Robert Redford Slams Roadside Attractions for Oscar Snub: ‘We Had No Campaign’

Robert Redford Slams Roadside Attractions for Oscar Snub: 'We Had No Campaign'

But the 77-year-old actor himself barely campaigned for his tour-de-force, dialogue-free performance

Robert Redford lobbed a blame bomb at his “All Is Lost” distributor Roadside Attractions on Thursday, suggesting that he may have been snubbed for a Best Actor nomination because the film “suffered from little to no distribution.”

In Redford's opening remarks on the first day of the Sundance Film Festival, the veteran actor lamented: “We had no campaign to help us cross over to the mainstream. I don't know what they were afraid of. They didn't want to spend money or they were incapable.”

In one of the most competitive races in ages, Redford missed out on a nomination in favor of Christian Bale (“American Hustle”), Bruce Dern (“Nebraska”), Leonardo DiCaprio (“The Wolf of Wall Street”), Chiwetel Ejiofor (“12 Years a Slave”) and Matthew McConaughey (“Dallas Buyers Club”).

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While Roadside Attractions didn't shell out for a lavish awards campaign like the major studios did for “Gravity,” “American Hustle” and “12 Years a Slave,” Redford may want to look in the mirror: The actor did little to no campaigning for his tour-de-force performance in “All Is Lost,” allowing writer-director J.C. Chandor to stump for the film in his place.

“Would it have been wonderful to be nominated? Of course, but I'm not disturbed by it. I'm fine,” Redford said in front of a packed house at the Egyptian Theater.

The Sundance founder did his best to keep the attention on the 30th anniversary of the festival, saying “I don't want it to get in the way of why we are here.”

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“These films are reliant on campaigns. It can get very political,” said Redford, who reminded the crowd that Hollywood is a business and one he respects.

“The film I made with J.C. Chandor is something I'm very proud of. It was for me a pure cinematic experience. For me as an actor, it gave me a chance to go back to my roots,” said the 77 year-old actor, who has only been nominated once before as an actor for his work in the 1973 caper “The Sting.”

Roadside Attractions chief Howard Cohen and parent company Lionsgate did not immediately respond to TheWrap's requests for comment, though we will update this post if and when they do.

  • Andy

    I recall reading lots of press for it but not being able to see it last Fall. I remember thinking at the time the release was being mishandled.

  • ColoMom

    There's a lot of truth to what he is saying. A company can spend millions on making a movie but if they don't promote it & just release it it may bomb. For instance in '12 we heard about the movie “John Carter” we liked it so much we saw it twice. But due to lack of adequate promotion it bombed. I'll bet there would have been long lines for it had this info about it been put out . It was from a book written by Edgar Rice Burroughs who wrote Tarzan. George Lucas got his idea for “Star Wars” from the book. ( and others give it credit for other movies etc.) If you see it (on DVD & cable) you'll see where such characters as Han Solo, Princess Leah, Chewbacca, C3PO, Luke Skywalker & Darth Vader came from. Those of us that saw it and loved it wish it would have been a blockbuster so there would have been a sequel. One has to wonder why Disney did not give it adequate promotion. Is there such a thing as a tax write off if a movie bombs???? Just wondering. Anyway it – the movie John Carter- is worth checking out.

    • Dubious

      John Carter was a terrible movie, but thanks for playing.

      • ColoMom

        I disagree , but I am sure there are movies that you liked & I didn't . As I always say that's why Baskin Robins has 52 flavors.

    • Zotos

      John carter is a great movie
      The problem was No Stars!
      Replace the main characters
      With names that can draw
      People to a movie
      Then pre sell it by
      Telling us who wrote it
      Who stole it
      Lucas gave the Star Wars sequels
      To a company that bombed
      John carter OF MARS!!!
      Let's hope it was really
      Pulled so we can forget about it
      And they can reboot it
      With Stars that equal to the
      The story
      Please Disney don't give up
      On John Carter

      • ColoMom

        Zotos I too hope Disney doesn't give up as John Carter just begs for a sequel. However I disagree about replacing the main characters especially Taylor Kitsch. ( I wasn't crazy about the Princess actress only because she looked 10 years older than John Carter but that's just my feeling. Maybe it was her too thick makeup). You may not be old enough to know this but when Star Wars came out no one had heard of Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher or Mark Hamel And it was an instant hit!!! . . The movie was promoted so much that there were long, long lines on opening day.( and for days after)I was in one of them with my oldest son age 7 and we were hooked from the opening. We still remember seeing it on opening day!! Maybe someone with more computer smarts than me ( that's about anyone) should start a web site “Bring back John Carter” . I'd sign on in a New York minute!!!! Thx

    • mur

      Almost all the characters mentioned could also be said to have been ripped from the plot of ‘Hidden Fortress', – while Burroughs’ book may have inspired, fact is Lucas's film's plot was damn similar to Kurosawa's, which I think he has acknowledged as at least a partial inspiration.

      • ColoMom

        ‘A Princess of Mars’ was written in 1912 & Hidden Fortress was released in 1958. I tried to search if Kurosawa ever said where he got his inspiration, or for that matter who even wrote the script. So one wonders just whom had the original inspiration. There were other writers & directors who said that they got inspiration from Burroughs but I can not recall just who. Hope you can I would be interested. Thx.

  • buildersent

    Maybe redford was not nominated because the film was not all that good. It opened here months ago and closed just as fast because nobody liked it, terrible word of mouth.

    I was bored silly by his performance because I had no sympathy or empathy for the character. We saw the other part of this film played much better by Tom Hanks in Castaway.

    Hanks is the man who was robbed.

    • StoryGuy

      I completely agree. I thought this was one of the worst films of 2013 along with the old boy remake. The poor acting and heavy handed score prevented me from caring about the character. Also the directing was pretty horrible too. If your treatment is only 10 pages then chances are you don't have enough story to tell. The title also makes so sense, it should have been called ‘Old Man on Boat'. The last spot should have gone to Tom hanks or Mads Mikkelsen. He gave an amazing performance in ‘The Hunt'.

      • Acedia

        I agree with you on Mads, but one of the worst movies of the year, really? We're talking about a year with Movie 43 and InAPPropriate comedy, come on now.