Philip Seymour Hoffman Death: Suspected Heroin Dealer Held Without Bail; 2 Other Detainees Released

Philip Seymour Hoffman Death: Suspected Heroin Dealer Held Without Bail; 2 Other Detainees Released

Jazz musician Robert Vineberg will remain in custody until his Feb. 14 hearing, while a young couple caught up in the raid have been freed

The jazz musician and suspected heroin dealer picked up in a drug stakeout following the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman will remain jailed on possession charges until his Feb. 14 arraignment, while a young couple busted for cocaine possession in the raid was allowed to go free Thursday, court officials told TheWrap.

Police said they found more than 350 packets of heroin in the NoHo apartment of 57-year-old Robert Vineberg in the Tuesday night sweep. Vineberg was charged Wednesday with intent to sell heroin and felony possession; his case was remanded in Manhattan Supereme Court, meaning no dollar amount will be set for bail.

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Juliana Luchkiw, a 22-year-old Parsons art student who lives in the same building as Vineberg, was set free Thursday on her own recognizancel. Cops found a small amount of cocaine in the unit she shares with 22-year-old Max Rosenblum, who was released later in the day on $35,000 bond. Each was charged with misdemeanor possession, and both are due in court later this month.

Police have stressed that none of the charges from the Tuesday night raid have been connected to Hoffman's suspected drug death. However, sources told the New York Post that Hoffman's cell number was found on three people's phones in the sweep, which came after a daylong stakeout based on a tip from a known heroin user who told cops he'd seen Hoffman buying drugs at the building months before.

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Vineberg, a struggling jazz musician who reportedly had once recorded with Amy Winehouse, was arraigned Wednesday. His stepdaughter, Christina Soto, told the Daily News that he and Hoffman had known one another – though she insisted he hadn't seen Hoffman since last year and did not sell the actor the drugs that killed him.

Hoffman was reportedly found dead in his Manhattan apartment Sunday with needles and dozens of packets of heroin. An initial autopsy was inconclusive, however, and more tests were under way.

  • Barrett

    Oh god, enough with this story. We get it. He was a junkie. Move on. He was famous. Somebody has to pay right? Nothing disgusts me more than a rich/famous drug addict. Law enforcement doesn't care about the non-white demographic with addictions. Everything is such a mess. Why don't we see more of the real face of America's drug epidemic? Just sad

    • Linda Bruno

      Forgive me if what I am about to say has all ready been seen. I couldn't agree with you more Barrett. My brother was 34 and died of a heroin overdose. When the local yocals came to my mothers home, their comment was, “Yup, that's Frank. Well known heroin addict.” They spoke these words as if they were ordering a cup of coffee. I guess an overdose only counts if you are famous.

      • Barrett

        Wow, I'm sorry for your loss

        • Linda Bruno

          Thank you Barrett.  I should of said it happened a long time ago. But some things you never forget. Thanks again.

  • Red Bundy

    What a damn JOKE!! GOD I HATE this sh!t! What are they looking for the drug dealer for? To charge him with murder I suppose, anything so the pigs can get their filthy names in the paper. I wonder why when my friend OD'd, on heroin, the cops just left it at that… An OVERDOSE, brought on by Himself, not the drug dealer who sold him the dope, but it was his OWN addiction and need to get just a little bit higher. Oh but when it comes to a celebrity who overdoses, watch out! It's a chance for a nobody police officer to attach him/herself that person, just and only just, for the bragging rights to say ‘Yeah, you know Phillip Hoffman? Yup, I was the one who arrested the guy who murdered him. What? Overdose? Well we were able to stretch and bend the law to make it look as if this guy actually killed him! Hahaha, we are sooo smart! We were able to spin a story where one friend was helping out another by getting some drugs for him and then we took it and made it look like the guy was the drug kingpin of the northeast, and that he was so bloodthirsty that rather than make money off of users, he'd sell them ‘hot doses’ (a hot dose is where you get a much purer shot than you're thinking, that it's not cut with the normal amount of other stuff that a person is used to) just to watch them OD and die. Well, ya. Hoffman WAS the only one who died, but still, we were just lucky we caught this monster when we did. We made it look like he already had his next victim picked out and if it wasn't for me and the rest of the “good guys” this guy would have kept murdering people…’
    To the SCUM BAGS who are working the Hoffman case: Get over yourselves! Start going after a REAL criminal! Don't you have like 2 or 3 working serial killers in your area? Why don't you devote half the amount of time and effort you've put into the Hoffman case into looking for a REAL killer and quit trying to blame other people for someones OWN stupid, but tragic death!