part of the news division's commitment to reach a wider audience and in the coming months, will launch one focused on the “Asian Pacific Islander community.” “By integrating these verticals into the main site, that coverage will benefit from greater exposure to the broader NBCNews.com audience and the more significant promotion of the NBCNews.com site,” according to a NBC spokesperson.

“This is much more than a makeover. We're changing the way we tell stories,” added NBC News Digital VP of News Gregory Gittrich in a statement to the press. “This is a full relaunch, from the back-end technology to the unique user experience and design — all fueled by a totally new content strategy. Our goal is to focus on original journalism, take advantage of the full extent of NBC News resources, and invest in coverage.”

NBC News's digital home was for years hosted at MSNBC.com before it renamed itself in July 2012 after Comcast's acquisition. In October 2013, MSNBC.com was relaunched as a stand-alone site for the cable channel.

Microsoft was originally partners with NBC Universal with the launch of MSNBC in 1996, but cut ties to the cable network in 2005.

  • Dewdle

    …except this new and improved NBC News website won't open at all in Firefox 27 on my Mac. Blank white page. Every other browser sees it just fine…Opera, Chrome, Safari …just not Firefox. Not seeing any other web dysfunctionality elsewhere today …just the whiteout at NBC News. ( I dunno, maybe it's a live video feed from the streets of New York or something. )

    Better fix this , NBC… I don't think it's Mozilla's problem.

  • hockeymom1111

    Hate the new look/design of the website!!!! I don't want childish looking huge tiles/pictures, or flashy “stories,” or a quasi-social media hub. I want news!!!! No longer going to the nbc news website, as apparently they are no longer serious about news.

  • NBCNewsRedesignIsAwful

    Gregory Gittrich should be fired for approving this.

    The only question now is whether NBCNews has the courage to admit this redesign was a bad idea and revert.

  • Marina

    Hate the makeover. Can't scan headlines at a glance. I'm not using this website for news. Too cumbersome.

  • Kobayashi

    It absolutely looks like a cartoon and a spam site. I used to share so much on FB from it, but I can't even get to categories of news…one glob of advertising now.

  • Sandy

    Nope, never again using it. Any advice for a news site that will treat me like an intelligent adult, not an ADHD afflicted teenager?

  • News Junkie

    I hate it! Up until today I have gone to the site numerous times a day, Scanned through, opened a ton of tabs and read stories. Now it looks like Pinterest. I don't see how this enhances anything. I won't keep using it in its present form. I want to read news, not try to scroll through pictures and guess.

  • CowsRule

    Absolutely the worst change I have ever seen. I won't be using this site anymore. If I can't see all the headlines at a glance, it's a complete waste of my time.

  • A_wes_ome

    Wow. This new design is atrocious.

  • tommy

    Two words: NEW COKE

  • Tim

    There has been near universal hatred for the new site.

  • Tony57Ar

    What in the world was NBCNews. com thinking? On the old site, you could see at a glance the stories you wanted to read. On this site, you have to scroll through page after page to see if NBCNews throws a story out there you might find interesting. I don't have time for that. This was about the most stupid “upgrade” of a website I have ever seen, and no telling how much money they paid to achieve this insanity. How much would you pay me to put it back?

  • Rick Hassett

    I've deleted it from my favorites. Ten year loyal user that would visit multiple times a day. One of the few sites I actually did click through and purchase things. Apparently American Internet competence is hard to come by lately. The ACA site was a disaster. Yahoo mail hasn't worked right since the change. It's surprising just how poor a product these companies are putting out.

  • jrw1108

    Hate the site. Used to go to this site daily, will no longer go to it. I'm a web developer and this has to be the worst site I've seen!!!

  • nhguy

    The new look and design stinks! I prefer reading headlines instead of seeing all the pictures. In my opinion they dumbed the website down so much that it is unusable for anyone with any reading ability.

  • zanzibar27

    The closest this thing comes to a bell is the ring-a-ding-ding of NBC's death toll. As far as whistles it's more like a blow job.

  • Marc Negron

    Worst design ever! Ok, that's is a bit exaggerated. But I have been using NBCNews (and former MSNBC) for my daily news fix for years. Its was easy to use to quickly scan headlines and select articles of interest. Now its a random mess of tiles, and ads with not discernible attempt at organization. It uses up more space for less content. It's as if someone scattered postcards with news articles all over the floor and you're expected to find the ones that interest you but you can only view them using a high powered microscope! Who in their right mind would force a mobile/tablet layout on everyone?! Oh yea, Microsoft would. I'm using Google News now but it's still not the same. Oh well.

  • howy61

    NBC executives must be believing their own press releases and drinking the company Kool-Aid to believe this is a good experience for desk top users of NBCNEWS.COM.

  • Genelady 825

    I also deleted NBC News from my favorites and as my homepage after years of continual reference to the news. I can find nothing redeeming at all about the layout of this site. I only hope that the web designers are listening and change it back or something much more useful Such a shame to take the best web newspage around and trash it. Until the site changes, I'm gone! Just watch your web hits and click throughs go down down down……

  • David Daley

    Hard to believe that NBC execs could have no clue who there viewers are.
    Was my home screen for years. Its like my best friend has died by suicide.

  • the_lunatic

    For what it's worth….

    I owned the company that did the mobile edition of 12 NBC major market local affiliates four years ago.

    In 2011, I gave up – and old them to go to hell – because they simply wouldn't pay us.

    NBC Corporate is a moron factory – Period.

    Those that are halfway competent are fired, while others smoking something that I am seemingly in need of are promoted. This sh(t just keeps happening at NBC – year over year.

    Just look at Jay Leno…

  • Steve851

    I think NBC is taking a huge gamble by abandoning current users who value news and going solely for some segment of the entertainment crowd. It will take several years to find out. I'd bet against NBC, but I am only one person. I won't be on the site again.

  • mashedpotatoes

    Nope. Not a fan of the new design. When people visit a website, they should not have to hunt for the navigation. So annoying.

  • News Junkie

    I've scanned all the stories about the change to the website, looking at all the comments. The change is universally hated and almost all comments are the same about hating the dumbed down, childish, picture oriented approach to the news. I had been a huge fan of NBC News because it was about real news. They had their junk sections, but they were easy to ignore. You could pick and choose what you wanted. I believe the reality is that their regular users went there for news and to become well informed. They spit in our faces choosing to cater to the glitz generation of idiots.
    Yes indeed, the graphics look fabulous on my hi-def tablet screen, but I didn't go to the website to look at pretty pictures. Won't run worth a damn on my laptop, and it's a huge data hog. It crashed IE so badly the first time I went there, that I had to re-install IE to get it to work again.
    I am seriously considering a digital subscription to the NYTimes. At least they respect the news for the value of the content and it's much easier to navigate than the junk NBC just threw at us.

  • none

    If they did admit the redesign was a bad idea, how would you ever find the story on this site? Switching it back? No one will be there to notice.

  • topoftheriver

    Simply put, It is miserable, a bad experience, more than just a headache.

  • bgsmith

    It's unusable. Complete FAIL. That's the bottom line. Deleted from all my bookmarks

  • disqus_GUHF9WEukg

    No positive comments, what, aren't there any six year olds using this site? Like everybody else, was my favorite news site and home page, not anymore, it's useless now.

  • Albert Sanchez Moreno

    I can't even see the website with Firefox, only with Google Chrome or IE.