‘Nikita’ Draws Small Audience for Exit

'Nikita' Draws Small Audience for Exit

Show scores a low .2 rating in key demographic

CW's “Nikita”carried out its last mission with few witnesses: The spy show's finale had 805,000 viewers.

Nikita scored a .2 rating in the key 18-49 demographic, low even by CW standards. The network targets a more youthful demographic than its more established rivals.

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The low finale numbers for the Maggie Q drama help explain why it was canceled, after four seasons.

The rating was in line with the show's average this season, though the show was up slightly in total viewers.

  • Take%

    Maggie Q is an asian babe but that is all the show had to offer. Good looking women are a dime a dozen in Hollywood but good writers are hard to find.

  • worthymagic

    They weren't doing a whole season. They were doing 6 episodes to wrap it up. They announced this months ago. People aren't going to get emotionally involved in a show for 6 episodes. They probably put it on their DVR and will watch it later. Most shows have been running repeats the last few weeks. I'm sure most people didn't even notice it was new. Good writing is always crucial to a show. if this show needed better writers, then the network should have helped in finding them. Maggie Q will find plenty of other things to do. Priest 2, maybe?

  • David Perkins

    Given the failure rate of TV shows nowadays, you'd have to put Nikita solidly in the win column. A 70-plus episode run — especially for a TV drama — is becoming increasingly rare. Most shows never get close.

  • Steve

    Why would it not gather a lower rating since the network decided to disembowel it. Great acting and excellent plots…but unless they are dead and walking…they are not worth the bother

  • TMS1970

    This poor rating has more to do with how the CW rolled out the final six episodes-and then dumped its finale on one of the lowest viewed TV days of the year. Thanks ‘Nikita’ for a wonderful run!!