‘Shameless’ Producers Still Deciding if Justin Chatwin Will Return as Series Regular


Jimmy/Steve is back, but his role in the fifth season is still being determined

“Shameless” fans were stunned by the return of Justin Chatwin in Sunday’s Season 4 finale, but its not clear if his recent cameo means that he will return to the Showtime series full-time.

Producers on the program will determine what his role in the fifth season will be when they go back into production and begin writing scripts. At that point, Chatwin may once again be granted the series regular status that he lost during the most recent season.

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Chatwin, who played protagonist Fiona Gallagher’s boyfriend, Jimmy, for the Showtime series’ first three seasons, was missing in action for Season 4. His character was presumed dead after being kidnapped and taken aboard a ship by a very angry and deadly mobster.

Jimmy, also named Steve, is a con man and car thief who was forced into a marriage of convenience to the mobster’s daughter, but got into trouble when she got deported. His apparent murder happened off-screen, but show runner John Wells implied in public comments that Chatwin’s character died.

“He has done great work, but that character was coming to an end,” Wells said during a Television Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences panel last June.

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Yet Chatwin popped up right before the credits rolled on the edgy comedy’s fourth season finale. His character was seen idling in a car with a woman, outside the Gallagher clan’s dilapidated house. He ultimately decided not to knock on the door and have a reunion.

Chatwin’s appearance was also a shock to his castmates, who took to social media to share their surprise.

On Twitter, the show’s star Emmy Rossum said: “Got the 411 from @Justingchatwin & our producers. They flew him 2 Chicago & put him in another hotel so noone would know! #sneaky #SHAMELESS.”

Showtime declined to comment and a spokesperson for Chatwin did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


  • nursechristina

    Thank God Justin Chatwin is back. He was sorely missed this season and Fiona’s story line has been miserable since he left.

  • Cyclops

    Jimmy/Steve’s story was at an end after season 3. He is not needed back, except possibly as a guest star. Bring on Dichen LAchman instead.

    • LM

      I disagree. Jimmy’s storyline in season 3 was the victim of bad writing (he didn’t even get a proper end — because the producers ran out of rental time on the yacht!) Fiona is the core of the series, and Jimmy was her “rock”, if you will.

      There are many examples of characters, whose actors portraying the are so good and charismatic, that they continue on a series (Jack & Ben from “LOST”), or become the center of the show (Michael J. Fox “Family Ties” & Homer “The Simpsons”).

      Chatwin should return as a series regular, and work to bring Fiona up from rock bottom.

      • Cyclops

        How can you support someone when you are entangled with someone else, and doing all that you can to pretend that situation doesn’t exist?

      • ajleight

        I agree that Season 3 was victim to bad writing. But I do not agree that Steve is needed for that stability in Fiona’s life. Fiona’s battle in Season 4 was completely out of left field. She did not display any of the characteristics of someone who would continually make bad choices, hurting her family in the process. I honestly believe the only reason Fiona’s character made such a drastic change was to give Lip a reason to still be at home half the time while juggling college. The only way he’s ‘needed’ at home is if Fiona can’t handle it. I’m hoping the whole series goes back to what made it fun to watch in the beginning, but rarely is a show able to capture the magic of the first couple seasons. And while Jimmy/Steve was a major part of the beginning, returning to a complete clone would do more damage than good. Leave it as a guest appearance, and if you’re gonna bring back anyone make it Karen because at least she was smoking hot.

  • LM

    Justin Chatwin brought a charisma to the show with Steve/Jimmy (in addition to Fiona, he was great with the other characters). Plans may have been to kill him off, because, I guess the UK series did that. However, I can’t speak to the UK’s Steve, but Chatwin’s Steve left a huge empty hole when he left.

    Personally, I would have enjoyed seeing the Gallaghers take on the mafia, if they had learned of Jimmy’s trouble with the mob boss. THAT could’ve been quite entertaining. Now I’d like to see what shenanigans he, Lip, Ian, and Kevin do to save Fiona. That could be very entertaining!

  • Elizabeth Torres

    I literally jumped up and down when. He came yay

  • Baby

    Bring justin chatwin for good

  • ShamelessFan

    They should just bring Justin Chatwin back as a Series Regular. His character is way too important for the show to lose.

  • LeeAnn

    I was not the biggest fan of the Jimmy/Steve storyline! The reason I love Shameless so much is because I know people like the Gallaghers and their friends! Shameless is the first TV show I’ve ever seen that has portrayed them as the complicated, worth caring about individuals they are. While the Jimmy/Steve character started out okay as the love interest from the other side of the tracks who might have given them a hand up if he could get past his spoiled selfishness-by the time he got involved with the Brazilian drug cartel I was lost. I don’t know people like that!
    I have to admit I did feel a little thrill when he showed up at the last minute Sunday night though! Maybe love does conquer all!
    I did kind of get the feeling, like some other fans seem to be hoping for, that Fiona’s new boss/NA buddy might be the new love interest who can rescue them when they need a little extra help to get out of what ever mess the Gallagher clan gets themselves into next!

  • j


  • loveshameless

    OMG!! I was soo happy to see Chatwin at the end, because there is such great chemistry between he and Rosen!!!!! Please bring him back, the show isn’t the same with out him!!

  • Jamie

    They are probably setting Fiona up to leave with Jimmy because that’s how it happened in the British version of the show. But i’m glad he’s finally back!

  • Barbara

    So he’s “Jack” now?

  • ajleight

    I thought Jimmy’s storyline was played out. Maybe some time away can cure some of the monotony, but I for one wasn’t all that excited to see him back.