Quentin Tarantino Scraps ‘Hateful Eight’ Over Script Leak: ‘I Gave It to Six Motherf—ing People’

Quentin Tarantino Scraps 'Hateful Eight' Over Script Leak: 'I Gave It to Six Motherf—ing People'

As for who saw the Western screenplay, Tarantino named names: including Bruce Dern and “Reservoir Dogs” stars Tim Roth and Michael Madsen

Quentin Tarantino has declared war on Hollywood agencies after his Western script “The Hateful Eight” began circulating around Hollywood, the Oscar-winning filmmaker revealed in an extensive interview with Deadline.

“I'm very, very depressed. I finished a script, a first draft, and I didn't mean to shoot it until next winter, a year from now. I gave it to six people, and apparently it's gotten out today,” Tarantino told Deadline. “I like the fact that people like my shit, and that they go out of their way to find it and read it. But I gave it to six motherfucking people!”

The title for the director's latest opus was revealed in December, with Deadline reporting that Tarantino was courting two-time Oscar winner Christoph Waltz and “Nebraska” star Bruce Dern for lead roles. On Tuesday, Tarantino told Deadline that Waltz never received the script (neither did Tarantino favorite Samuel L. Jackson), which he personally handed to Dern and “Reservoir Dogs” stars Michael Madsen and Tim Roth, as well as “Django Unchained” producer Reginald Hudlin and two other people.

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Harvey Weinstein has distributed all of Tarantino's movies and the director had just started talking to the mogul about how they were going to make the movie. It's unclear whether Weinstein or anyone at the Weinstein Company had been given the script.

Feeling betrayed by the script leak, Tarantino has decided to shelve the project and publish the script before the end of the year, as he's preparing to meet with publishers.

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Tarantino will move on to another project and will likely write a part for Dern in that movie as well. TheWrap has heard that Tarantino has been considering a prison movie of sorts and has immersed himself in the details of the Robert Blake case, though a representative for Blake told TheWrap several weeks ago that Tarantino has not reached out to the former “Baretta” star, who was acquitted of killing his wife.

Tarantino could not immediately be reached for comment.

  • spike

    what a bleeping prima donna! he's the most overrated filmmaker of the last 25 years and he's crowing about his script title getting out? give me a bleeping break. go back to the video store you came from, quentin.

    • rodycaz

      Correction: The best filmmaker of the last 25 years.

    • poot

      Not the script title. The entire script.

    • http://blogofawsome.wordpress.com/ Ivan Reyes

      Go die in the hole that you came from.

    • David

      Spike… Spike… Hmmmm…. Spike Lee, is that you?? ‘Cause this totally sounds like an angry Spike Lee rant. ;)

    • joeybot

      A bleeping prima donna? Oh, did you mean “fucking?” Why don't just SAY that, pussy?

    • anton

      spike, you're a wise dude but i'm sure you've noticed that pearls are wasted on swine…

  • Derek

    I agree with Spike. Tarantino is an idiot.

    • hupto

      He's not an idiot, but he IS over-reacting. A script is not a movie. Quentin, man up and make the damn thing.

      • Bob R

        i think hes having a very calculated reaction. the dude is a genius, as evidenced by the fact that hes never had a movie lose money.
        the script was leaked. it didnt get as big a reaction/not many people noticed. so what better way to get it back into the news and drum up some publicity?
        plus, by leaking the whole script online, now he can get public feedback about it before its even released, and make any changes he needs to before filming. genius? absolutely. evil genius? very maybe…

        • anton

          wait…r u suggesting that a movie losing money is then NOT ‘genius'….wow, u ain't too bright, r u?

  • spookywhite

    Question is, would his script apply to Harvey's pledge of no gun violence projects?

    • TJW

      lol! i can't see that

  • Jimmy

    Overreact much, drama queen?

  • zp

    I would be just as pissed. He puts all of his energy into these amazing works. He should dictate when details of it are public. What a shame.

  • JoeS

    I thought he was “retiring”.

    Not a day too soon………..

