Andy Samberg Explains Yom Kippur to Jimmy Kimmel: ‘It’s Like the Opposite of a Party’ (Video)

The “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star is not quite Jewish enough to have had a Bar Mitzvah — at least not during soccer season

Andy Samberg explained the Yom Kippur holiday to Jimmy Kimmel like this: “It’s like the opposite of a party.”

The “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star is Jewish, but not Jewish enough to have a Bar Mitzvah, he said on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Monday. As a child, Samberg’s father gave him a choice: He could spend a Saturday celebrating his becoming a man, or he just could continue playing soccer.

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In reality, Samberg says he was not really given an option by his soccer-ball clutching dad, who coached the team.

Kimmel host asked Samberg if he thinks that was a monetary decision by his parents, to which the comedian replied, “I think he was just really into youth soccer.”

Watch the clip: