Piers Morgan Hits Back at Jon Stewart: Start Worrying About Keeping Your Job

Piers Morgan Hits Back at Jon Stewart: Start Worrying About Keeping Your Job

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The CNN host made the comment after Stewart mocked the news network's coverage of the Washington Navy Yard shooting

In response to Jon Stewart mocking CNN for providing a “wrongnado” of information about Monday's Washington Navy Yard shooting, Piers Morgan is advising the comedian to stop worrying about CNN, and start worrying about losing his job to John Oliver.

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Oliver, a regular correspondent for “The Daily Show,” filled in for Stewart as host of the Comedy Central program over the summer while Stewart was busy directing his first feature film, “Rosewater.”

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Stewart took CNN's coverage of America's most recent tragedy to task on Tuesday night by pointing out a number of occasions when various reporters — including Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper — openly acknowledged that information they were reporting “can obviously be very, very wrong.”

“I know you think that saying ‘This could all be wrong’ makes it OK to say it. But it doesn't make it OK,” Stewart said. “No one else in the world is allowed to operate that way.”

Although Stewart did not mention Morgan in the segment, the “Piers Morgan Live” host did broadcast a blunder of his own by insisting during a debate with gun rights advocates on Monday that Aaron Alexis — the man who killed 12 people during a shooting spree in Washington, D.C. — legally purchased an AR-15 rifle from a gun store in Virginia.

“I'm telling you a fact, Ben. He bought it in Virginia. Legally,” Morgan told conservative radio host Ben Ferguson. “This is the problem with America's gun laws. It's not legal where he did the act, it's legal around the corner. There's no federal ban on AR-15s, so that's why they keep being used.”

The FBI agent in charge of the investigation said on Tuesday that Alexis bought a shotgun to carry out the attack, not an AR-15 that Morgan insisted as “fact.”

“Lots of confusion over exactly what guns Wash Navy Yard shooter used,” Morgan tweeted on Tuesday. “But do you think it matters to the victims?”

  • http://www.google.com/profiles/moneta.mace Mace Moneta

    I don't know which is funnier these days; The Daily Show, or CNN still claiming to be news.

  • Danny

    When will cnn and the networks learn we want news truthfully and accurately that's it.

  • SoCo

    Piers Morgan reports with more fantasy than the worst of comedy.

  • Shirlie

    Stewart gets it right this time. CNN, MSNBC et al LOVE to report their speculations and wishes until they are confronted with real facts. Anytime some nut job open fires upon people, one of the first comments out of their mouths is about “assault weapons” or the tea party. Piers Morgan is a douche; and a stupid one at that.

  • Adelbert Waldron

    Piers Morgan is a horrible unstable narcissist. For a person who is not an American he sure seems to think he can decide what is right for America. Why don't these media caricatures actually try to help and start a push for a solution? Free mental health care for American citizens.

  • Bill Lescallette

    One would think that as a former newspaper editor Mr. Morgan would understand basic journalism principles, such as facts. But he got fired for publishing photos that were found to be fake. He was also found to have violated the British Press Complaints Commission's Code of Conduct on financial journalism. Do the research – check the British news agencies.

    Truth is a stranger to Mr. Morgan.

  • Ben

    Several tv ‘news’ personalities have lost their jobs trying to go after Stewart, so I'd say it's Piers who need to worry about loosing his show to John Oliver… after all, why not use a younger funnier Brit.

  • Ray, 2nd of S

    Whether or not Jon Stewart were to leave “The Daily Show” (even if Comedy Central execs got immensely, unaccountably Stupid enough to oust him & have it blow up in their faces) and John Oliver would thus replace him, “The Daily Show”, its new host and its staff would still be around (for a while) to scrutinize & skewer cable news fiascoes, CNN, Morgan and/or otherwise. Plus I don't think Stewart would be out of the skewering business for too long either.

  • globeflyer

    I would say that Piers is the one who better be searching for “Plan B”.

  • Phil Heinricke

    Piers mentioned John Oliver as a deflection technique to avoid addressing the legitimate criticism of his show by Stewart.
    But be that as it may, I have to admit that it's really been a downer since Jon Stewart came back. He's been joking a lot about Syria and now the Navy Yard shooting neither of which I find very funny at all. And his same old same old techniques are getting old. I'm glad to see that other people appreciated John Oliver. He did a great job.

  • Rhondayes

    I don't know the first thing about Piers Morgan, beyond his being British. That was enough to turn me off, as I'm tired of the number of english arriving here placing themselves above us as being more intelligent and superior yet they couldn't make it back home.
    I love Jon Stewart, always have, but thought the same thing. He did the one thing television hosts are not suppose to do and that is leave a talented performer to stand in for you. John Oliver was genius and I feel let down by Jon's return a feeling, I'm sure, will dissapate over time.