  • Ben Smerglia

    Q.T., I know you are pissed, but you know you have to make that movie! Don't let it go just because this sprang up. It's the perfect opportunity for the next opus!

  • BlackPegasus

    Why is this sorta thing done anyway? Is it purposeful? Is it meant to sabotage the project?

    • David

      It's meant to get the agency's clients into the project before other agencies get their clients into it. Either that or it's an idiot assistant who wanted to be the first to share it on a tracking board with his/her friends.

      • BlackPegasus

        Thanks for the explanation .

  • David

    I hope Dern isn't harmed by this, the actions of a scumbag agent (or assistant) should not harm the careers of artists.

    • PF

      Do you actually believe Dern isn't getting other offers? LOL What fantasy!

  • Dr. X

    And who were the 6 you gave it to??

    • Dart Vade

      I assume you failed reading comprehension?

      • Guest

        post the list of the 6 mother f***ers here then

        • Henry Yandun

          You know, using the MF words, you don't sound badass, just wannabe. And please, READ!

          • Dr. X

            remember Deathproof. too bad that script didn't get leaked

          • Dr. X

            you one of them gangsta wanna be's LMAO

        • Dr. X

          according to the above 2 never got it. maybe Dart Vade (whatever the hell that is) stole it

          • Henry Yandun

            Sure, that's it.

    • Dr. X

      maybe I should've been More Clear, “WHO did he physically give it to?” Did he give it to the 6 mentioned or did he send it to someone else for those 6. Big difference

  • David

    I have mixed feelings about Tarantino in general, but for those who think he's being overly dramatic – If you had spent months working on a script and gave it, in confidence, to a tiny handful of people you thought you could trust to keep it under wraps, only to have it leaked to the world almost immediately – you'd be pissed too.

    He's not the first writer/director this has happened to, and he's certainly not the first to have this kind of reaction. Still, I think he needs to get over it and make the movie. As someone else pointed out, a script and a finished movie are two entirely different things.

  • Dr. X

    why did QT not encrypt each script. Or, why did he not change a word or two in each script and he would've known where it came from….

  • Just Visting

    Its Michael Madsen who most likely leaked it….look up his personal history with Tarantino, hes screwed him in the past as well…thats why they hadnt worked together for awhile.

    • carrie

      Tarantino is Madsen kids'godfather

  • Hobbesnblue

    Both Inglorious Basterds and Django were floating around online immediately after he submitted them, so why is he making a stink about it this particular time? I guarantee you people treated this script with less care than they would another director's, since it's practically a tradition at this point for his scripts to be openly spread around.

  • http://peachin.blogspot.com/ peachin

    Q has his panties in a bunch – who cares… these web posts are just here to push slime in advertising…. you are getting older Q and soon will be of no consequence
    so do it or don't… just shut up your next is all you have, your last – really – no one cares how many homeruns you had in prior seasons… can you hit one now?

    • nathan peep

      wow so you are the one we should all come to and find out if a movie is worth seeing. Funny I don't see your mug on any late night shows pimping a movie, nor do I see your mug in a mag or paper as a critic and I am wondering how far back you are talking as Django unchained I think did pretty well. Just askin'. I know really you are a troll and do this for fun. As do I. I love to show the same stupidity wasting my time on idiots like you for the fun of it! He shoots, he scores!

      • anton

        ‘mug'? tough guy, huh? right, right…cause it's totally like you KNOW who u r responding to LOL moron…

  • ChineseCheckers

    Tarantino is a skilled director, but he's such a warped, depraved mind that all his skills get buried under his violent, trashy, pointless stories.

    • Bob R

      thats part of what i like about him. he makes movies that are fun for him to make. he throws in omages to all of the movies that he grew up on and loves.
      yeah, hes really warped and you dont want to let your kids watch his movies. but his voilent, trashy, pointless stories are fun to watch and actually explore a part of characters that many movies never even come close to.
      also: explosions and gratuitous violence can be quite fun to watch if youre in the right mood.

      • P.F.

