Dailies | Paul McCartney Has Nightmares About Playing With The Beatles (Video)

Paul McCartney Has Nightmares About Playing With The Beatles (Video)

In his recurring anxiety dream, the audience leaves, waking the bassist up in a cold sweat

Sir Paul McCartney got a standing ovation on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Monday, where he hung out, talked the old days and even played a few tunes on Hollywood Boulevard.

“Now you were originally in The Beatles,” the late night host deadpanned to open the interview.

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The left-handed bassist told Kimmel that to this day he has nightmares about playing a show with The Beatles where the audience starts to leave. The group panics to keep the crowd in their seats, changing up to a different classic hit. But the crowd continues to file out.

Then, McCartney wakes up in a cold sweat.

“Has that ever happened?” Kimmel asked. “Has the audience ever left?”

McCartney simply responded, “No.”

Watch the clip:

  • Jim



    • Pay attention!

      That's Paul McCartney. George Harrison passed away a few years ago.

  • hinmanhouse

    He doesn't have nightmares about being married to the one-legged she-devil?

    • rwdavis22461

      thats next year one nightmare at a time.

  • letsleepingdogs lie

    That nightmare might come true if he ever plays to a room of right wingers! Just because he spoke his mind about george w not knowing where the whitehouse library was!

    • Doug Robb

      Only CON morons would walk out on McCartney. But then, they don't deserve to hear Paul's music anyway.

    • Peter Saletti

      I'M a right winger who has seen Macca 13 times. I don't hold his less-than insightful politics against him.

      • Bill Ajello

        There's probably a very good reason his politics are less than insightful….. He probably doesn't give a shit.

    • Right

      no, he only gets nightmares when he has to play for people who's best parts ran down their mothers legs like you.

    • ENB

      I'm one of those “right wingers” you so casually dismiss. I may not always agree with his politics but then again I listen to his music…which is more often than not quite fabulous. Funny, few of you “lefties” mention that Bono has struck up quite a friendship with GWB.

  • Roadie Pizza

    Apart from a few sags and bags in the face, does he ever age?

    • ENB

      Ever hear him sing lately? He can still write great songs with amazing words, but gosh his singing has deteriorated.

  • christine


  • Thomy

    I love this man with all of my heart…… Can't wait for Sunday and Monday !! Happy Anniversary to John, Paul, George and Ringo and all Beatles Fans in America and Here, There and Everywhere…

  • Eddie

    Sadly, Sir Paul seems to be desperately trying to evade aging…the black dyed hair doesn't cover up the slower mind. Sad, because he is/was such a talent.

    • joe1961

      None of that bothers me, he still has his Liverpool humor, although when the 50 year old thing dies down, I believe me will not see too much of him, so enjoy, and remember, that he did a lot of good things, one of the best, was making people smile, and that goes for the rest of the band too, all humorous talented men. They were a once in a lifetime event, and although old myself now, I don't regret watching their career's blossom into what it became.

    • joe1961

      I'm close to his age and although some salt, I still have dark brown hair and never used dye…sometimes it does happen.

  • Right

    Well, lets be honest, 70+, dying his hair, trying to act hip and cool, sometimes it is just best to let mother nature run it's course.

    • Ritchie

      As far as aging well, most folks could not hold a candle to Paulie. Why allow yourself to age horribly when a more graceful approach is available? Anyway McC's active regimen beats the dead-beat retirees a decade younger who look like they're 85. As he once observed, “When I'm 64. Whoo!”

  • jow1961

    Iam sure he does, but Paul will never give that gold digger any publicity negative or otherwise, she went to court to really take some money from him, serious absurd amounts, and ended up with only 50 million?….she should have gotten nothing, she was only 2/3 of a woman, that should have counted for something, ,I have heard she went for 500 million, but the british courts came to their senses, and said hon, settle for 50 million, after all, you lied to this man about ever loving him.

  • jow1961

    I wish Gerry marsden was invited to at least one of these events, I hear his voice is still very good.

  • joenyer

    If you asked Paul at 24 if he would doing this at 71, he'd have said you were nuts. But he has worked consistently to maintain his voice, his diet and most importantly his attitude and values to press forward. That's a man for you. Entertaining? STILL!

  • Bill Ajello

    I really gotta laugh at some you political morons who think everything has politics attached to it. I really don't think McCartney is politically motivated when he performs, he just goes out there and does what he does best …. Makes Music, he leaves all the political rhetoric to you guys.

  • gmc_kurt

    paul is very money hungry, when he tours and cuts albums, all the musicans who work with him are paid base union salary.thats why he has so many new faces playing and touring with him.his greed broke up the beatles and wings.i wont even get into his devil worshiping , his song lucifer, and flaiming pie album say it all.