Paula Deen Sheds ‘Tears of Joy’ Over Standing-O for First Public Appearance Since N-Word Scandal

Paula Deen Sheds 'Tears of Joy' Over Standing-O for First Public Appearance Since N-Word Scandal

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“You are forgiving folks with hearts a big as your state,” she says at Texas cooking expo

Paula Deen is cleaning up her mess with Texas.

“These are tears of joy, y'all,” said an emotional Deen, who cried during a minutes-long standing ovation Saturday at a Houston-based cooking expo — the embattled TV personality's first public appearance since her media empire crumbled when she admitted to using the N-word.

With friendly demographics in mind, Deen chose the local show – where she'd appeared twice before – to begin rehabbing her image, which took a devastating hit when a racial discrimination and sexual harassment lawsuit revealed that she'd used the slur.

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“The one place I wanted to make my first step out was in Texas,” Deen said. “You are forgiving folks with hearts as big as your state.”

An employee at the Savannah restaurant that Deen owns with brother Bubba Hiers claimed the place was rife with racism, sexism and threats of violence. The deposition revealed that Deen used the racial slur in conversation and once tried to plan a plantation-themed wedding for her brother (the sides settled the sex harassment part of the lawsuit shortly after a judge threw out the racial discrimination portion last month).

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But the damage was done.

The 66-year-old TV personality was fired by the Food Network and watched several lucrative corporate endorsement deals go down the garbage disposal as the scandal unfolded. She also had a half-dozen books in the works canceled by her publishers.

“We all experience pain in some way but pain is also a good thing because it makes you grow,” Deen said at the Metro Cooking & Entertaining show, a two-day expo that ends Sunday.

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After her emotional reception from the crowd of about 1,500 at Reliant Center, she kicked off two cooking demos, with sons Bobby and Jamie Deen – food celebs in their own right – by her side.

According to the Houston Chronicle, which was first to report on Deen's appearance, she quickly warmed up after participating in a demonstration, walking up to a cameraman at the end of her demo, putting her face in the camera and saying, “I'm back!”

  • migc1952

    Okay, before anyone begins posting I just want to say right off the bat that some of you just don't get it. You think Paula was vindicated and that is not so. And for the last time, this was NOT about Deen saying the n word. It was about sexual harassment, discrimination, and poor management. All you have to do is read the deposition to know exactly what this was all about. But it's obvious almost all of you never bothered to do that.

    The case was “dismissed” because there was an out of court settlement and
    the court no longer was needed. Paula Deen actually admitted to all the atrocities that she was accused of. It is all in the dispositions that I'm sure NONE of you want to read, because it was done under oath and Paula Deen did not deny any of it.

    Deen’s publicist sent The Huffington Post written statements from both Deen and Jackson, indicating that the case ended to satisfaction of both parties. Deen said she was “pleased that the judge dismissed the race claims and I am looking forward to getting this behind me, now that the remaining claims have been resolved.”

    So the court dismissed the RACE claims, but Paula says the remaining claims have been resolved. Resolved. RESOLVED to the satisfaction of BOTH parties. This usually means Settlement.

    Since Deen admitted to all the allegations in her disposition under oath, I can see why it was settled out of court. Had it gone to court, she would have lost.

    Here is a link to her disposition. Remember, these are HER actual responses and it was under oath. And please read it before you start carrying on about the n word or about this whole thing being a lie. Because once you read it, you will know better. Unless you're afraid to read it. In which case please don't post your
    nonsense and go bury your head back in the sand

  • 007scallywag .

    Its very important to keep racism alive and well.
    Otherwise, blacks will have to start being responsible for themselves.

    • rose528

      another racist are you also from a red state, must be. the southern people don't want them to be responsible they want to keep them as slaves

    • Mig Groves Crowe

      Sure, you would love slavery to come back, I bet.

      Not only would you continue to be a moron, you could get a fat ass just sitting on the sofa letting them take care of everything for you. Of course, your mommy would still have to chew your food and wipe your @ss for you.

  • Kim

    It is a deposition not a disposition. Kinds slams the credibility of your tirade. And settlements do not contain admissions of anything.

    • Mig Groves Crowe

      I did get it right in the first paragraph, but you're certainly welcome to make a big deal out of it. And I believe you meant Kinda, instead of Kinds?

      I never said the settlement contained admissions. Her deposition did. You might want to reread that several times until you get it.

      This has been over for a good long time. We have all moved on. Sorry you're so behind.

  • rose528

    NO her credibility is still in good standing and Dean is still a ignorant southern ‘woman’ who talks out the side of her mouth like most of those honey dripping ‘bells’ talk and then when you turn your back they stab you every time

  • lulu

    and yet, boys and girls, bob barker, the groping dirty old man, is being asked back to his show. oh, right. he's a guy.

  • swede53

    “I is what I is.” Trying to talk like an ignorant African American isn't going to cut it. Paula Deen is a d0uche!

  • Zippy&theCandles

    I admire anyone who can listen to this woman's annoying voice for more than a minute. She's freaking annoying, but proof that in America, anyone who works at it can be a star, which is why I have a soft spot for the country

  • Linda Davis

    I saw yet another black comedian the other night on a comedy night special. This lady's routine was laced heavily with “N” word this and “N” word that and the audience was hooting with pure enjoyment. Enough is enough. If the rest of human kind cannot say this derogatory word the black community shouldn't be able to say it either. I say, either everyone stops using this word or it should be dropped from the list of “No no's.

  • Tigerlily

    Paula Deen did a come back at Texas and had a minute of standing ovation. I guess birds of the same feather flocks together. I wonder if George W Bush was there. Her popularity is comparable to him. Both are dishes hard to swallow on American plate.