        Your definition of ‘fun’ is yours and yours alone Sport. Sadly, it's not far off the def your average homely, virginal, angsty suburban boy has.

        • Bob R

          Obviously its not mine and mine alone “sport”. Or else his movies wouldnt do as well as they do. You know, I'm not a fan of chick flicks, but I dont insult everyone who likes them. I don't insult everyone who disagrees with me on any issur over the Internet. Frankly, the set of people who does that is normally the average homely, virginal, angsty suburban boy.

  • http://macaulay.us/ Scottland559

    It's “unclear” if he shared it with anyone at Weinstein Co. Who recently said he won't make movies with guns anymore? Who might want to head a script off before production knowing what a prima donna QT is? I wonder if there are any guns in a western called “Hateful Eight” by QT?

  • Michael Lang

    Good, one less piece of derivative crapola.

    • Remix

      Read it and it wasn't. But, you've already made up your mind, haven't you?

      • PF

        Nothing wrong with presumptive evidence. It's all there you just don't care to see it. Now go have a lolly.

        • Remix

          Nothing wrong with that apart from being a lazy thought on top of wrong. Not that his being wrong has any consequence apart from my telling him he's wrong. So, once again: He's wrong.

  • Rex Rexmano

    I think QT is waaaaayyyyy overrated.

  • Lego Warrior

    I really hope he puts Michael Madsen in his new movie. He was fantastic in Reservoir Dogs and the Kill Bill Series.

    • Bob R

      i think tarantino writes certain roles for madsen. and hes incredibly good at it. madsen himself? not a spectacular actor. just watch blood rayne and youll never respect the man again… until you watch res. dogs again.

  • http://www.clippingpathuk.com/ Miranda Powley

    he is the boss

  • Jeff Bailey

    So I see three of the six names. Who are the other three? And to quote Mr. T which of the MFers leaked it?

  • spike

    No, Tarantino, I don't like your shit at all. Nor would I go out of my way to read it, except maybe when I'm…on the toilet. That would be appropriate, indeed. You and Scorsese have a brilliant way of turning blood into money. I hope you can look yourself in the mirror, Ego Boy. You're helping to speed this decadent society as it rockets downhill into oblivion. p.s. Send more bathroom reading.

    • bigbird

      Ahh Spike, you're a moron. You don't like Tarantinos’ shit at all, but you ask for more of it. I'm sure Quentin has a terrible time looking in the mirror, what with all the success he has had. Is turning blood into money, one step down from alchemy? And what are you brilliant at? Apart from being stupid.

    • ikari_paul

      Little on a ego trip yourself, huh?

      So you dont like Q's shit? Shame… Plenty others do. Cest la vie. Its not about pleasing everybody

    • shin

      I agree but I wouldn't put QT anywhere NEAR the caliber of Scorsese, whatever you think of his work. QT reeks of sweaty ambition and it permeates his relentlessly boring movies. I never saw that in Martin's work.

  • Crystal Beck

    I bet it was Michael Madsen or Tim Roth that fucking sucks,I would be depressed to,QT always surprises us with his movies I would hate that.Crystal Cryer

  • Peter Fontanpoop

    Tarentino is an over-rated rat boy film maker.

    End of.

    Improve your film history knowledge, learn how to analyze the difference between ‘great’ and ‘mediocre', and drink a fifth to put yourself to sleep once you're done bawling over all your time wasted worshipping at the feet of one of THE most ham fisted directors to ever come down the pike.

  • Rhames57

    What's the fucking problem – unless you're an egotistical dissociated narcissist? So it was leaked? Boo-hoo. Gee, guess what mate, I saw a copy of Mel Gibson's “Hamlet” BEFORE he made it. Didn't ruin the film. Why not? Because Shakespeare tended not to rely on a clunky, poorly directed pastiche of everybody else's work combined with a fawning, ludicrous “Emperors New Clothes” approach to reviews of the work in question by the aesthetically/intellectually hoodwinked reviewers of the day. Hope I make myself clear. End of rant.