Dailies | Stephen Colbert Slams Barack Obama ‘Between Two Ferns’ Appearance

Stephen Colbert Slams Barack Obama 'Between Two Ferns' Appearance

“The Colbert Report” host says no way, no how Abe Lincoln does that

President Barack Obama stopped by Zack Galifianakis’ “Between Two Ferns” recently to promote the Affordable Care Act, but Stephen Colbert wasn't laughing at the commander-in-chief's appearance with the comedian.

“There's a time and a place for fun and one of those places is not with your finger on the button,” Colbert said. “Knock, knock. Who's there? Nobody, we were all killed in a nuclear war while you were too busy yukking it up with your Hollywood buddies.”

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“The Colbert Report” host noted that his views that the presidential appearance on the Funny or Die program was beneath the dignity of the office he holds were widely shared by Fox News’ roster of talking heads.

Colbert's idol Bill O'Reilly went reaching for historical precedent, noting that Abe Lincoln would never have have appeared on Galifianakis’ program.

“You can't fight that logic,” Colbert said. “Abe Lincoln would never have done a viral web video. The most that President Lincoln ever did was sit for a daguerreotype meme.”

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  • jack nalley

    See you in November.

  • LuisTJ

    What? haha, you didn't even watch the show apparently. Colbert criticized Fox News for criticizing the president's appearance. Seems like you don't get his comedy.

  • TomH

    lol. How are you allowed to write articles??? Colbert was criticizing Fox news and supporting the president. Do you honestly not understand satire??? Jesus christ you are an idiot.

  • OverYourHead

    Seriously? Are you retarded? Can i get a paying job writing about satire as if it is truth with you guys? Or would I have to apply at Fox news?

  • Chris King

    Lutis is right… Bill O'reilly is not Colbert's idol rofl. He makes fun of the whole fox cast for blowing shit like this out of proportion? Why do you think he put the website up on his show? Though he was talking shit the whole time he was actually advertising the healthcare website

    • Chris King


  • Julian Bryant

    You people are a little dense.. The article is obviously satirical itself.

  • yoshi

    never reading this site again…dumbass.

  • Christina

    You're an idiot Brett – or a flat out liar. Not sure which. It is clear that Colbert is not slamming Obama but endorsing his program. Maybe you should work for Fox dumbass.

  • Loldotdot

    What an idiot the author of this article is! You really cannot spot sarcasm!?

  • Chad C

    For the boneheads slamming this guy – you obviously don't see he himself is being satirical. But you lib idiots can't see it lol. Amazing. Actually it isn't……