‘Storage Wars’ Barry Spinoff ‘Barry'd Treasure’ to Premiere in March

'Storage Wars' Barry Spinoff 'Barry'd Treasure' to Premiere in March

Offshoot centers on “Wars” favorite Barry Weiss

“Storage Wars” favorite Barry Weiss will take the lead with his very own show, “Barry'd Treasure.”

The “Wars” spinoff will premiere March 18, following the Season 5 premiere of “Storage Wars,” A&E said Tuesday.

The limited series will feature Weiss, now retired from the storage auction game, as he embarks on a cross-country journey unearthing some of the nation's rarest and most fascinating collectibles.

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Weiss will be joined by “his motley crew of sidekicks who aid his efforts to haggle with the toughest, and sometimes oddest, collectors in America.”

A&E added that Weiss’ well-documented “insatiable thirst for misadventure” will be featured on the series. “Whether it's co-piloting a buggy in Amish country or taking a ride on a camel in Appalachia, ultimately for Barry, nothing's more valuable than a good time,” the network said.

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“Storage Wars” will premiere with back-to-back episodes starting at 9 p.m. on March 18, with “Barry'd Treasure” following at 10 and 10:30.

  • randycee

    Old bidders never die, they just get upgraded. Way to go, Barry. Your Mom will be proud of you.

  • D

    So Happy for you Barry, you were my favorite on SW, now you have your own show, way to go!!!! Lookin’ forward to seein’ ya on your own show!!!!!!

  • Annie Morris

    Watched Barryd Treasure for the first and last time Barry is a crude Dude he thinks he has to be nasty to make it ,well I guess he does ,and you have to drag the amish into your trashy show !

  • Jackson

    Well done Barry, unfortunately SW will not last long without your input and humorous antics. Good luck with the new show,
    the first episode was a hoot!

  • David Anderson


  • Stacey Mason

    I loved Barry on storage wars but this show absolutely stunk. Not sure why he was talked into this but it was a bad move.

  • ana

    I just saw your new show .It was boring
    make it better….i am big fan….ill keep watching for a few episodes ……see if it gets better

  • D doesn't care for B

    The show sucks. There is absolutely no reason to be so crude, sexually inappropriate, and bring in the praline guy. We deleted the series after the first episode.

  • Michael McDermott

    He who laughs best laughs last :) Enjoyed your antics,
    loved your cars, we're all having fun with Barry.

  • old_blu

    That's going to be a good show I can't wait.

  • Ellen

    Barry'd Treasure SUCK'S!! Put Barry back on Storage Wars and get rid of sweaty Rene and his wife with her fake boobs!!

    • DLister

      I like Rene and his wife. Who cares if she has an altered rack? She comes out with really cute comments sometimes that make me laugh. Plus Rene knows a lot of esoteric things, like the other folks. Good stuff, good people, all around, IMO.

  • Tonia

    What a way to ruin two shows. Barry'd treasure is boring and Storage Wars lost is star. Who takes the super star off a show? And then to put Rene on there? Are you kidding me? Fire the Casting Director. They don't know what they are doing.